Primary School


Extra Curricular Activities

Letters are issued before a school holiday detailing how to apply for a place at each club.

Kirklees Music School also provides private vocal/instrument tuition during school hours - these sessions are booked directly with Kirklees Music School. Please ask at the office for a booking form.

 (Charged) Kay Spencer is a local artist who works with Fimo - a soft colour clay which hardens in the oven - and uses techniques and equipment to paint onto glass and silk. In the sessions the children will make some of the following items: beads, key rings, jewellery and animals or mini-beasts out of the Fimo clay. Kay also specialises in silk painting and glass painting. Your child will create and design their own pattern or image which will then be transferred into glass or silk using specialist resources. All items made at the club will be taken home by your child and treasured.

FREE Circus Skills is held on a Friday morning before the start of the school day. Fun activities are carried out, such as juggling, tight-rope walking and balancing on wobble boards. This type of activity has been found to have many positive effects, such as improved concentration and focus, also balance and co-ordination. It is energising and builds self-esteem. It has also been proved to have a positive effect on fine motor skills. Places are limited

 FREE An opportunity for any pupil in school to sit in a supervised quiet environment to complete any homework tasks which may have been set by their teacher. A teacher will be available to answer any questions.

 FREE Open to Y5 and Y6 girls and boys who are interested in learning/improving their netball skills. Commitment to training sessions is essential as the team members will take part in an organised tournament..

CHARGED - Please make cheques payable to 'Project Sport' Children will have the opportunity to learn new skills in batting, bowling and fielding whilst taking part in crickets games and competitions.

 CHARGE - Please make cheques payable to ‘Project Sport'. Project Sport offer the chance for either KS1 or KS2 pupils to take part in a football after school club. Pupils will have the opportunity to learn new and exciting skills plus take part in tournaments, penalty shoot outs, cross bar challengers plus many more. If you would like to join in the fun places are very limited so please book early to avoid disappointment.

CHARGED - Please make cheques payable to 'Project Sport' All children will have the opportunity to learn lots of new skills and will take part in a range of new sports such as American dodge ball, basketball, street hockey, handball, softball, ultimate frizbee, samba soccer, cricket, netball plus many more.

 CHARGED - Please make cheques payable to ‘Project Sport' Scenario - Pupils have crash landed on the school grounds with no food, water, shelter Mission - To Survive! Children will have the chance to learn and use their team work, leadership and survival skills throughout the 6 week course and have the opportunity to learn new and exciting skills such as building shelters and animal traps (no animals will be used or harmed), sourcing food and water, map skills and making fire and learning how to survive by using the environment. A child’s survival pack should include; Warm clothing (that can get dirty), Water proofs, Hat and gloves, Wellies/walking boots/old trainers. CAN YOU SURVIVE?

 CHARGE- Please make cheques payable to ‘Project Sport' This will include team sports including relays races, handball, and basketball. There will also be archery. Project Sport - Summer Sports - Please make cheques payable to ‘Project Sport' Lots of fun to be had playing tennis, rounders, cricket and athletics.

 FREE Netherthong Ukulele Orchestra is an opportunity for our children to learn a new musical instrument as well as having a lot of fun! We will be learning a repertoire of fabulous classic songs with an emphasis on learning by ear and playing from memory. A great challenge!

 FREE Yoga is a none-competitive activity where children are able to relax and work with pupils from other classes. The posture work requires them to use their concentration, and engages their imagination as they carry out such as the 'cat','cobra' 'starfish' or 'tree'. Peer leadership is used within the group, and this is confidence building for the ones who wish to demonstrate and lead, it also encourages team building. They all enjoy the element of using relaxation techniques within the session - hopefully leaving them feeling refreshed and recharged ready for their afternoon ahead. The class is held on a Wednesday lunch-time and is attended by children from Year 2 up to Year 6.

FREE Mr Kershaw runs a club for KS2 children for the whole scholastic year to learn the basics of Spanish. 

FREE - Mr Hobson runs a sign language after school club for pupils in Classes 1 to 6 teaching the basics of sign language.

Miss Hemingway runs a school choir for KS2 pupils on a Thursday lunchtime. The choir has taken part in the Mrs Sunderland Competition for the last few years and perform at the winter fair.