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Class 5 Miss Eastwood

Hello and welcome to Class 5!  

We have SUCH a fun and exciting year ahead of us.  

Our classroom will be a happy and positive learning environment with teamwork at the heart, leading to a warm and welcoming atmosphere. I always encourage my pupils to be engaged, engrossed, and challenged in their lessons and develop a positive attitude and high standards in regard to their learning. Year 5 is a great year in which you will develop so many lifelong skills; we will focus on building resilience, independence, and a growth mindset towards our learning all while working as a team and celebrating our successes together.  

Entering upper Key Stage 2, we start to become role models for the school and the wider community; we will embrace this, promoting kindness, manners, and morals, while having the most fun that a class can have! 

We have so many interesting and engaging topics that we will be diving into throughout the year and each half term our curriculum letter will provide you with lots of details of the exciting activities to expect. We will be starting off with our ‘Out of This World’ topic which is mainly a science-based topic about Earth and space. In our second half term we will be learning all about Greece, both Modern Greece and Ancient Greece in an interesting history and geography-based topic. In the Spring term we will get the opportunity to learn all about rainforests! As we enter the Summer term, we will continue to learn more about our world through looking at environmentalism and the distribution of resources across the globe. Finally, in our last topic ‘We are Britain’ we will look at the history of social events and the monarchy in Britain. 

Not only that, but we are also given the opportunity to work with Mr Wightman throughout the year, who will be coming into class each Thursday to teach our music lessons in which we will learn how to play a brass instrument... how exciting?!  

If there is anything else at all that you need to ask or just need time to talk, please don’t hesitate to contact me via email and I’ll always get back to you as soon as I can. 

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