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Remembrance Day 2023

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10th November 2023

Today, the whole school came together in our merit assembly and took part in a 2 minutes silence, as we are not going to be in school tomorrow. During this time, we remembered all of the people and animals who we have lost and those who are still helping to keep us safe. We are incredibly proud of how all of the children conducted themselves. 

Year 5 have been learning the poem, In Flanders Field, and they performed this in assembly for the whole school. It was incredibly moving so thank you Miss Eastwood and Year Five! 

Each day, year 6 children have been coming into class with poppies and we have been donating to this very worthy cause.

Reception were busy in the run up to this important day and have created some beautiful stained glass window poppies which we have put on our library windows. 

Mrs Parker 

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House captain and Vice-Captain elections

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13th October 2023

At the start of a new school year, the school chooses new house captains for our houses; Pitcher, Booth, Hayley-Porteous and Stewart. Children in Year 6 wrote speeches if they were interested in running for these roles and recorded them for us to watch. In class, we listened to the speeches, which were fantastic, and then democratically voted for who we thought would make a good house captain. Our votes were put with the results of the other classes in school and the house captain and vice-captain were announced in assembly on Friday. 

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Harvest Live

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4th October 2023

On Wednesday, Key Stage 1 and 2 took part in NFU Education's Harvest Live! We looked at how to make a delicious Palak Paneer dish. We learnt how to grow onions, spinach and coriander, along with understand which part of the plant they come from and how to prepare them safely. We then went on a quest to discover where the milk we needed to make the paneer cheese came from, meeting the robots who do the milking and feeding the calves on Farmer Elaine's diary farm.




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Key Stage One Sports Day

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14th July 2023

What a fantastic Key Stage One sports day we have had today! We are so proud of all the children who completed all the races, despite the weather! A massive thank you to the house captain's and vice captain's from Year Six, who came and helped us out by adding up the scores, deciding on the order each child came in the race and setting up the various races that we did. The races we did were:

Caterpillar Race

Shuttle Race


Obstacle Race


Shot Putt

Caterpillar Race

Here are some photos from the day: 



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Neiley Races - Race 3, the final race!

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22nd May 2023

Last Wednesday, we took part in the final Neiley race of the year. We are incredibly proud of all children who have taken part in the three Neiley Races! All children supported each other, they showed fantastic sportsmanship and were brilliant ambassadors for the school!

Thank you for all the support of parents, we will see you all next year! 

Here are the results from race 3 and overall:  

Year 3&4 Girls Race Results




Year 3&4 Boys Race Results




Year 5&6 Girls Race Results




Year 5&6 Boys Race Results




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Neiley Races - Race 2 Results

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9th May 2023

Results are here .... Here are the individual and team results for the second Neiley race. All the children did incredibly well and we are all very proud of them and their sportsmanship. See you all next Wednesday for the final race!

Year 3&4 Girls Race Results




Year 3&4 Boys Race Results




Year 5&6 Girls Race Results




Year 5&6 Boys Race Results




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King Charles Coronation Celebrations!

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5th May 2023

This week, we have been celebrating the monumental event of the Coronation of King Charles. Take a look on the individual class blogs to see what each class have been up to! 

As a school, we held our very own Proms in the Playground. All classes learnt a song from the seven decades that the King has been alive. Everyone went out onto the playground and we listened to a wide genre of songs! We finished the concert by singing the national anthem as a school. Here is the programme of songs that we sung: 

All the children were amazing and we were very moved by the effort the classes had put into learning about this once in a special event! 

Have fun celebrating over the long bank holiday weekend! 

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Netherthong Proms in the Playground

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Neiley Races - Race 1 Results

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2nd May 2023

Results are in .... Here are the individual and team results for the first Neiley race. There were over 440 runners across the four races! All the children did incredibly well and we are all very proud of them. See you all tomorrow for the next race! 









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Neiley Races - Race 1

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26th April 2023

Tonight, KS2 children competed in the Neiley races. We were incredibly proud of all the children who turned up and took part. They showed great sportsmanship and worked as a team, congratulating each other after the races! Everyone has improved on their skills from the previous year and the year 3 children took to the challenge with ease. Bring on races next week! 

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