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Primary School


Coordinator: Mr Hobson

Inspiring curiosity and fascination about the vast and wonderous world around us, is the intent of geography here at Netherthong. Pupils should remain captivated by natural and human environments for the rest of their lives. Our curriculum is one of discovery, broadening horizons, exploring diversity and using our locality as context and contrast.

Teaching will give students knowledge of different people, places, resources and environments across the globe and an appreciation of the great outdoors. Throughout school, a deep understanding of the earth's key physical and human processes will develop. In time, students will become aware of the affiliation between physical and human geography and how these can impact on the other, in the formation of landscapes and environments, and their subsequent uses.

At Netherthong, we intend to develop a high-quality geography curriculum that includes the study of globally significant places and their human and physical characteristics. Learners will acquire knowledge and understanding of the world around them and build opinions on current geographical world issues such as, climate change, energy production, resources, water and marine welfare.

Pupils follow a considered and carefully mapped flight path through geography, exploring varied and engaging locations, including continents, countries and oceans. Local knowledge is a cornerstone for understanding the geographical similarities and differences between, Netherthong, Holmfirth, Yorkshire, the United Kingdom and other regions of the world.

Human and natural processes are taught throughout both key stages, bringing geography to life with real world case studies, integrating geographical skills and fieldwork. We see great value in the exposure to maps, atlases and digital mapping. Developing these skills will have a legacy stretching out into adulthood. Being able to read ordinance survey maps, keys and grid references enables pupils to build knowledge of the United Kingdom and the wider world. Fieldwork offers links to other curriculum areas such as maths and science whilst, Forest school makes children aware of nature around them and encourages curiosity and first-hand exploration. Pupils observe, record and present finding through a range of methods including sketch maps, graphs and plans.

Long lasting knowledge is promoted through a focus on understanding geographical vocabulary and concept words. There is clear progression up through the school years as the complexity of vocabulary increases. Children will be exposed to key language and meanings with the foresight for these terms to be applied in context verbally and in writing.

Pupils will be aware that the world has places both comparable and contrasting to Netherthong.

Pupils will begin to understand their wider world and the implications that we as citizens have on the environment, climate change and world resources.

Pupils will retain knowledge that is pertinent to geography with a real-life context.

Children will understand how geography ‘happens’ in their local area.

Pupils will have a good understanding about the world around them and how it has been shaped.

Children will work collaboratively to solve problems and explain the processes that they have taken/observed within a real-life context.

Students will go on ready to key stage three with skills that will be developed further.

Children will act as good citizens within their local community.

At the end of each topic children will have broadened their own vocabularies within the context of the topic. Marking and feedback will inform the teacher of understanding or misconceptions that can be addressed throughout the unit of study.

Monitoring will take places within school. The subject leader will ensure that that a broad range of geography takes place. This will be monitored through the use of lesson observations, pupil voice and various scrutinies.

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