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Primary School

Class 3

26.3.20 Photo permission

admin on: Class 3

Good afternoon Year 3!

Thank you so very much for all the photos you have sent me; they are wonderful! They really keep me smiling! 

I'd love to add your photos to the blog at the end of each week. Please could you let me know via the class 3 email if you are happy for me to post the photos I've already been sent. If not, no problem at all, but please do let me know.

Please send any further photos via the class 3 email ( and just let me know if I can post them.

Thanks so much

Mrs Matthews

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Day 4 Thursday 26.3.20

admin on: Class 3

Good morning everyone!

Hope you are all enjoying having some lovely family time together; the weather is certainly being kind to us all. Phew!!!

Thank you so much for all your fabulous hard work at home; I do realize it must be very tricky motivating the children to work at home so I will try my best to keep as many activities as I can fun and practical. If you're struggling to motivate your child do let me know and I'll try and help as much as I can with tips!! Perhaps some children may feel more excited about completing tasks if they create their own special simple tent or den using just chairs and large sheets or blankets in the garden or inside. It's amazing what a couple of chairs and a blanket can do!! They could add a snuggly rug or blanket, a tray to work on and stationary!! Others might need a quiet work station inside the house. If you need any tips on motivation do let me know; I have a few I use!!! Short bouts of work is likely to work much better than long sessions too.

09.00 Reading

Please try a second comprehension this morning. Here's an example of one of the shorter ones. However, if your child needs a longer one there are plenty in the pack. There is also a selection of comprehensions on the 'twinkl' site. I sent the link on my most recent blog.

09.40 Maths;

L.O. To recap measuring.

8 questions;

  1. £2.34 + 27p
  2. £5. 28 + £1.35
  3. 1/3 of 15
  4. 345 + 30
  5. 678 - 40
  6. 55 x 3
  7. 4/7 + 2/7
  8. What time is it?


If Max bought a hamster that cost £5.35 and a new hamster wheel that cost £2.25 how much would he have spent?

Can you work out how much change he would have from £10.00? (extension)


  1. If you have a ruler at home please have a good look at it to familiarize yourself with the cm and mm markings. Can you find 5 things in the house or outdoors and measure their lengths? Please record your measurements in your pink book. Make a table to display your measurements clearly. Don't forget the ruler!!!
  2. Use some kitchen scales to weigh 5 items in grams. You may wish to bake and weigh the ingredients. See if you can persuade Mum/Dad to bake some tasty buns with you!! Again record your measurements.
  3. Do you have a measuring jug in the kitchen? Does it measure in ml? Can you fill a mug with water and then pour the water into the jug? What was the capacity of the cup? (ie how much water did it hold?). Try this with a dish, an empty tin can and a plastic milk carton, for example. Use other containers if these aren't available, eg an empty yoghurt pot.

11.00 Literacy 

'Into the forest'

L.O. To write a short letter in the role of a character.

Did you manage to finish your 'Into the forest' story map? Can you now pretend you are the little boy in the story; you didn't follow Mum's instructions and you went through the forest. You met a strange boy with a cow, a cheeky little girl and 2 frightened children on your journey to Gran's. Please can your write a short letter to your friend 'Little Red Riding Hood' to tell her all about your day!!! Can you write this in your pink book? Please send me an image of your letter; I'd love to read it.



Can't wait to read your letters!

13.00 Mathletics; spend some time completing this week's 'Mathletics' activities. Try some others too if you wish!

13.30 French; have a look at this fantastic site; ''. If you create a profile, select 'French' and try the 'basics 1' you can try mini sessions as often as you wish. There are images to help so it's very popular and great fun. You will be surprised how much French you learn.

14.30 Handwriting; I have put some handwriting sheets in your pack. Select just one of the activities and neatly copy the words in your pink book. Take your time and remember to join!

Then please go outside and have great fun in the garden. You've certainly deserved it! Enjoy the gorgeous sunshine.

Take care everyone,

Mrs Matthews

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25.3.20 link to twinkl

admin on: Class 3

Hello again

Here's a link and a code for the free resources on twinkl (gives you a month membership);

setting this up is really easy to do - go to and enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS


Mrs M

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Day 3 Wednesday 25.3.20

admin on: Class 3

Good morning all!!

Hope you are all really enjoying your school days at home; I'm really missing you all but am so glad I can send a blog every day to you. I'll just have to pretend I'm teaching you in the classroom as normal!! Thank you so much for sending me some pictures of the amazing work you have been doing at home; it's really great to see. Your photos are fabulous too. Keep sending me messages and remember to ask via email if you have any concerns about your work at all. Most of all though KEEP SMILING AND HAVE GREAT FUN AS YOU LEARN!

Here's our timetable for today......

09.00 P.E. 

Let's all join Joe Wicks on YouTube for his P.E. workout and start the day off by getting healthy and stimulating our brains!! I'll be joining in so please let's all do it together!!

09.40 Maths

L.O. To solve calculations with money

8 questions;

  1. 5/10 + 4/10
  2. 8/9 - 2/9
  3. 890 divided by 10
  4. 22 x 10
  5. 1/4 of 24
  6. 5kg 200g + 2kg 350g
  7. 264 + 352
  8. 879 - 50


Sophie was bouncing on her trampoline with 14 red balls. Mum added 15 yellow balls and 14 green balls. She had great fun! Unfortunately, 6 balls then bounced off. How many balls were still left on the trampoline? 

Activity; Today we need to practise solving problems involving money. You will be subtracting one price from another. If you like you could practise this in your home shop (like you did on Monday) but this time you need to calculate the change so you will be taking away the amount you spend from the amount of money you take to the shop (take a pencil and paper to the shop for calculating). It's important to remember how many pence is in £1/£2 etc and you may need to convert some £ to pence to help you calculate.

The activity is on page 100 'Calculations with money 2'- you should find it in your pack. Again, only do the section you would normally do and try 10 if you can (more if you like). Use your pink book to show me your work.

Have fun shopping!

10.40 Go into your garden and have fun in the wonderful sun!

11.00 Literacy

Let's practise some grammar and spelling in a fun way!

Grammar; Go to the home page on Purplemash. Select English, then SPAG, Grammar and select 'Hatching Out' and 'Prefix Magic'. We've worked on prefixes and suffixes recently so this should be great practise. Enjoy! Do let me know how you do.

Spelling; Again via SPAG, select Phonics, Phase 5, choose 'ay, ou'- here you will be playing a game which will involve practising spelling words using these sounds.

Finally, please can you begin a diary about your time at home as we share a very different style of life at the moment! You may wish to write an entry in your diary every day (just a few lines every day) or you may wish to write in it once or twice a week. If you have a separate notebook you could keep it just for your diary. If you keep it forever you never know your diary may become a famous historical document in years to come!! Let me know what you write. Don't forget to use brilliant handwriting and fabulous punctuation and spelling!! Paragraphs would be great!

12.00 Lunchtime

Have a great lunch and have lots of fun playing! Perhaps build an assault course in the garden. What can you use?

13.00 History


L.O. To write a non-fictional text on Viking life.

Today, I'd really like you to begin a non-fiction piece of writing on 'Viking Life'. You could research using the internet with an adult or watch some educational clips. If you go onto BBC Bitesize on your computer or laptop and select Primary, KS2, History and then Vikings you can watch some fabulous clips surrounding the life of Vikings.I'd like you to watch 'What was life like in Viking Britain?' but you could have a look at others too (they're quite addictive once you get going)!!

Can you begin your non-fiction information text today? Use a heading and sub-headings and a short paragraph for each sub-heading. You may wish to print out some pictures from the internet (and stick them in your pink book too) or add drawings. 

Please use your pink book and keep your work really neat, with joined up writing and fabulous punctuation. Don't forget those rulers!!

2.00pm Reading

Enjoy some special 1 to 1 reading with an adult- if you have a blue or grey book in your pack please choose one of those, otherwise choose a book of your choice. The are currently a number of sites offering free subscriptions for a number of weeks so you can access online eBooks. These are fabulous so do have a look as you may prefer to read one of these.

'Oxford Owl' is one such site; you will just need to create an account (totally free of charge).

Alternatively, Twinkl (without an 'e') are also offering a free short term membership- a great site for eBooks as well as many other fabulous resources in all areas of learning; why not join for the moment free of charge!

Have a wonderful day and please do let me know how you are doing. Photos, comments and feedback would be great; keep them coming!

Enjoy the sun while you can.

Over and out!!

Mrs Matthews 

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Day 2 Tuesday 24.3.20

admin on: Class 3

Good morning fantastic year 3!

Here goes...... let's have some fun!

Our timetable for today; (please don't panic if you don't manage to do absolutely everything as I know Mum or Dad may be busy with brothers and sisters, breakfast, lunch and tea etc too!! Have a go at as many of the tasks as you can though and you never know you may complete them all! Remember too that the timetable is only to guide you; change the order to suit yourselves (except Joe Wicks- he's live)!!

09.00 P.E. Let's get our brains ready for the day!!

09.30 PSHE; let's get positive!

09.30 Music

10.40 Playtime

11.00 Computing

12.00 Lunchtime

1.00pm Maths

2.00pm Literacy

3.00pm Storytime!!

09.00 P.E.

Join 'Joe Wicks' Kids Workout' (YouTube) and have fun stimulating your body and brain!! Try it every day! I'll be joining in too!

09.30 Music

Listen to your favourite piece of music. Perhaps you could make up your own creative dance to it too! Can you tell me why you like it? List the reasons why you like it so much; is it the tempo, pitch or rhythm perhaps, maybe the instruments used or maybe some other reason?

10.00 PSHE positivity; pass a smile around your family (just like we do in class)! Now tell each member of your family something you admire or particularly like about them. Can they tell you something positive about you? I know there'll be too many positive things to think of!

10.40 Playtime!!!

11.00 Computing

Miss Hemingway and yourselves have been working on 'Word' documents in ICT. Could you use 'Word' to create a short document to tell me all about your favourite hobbies or interests or perhaps your fabvourite game or film. You could change the font size and the colour of the text and also insert some pictures. It doesn't need to be a long piece but just enough to practise your super skills!

12.00 Lunchtime!!

13.00 Maths;

Try 'Timestables Rockstars' again this afternoon if you like (or practise the 3x and 4x tables). You'll find it less tricky as we've changed the settings to ensure only the timestables we've been working on are included. If it's too tricky, don't worry, keep practising!

8 questions;

  1. 638 + 40
  2. 896 - 60
  3. 543 + 118
  4. 762 - 127
  5. 1/3 of 15 (remember to divide by the 3)!!
  6. How many mm in 3cm?
  7. 2L 300g + 1L 400g
  8. How many pairs of parallel lines in a square?

Activity; Practise converting pounds to pence and vice versa, eg £1.50 = 150p, £3.54 = 354p, 450p = £4.50

Now try the activity I've added to your pack, but do remember to work on A if you normally do. Try B if you feel happy to or C if you need the challenge! PLEASE DON'T FEEL YOU HAVE TO DO EVERY QUESTION IN YOUR COLUMN!! Have a go at 10 and see how you go! Here's a copy (but it should be in your pack);

Good luck!

2.00pm Literacy;

Remember our 'Into the Forest' story?

You can listen to it being read on the internet (not quite as exciting as I read it though!!).

Can you create a colourful story map to remind you of the main events? Draw some boxes using a ruler and create a map. Have fun!!

3.00pm Share a story with an adult or big sister or brother!

Don't forget to read aloud to an adult every day too!!

Hope you all have a great day. Look after each other and enjoy being together!

Miss you all already!

Mrs Matthews

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