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Coordinator: Mrs E Matthews   

At Netherthong Primary we recognise the importance physical education plays in our curriculum and we pride ourselves on our intention to deliver high quality P.E. teaching to all our pupils across school.

Our intent is to:-


  • Develop children’s fundamental skills, build confidence in their own ability and hence develop the beginnings of a lifelong love of physical activity, sport and a healthy lifestyle.

  • Provide inspiring, differentiated lessons, allowing all our pupils to feel fully included and extended where needed and thus promoting a love of P.E. and sport across the school.

  • Not only provide the children with 2 hours of P.E. each week, but also further opportunities for physical activity every day.

  • Inspire not only those children who excel in sport, but also very importantly those children who may not get the same opportunities or may find P.E. more difficult.

  • Ensure our P.E. curriculum helps children develop further in their self-esteem, confidence and resilience.

  • Support children in evaluating their own work as well as that of their peers and to challenge themselves to improve their own physical, social, emotional and thinking skills.

  • Provide the children with as many opportunities as possible to experience a wide range of sports and an opportunity to take part in both intra and inter-school competitions and festivals.

  • Help our children discover the huge benefits of sport and P.E. for both physical and mental health

At Netherthong we pride ourselves not only on inspiring a love of sport and an understanding of the need for physical activity, but also, very importantly the knowledge of how important it is to be a respectful sportsman or woman who cares for others and is a great team player.

To ensure our Intent is met we deliver the following activities: -

  • Across Netherthong Primary, each class is taught 2 hours of P.E.

  • The focus in Reception and Key Stage 1 is to develop a wide range of fundamental multi-skills, before then beginning to work towards applying these skills to a wide range of sports.

  • All children are taught gymnastics, dance, athletics and outdoors and adventurous activities, as well as the skills required for attacking and defending or net ball games.

  • Skills progression from Reception right through to Year 6 is closely considered in our planning, hence ensuring children have the opportunity to improve in their skills across all areas of P.E.

  • Facilities include a large hall, 2 playgrounds and 2 large areas of field in which to deliver high quality P.E

  • We work very closely with the Pennine Sports Partnership who provide us with  a full calendar of sporting events and opportunities.

  • Try-it events provide the children with the opportunity of having taster sessions in a wide range of sports they may never have tried, for example badminton, indoor cricket, boccia etc. Multi- sports events provide the children with the opportunity to try a range of different non-competitive sporting activities too. Sports competitions and tournaments take place throughout the year and all our children are given the opportunity of taking part in these exciting events.

  • Teaching staff provide a range of extra-curricular sports clubs; examples include a netball club, gymnastics coaching, rugby and football. I

  • Festivals and competitions take place throughout the year and children are actively encouraged to take part.

  • We also run a small ‘Energy Club’ each week in school; this is a sports club undertaken during school hours with the aim of encouraging those children who are finding P.E. more challenging and developing their self-confidence and esteem. Our aim is to develop their enthusiasm for physical activity and sport.

  • At Netherthong we have a trained team of year 5 children who take great pride in organising games and multi-skills activities for the younger members in school to take part in over the lunchtime period. Project Sport also lead a wide range of sporting activities for the children to take part in too.

  • Each year at Netherthong, we also recruit a ‘Sports Crew’; this is an enthusiastic team of year 6 house captains who organise a number of exciting intra-school competitions across school.

  • Physical activities are also encouraged across other areas of the curriculum and children thoroughly enjoy daily ‘Go Noodle’ activities or physical activities outdoors in addition to their 2 hours P.E. per week.

  • P.E. is taught as a basis for lifelong learning, where the children have access to a wide range of activities in the belief that they will fully understand the huge benefits to both physical and equally importantly mental health and will continue to have a physically active life.

We know what the impact of our curriculum is because: -

  • Impact is measured through half termly assessments at the beginning and end of each half term, lesson observations, pupil voice and teacher evaluation of coach led sessions.

  • Baseline and follow-up fitness testing is providing additional evidence of impact.

  • Each area of P.E. has a clear progression ladder showing the progression made from Reception to Year 6.

  • Children develop improved skills and fitness levels.

  • They develop improved flexibility, strength, control, agility, balance and co-ordination.

  • Children master fundamental skills, such as running, jumping, throwing, catching and can then apply these to a wide range of sports.

  • Children demonstrate their developing skills in intra and inter-school competitions and events, thus further developing their confidence and resilience.

  • Children develop their interest and enthusiasm for a particular sport and pursue it out of school within the community, for example gymnastics, netball, rugby.

  • Children understand the benefits of exercise on both their physical and mental health.

  • Children have an enthusiastic and positive attitude towards P.E., physical activity and sport.

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