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Class 1

Thursday 4th June 2020

admin on: Class 1

Morning all,

Here is a photo of Brego to keep you all updated!

You can see here how much he has grown!

Here is today’s list of suggested activities:

- GoNoodle -

- Phonics -

A little more practice on the ‘ear’ sound!


- English -


Have a look at these strange pictures. Can you write exclamations about these pictures? Remember that an exclamation needs to be loud or interesting and different from usual. Make sure to use the exclamation mark at the end of the sentence!

- Break -

- PE -

Throughout the summer term, I would be teaching athletics and tennis to the children. While at home, I am going to leave this open-ended for you and make this a repeated PE 'job' for the coming weeks.

If you have the facilities and space to do tennis, teach your children balance and coordination, by balancing a ball on the racquet while walking and jogging, get them to bounce the ball like a basketball using the racquet, try to encourage good eye to hand coordination by getting the children to drop the ball with their non-dominant hand and hit the ball after a bounce with their dominant hand.

Encourage a good grip of the racquet by showing them either the frying pan grip or the axe grip. Use a swingball if you have one!

After a while, try to feed them throws and ask them to hit back to you with control.

Encourage a forehand style shot and work up to a backhand shot.

Once they have shown understanding have a game where you shout out forehand or backhand and they have to return the ball using the correct shot type. 

Other shot types could be practicing the volley (hitting the ball without it bouncing) or the smash (hitting a ball in an over arm style above head height shot).

Always encourage control over power, as balls in next door's garden will soon halt PE play in these days of social distancing! 

Over the coming weeks, try to get to a level where you could have a rally of five or ten simple shots with your child and incorporate moving to the ball where space allows it.

Where athletics are involved, track and field style events could be replicated at home through the use of jogging and running as track events or the use of makeshift hurdles. Field events could be trying to improve and progress the throwing technique, working on jumping, both high and long. 

This is an open-ended PE task that is open to interpretation and adaption to fit your needs. Most of all, have fun!

- Lunch -

- Art -

Mindfulness art – Have a look at these mindfulness art pictures. You could print these out but you don’t need to. You could always try to make your own and then colour it in.

Assorted pictures

Wildlife pictures

Words of encouragement pictures

Thanks for all your hard work and efforts!

Cheers and stay safe!

Mr. H.


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Class 2

Remote Learning Thursday 4th June 2020

admin on: Class 2

Good morning my little cherubs!

I hope you are all okay and had a lovely half term break! I have been back to school this week, working with Reception in my own bubble! The children in my bubble came up with a name for our bubble, it is …  Yellow Superstars (which I was glad about because yellow is my favourite colour!). Also, on Sunday instead of the usual quiz, we did a Whodunnit! Macmillan Cancer Support have thought of different ways to fundraise virtually so have created different packs like The Games Night In, The Fine Dine Night In and the Whodunnit which I organised. We were each given a character and script for a murder mystery which was set on a cruise ship. We all dressed up as our characters and acted out our parts not knowing if we were the murderer or not! Right at the end, after we had all guessed who the culprit was, it turned out that my character had done it! I was in shock but we raised an amazing amount of money for a brilliant cause! Here is a picture from the night …


Anyway, enough of me and onto today!

Here's the suggested timetable:

E.R.I.C. - Everybody Reading in Class for 20mins (remember to record your reading in your reading record)

Active time - Joe Wicks is showing guiding a PE lesson at 9am (

Don’t forget GoNoodle:



Break – Can you make your own song up about your experience in lockdown? 




This half term, we are going to be looking at living things and their habitats. We are going to focus on things that are living, dead or never been alive. We are all alive! What do we do that lets us know we are alive?

All living things do certain things to stay alive. These are called life processes. Animals, including humans, do these things. Plants do too, although they do them in different ways. We can remember these things by thinking about Mrs Gren.

Read through this PowerPoint for more information about Mrs Gren.

Here are a set of cards. Sort through them and decide if they are living or non-living.

Living things have life processes and they need food, water and air to stay alive. They can sense changes in the environment and can move, grow and reproduce.

Non-living things can be things that were once living or part of a living thing, or they can be things that have never been alive. They do not need food, water or air and they cannot reproduce.

Many non-living things have never been alive but some of them were once part of a living plant or an animal.

Your main activity for today is find three objects from home and decide if they are living, dead or have never been alive. You will have to give three reasons why you labelled your object.


Have a read through this story called Odd Socks.

Everyone has differences that we can and cannot see but does that mean we should treat them differently? Discuss this with people at home.

I would like you to create a mind map of qualities that make you different from other people. Here is what makes me different from other people …


You should be proud of your differences and make sure that we respect everyone’s differences and treat everyone equally. Our differences are what make us unique and special and should treasure these!


On Tuesday, we begun our Olympic adventure! Today, I would like you to complete the hurdles.

Find some objects at home which you could use as hurdles. Set them out with a good distance between each object so you are not just skipping along! Time yourself and let us now how you get on! Can anyone in your house beat your time? Good luck and here is a YouTube clip from the Olympics in 2016 …


We were meant to be starting our new computing topic but when I logged onto PurpleMash, I saw they had creating something quite incredible! They have created a music programme where you can make your own piece of electronic music. I would like you to have a go at composing your own piece of electronic music! I can’t wait to boogie on down to them …

I hope you all have a lovely day and the weather improves!

Miss H x

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Class 3

Home learning Thursday 4th June

admin on: Class 3

Hello again Class 3!

Where has that lovely sunshine gone? Oh well, I suppose the plants need watering!! Fingers crossed for more sunshine very soon!

Once again, here are a few lovely photos you have sent me....


Here are Mia's fabulous 3D shapes! She has decided to use her square based pyramid as a super tent for a campsite she's made! Great idea!


Alfie and Gracie camping out in the dining room; note the triangular prism tents!!! Here Alfie is cooling off with Gracie in the paddling pool. Wish it was that warm today!!

Chloe's lovely picture of her special imaginary place away from Covid-19!!

Here is Josie's fabulous 'Lockdown Poem' and also her collection of lovely 3D shapes! Great work Josie!

Now, let's look at today's jobs.........


Let's begin with spelling;

I've set a 2Do on Purple Mash for you. Today I'd like you to focus on the 'aw' and 'ew' sounds. Here's a link to the activity, but you will find it listed in your 2Do file.

Main activity;

L.O. To describe your imaginary special, happy and safe place.

Yesterday I suggested you have a look at the online text 'My Hero is You' (a fictional text surrounding the coronavirus). I asked you to imagine your very own special, happy and safe place that you would visit if you could and take special family or friends with you. Today I'd like you to really think about this imaginary place and describe it using lots of exciting adjectives. Think about what you would see, hear, smell and how it would feel there. Who would you invite? What would you do and what would you talk about? Plan your writing carefully and see if you can use paragraphs. Don't forget your beautiful joined up writing, careful spelling and punctuation too.

Here's what mine might look like.....


8 questions;

  1. 456 + 236
  2. 60 more than 227
  3. 30 less than 567
  4. 762 - 227
  5. Subtract 50 from 888
  6. 33 x 4
  7. 968 divided by 8
  8. £2.34 + £5.27

Problem; If Laurie set off on a bike ride at 09.15 and got back home at 10.05, how long was he on his ride? Again, use your clock to help you if you need it (remember to count in 5's as you work out the difference).


Today I'd like you to focus on 'lines'! We will be looking at vertical and horizontal lines, as well as pairs of parallel lines and also perpendicular lines. Ask an adult to help you locate examples of these around the home. Can you draw some of the objects you find and label the type of line or pairs of lines?


If you prefer, you can try either A or B on this activity;


This half term we will be focusing on our local area. I had hoped the weather would be glorious and you could sit in a local field or on a wall and carefully sketch one of our beautiful local landscapes, before then using pastels or crayons to add colour (remembering to colour the whole of the paper).

However, if the weather isn't too good, you could take a photo of one of the landscapes whilst you are on a walk and try and copy the photo. 

(If the weather is too miserable you could even focus on the scene through one of your windows at home).

Have fun and enjoy a relaxing pastime!


(NB Reading aloud to an adult and answering lots of questions would be great instead of the activity below if you are short of time) 

Please could you read chapter 2 of 'Sleeping Volcano' (in 'Purple Mash', 'Serial Mash', 'Emeralds') and try the multiple choice questions too. I have set a 2Do for you.


If 'Emeralds' proves too tricky, please do select 'Diamonds' and choose a text; the texts will be less lengthy and the text easier too.

I hope you all have a wonderful day. Please do email me today if you haven't yet this week as I'd really love to hear how you all are. Don't forget to let me know if you have any worries at all as I'm very keen to help as much as I possibly can.

Take care everyone!

See you soon,

Mrs Matthews

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Class 4

Thursday 4th June 2020

admin on: Class 4

Hi everyone, I hope that you have had a fantastic half term, enjoyed the sunshine and kept happy and busy.  We certainly have here, with lots of water fun down the garden.  I have been in school over the holidays, so it was lovely to see a few of you there.  Some of our children are starting back now and school is looking wonderful as usual.  Florence starts back next Thursday.  I think she is looking forward to it.

Anyway here are some things for you to dip into:


Mrs Kendal shared a story with you yesterday on the blog about Romulus and Remus.  You can look back at yesterdays blog to reread it.  This is an ancient Roman myth.  Today I would like you to begin turning the myth into a book.  This might take you today and tomorrow.  I would love it if your book could have a little text and an illustration for each page of your version of the story.  Think who your audience might be: is it for an older or younger child or a grown up that does not know the story.  Make sure that you use interesting words and correct punctuation.  It would be great to see you use some apostrophes in your writing.  I cant wait to read your version of the story and to see your illustrations.


Here is a little more multiplication and division for you to have a go at:


Many Roman building still exist today.  Here are a few examples for you.  

Roman architecture (article) | Ancient Rome | Khan AcademyRome wasn't built in a day – ROADMENDERAqueduct - Ancient History Encyclopedia

Take a look online if you can at some more examples.  Then I would love it if you selected one and then have a go at drawing it.  You could use pencil or a thin pen to draw with, look carefully at the lines that are created in the architecture, see if you can re-create these clear lines in your drawings.

A little extra

Like Mrs Kendal, I have attached a fun picture quiz for you to have a go at.  Can you name all of these landmarks?  I will post the answers tomorrow.

Have a great day and keep safe.

Love Miss W and the Year 4 Team


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Class 5

Thursday 4th June

admin on: Class 5

Morning Class 5! Slightly different weather yesterday, wasn't it? Thanks for all your hard work with the blog this week. I can see a lot of your are doing the new PurpleMash reading comprehensions. Let me know what you think of them!

Here are the answers to yesterday's daily questions:

1.) Where are the 2 determiners?   We have some sweets in the cupboard.

2.) Where is the adjective? There was a tiny scratch on the car. 

3.) Where is the modal verb?  Bill ought to tidy up his stuff.

4.) Where is the adverb of possibility?    I will probably ride my bike after lunch. 

5.) Add the comma:  She could go on the scooter, or play on the slide. 

6.) Add a pair of dashes to indicate the parenthesis.   Tony born in 2000 - has just had his birthday. 

7.) Where is the relative clause? The deck of cards, which had an extra joker in them, was given to the king.

8.) Fill in the missing word.        An adverb describes a verb.

1.) 643 X 67   = 43,081

2.) 6.709km is how many metres?   6709 metres

3.) Add the Roman Numerals:      XXIV + XXVI     24 + 26 = 50

4.) 7 and 2/5 X 9    66 and 3/5

5.) 5/6 + 1/3 + 5/12   Change them all to twelfths.     10/12 + 4/12 + 5/12 = 19/12 or 1 and 7/12

6.) 9/10 as a percentage.   90%

7.) 6.78 + 0.001    6.781

8.) Which digit is in the TENS column?      78.349      

9.) 9 squared multiplied by 1 cubed.    9 squared = 81     1 cubed = 1       81 X 1 = 81

10.) What is the next number in the sequence?   0.798,  0.799,  ?    0.8(00)


Spend 30 minutes reading your book today. I have decided I want to read a non-fiction book next, so if anybody has a recommendation, let me know! I'm sure Tom has a couple he could recommend!


You should be on with your 'Guide to Surviving Year 5' piece of writing. I had a great introduction sent to me from Ethan! Looking forward to reading the final drafts. Today, try to get the rest of it written. Remember, it needs to be neat, as I will be showing the Year 4 children on their blog. I might even ask them to email me with questions for you, and I will let you guys answer! 

A reminder of the subheadings that you might want to use:

Topics and Work

Mr. Kershaw

Class Routines


When you have finished the writing, please send it in to me! Looking forward to reading them!

Here are your 8 questions for today:

1.) Where is the determiner?    Jeff's car is next to that van.

2.) Where is the pronoun?  Josh grabbed his umbrella as he did not like rain!

3.) Where is the modal verb? We must be careful!

4.) Where is the adverb of possibility?     We could possibly go to the park later.

5.) Add the comma:    Once you have finished your work you can go out to play.

6.) Add ONE dash to indicate the parenthesis.      This is not acceptable don't you agree?

7.) Where is the main clause?  Tina, who lives next door to Tim, is a very kind person.

8.) Fill in the missing word.   An adjective describes a ............


Today, we are going to look at multiplying fractions that are less than 1 by a whole number (an integer means a whole number). We have done this in school, and I often put multiplying fractions in your 10 questions, but I think it is important to cover this again. 

When you multiply a fraction by an integer, you ONLY multiply the numerator (the top number) by the integer. The denominator (bottom number) stays the same. The video on the link below explains this really well. If you end up with an improper fraction (where the numerator is greater than the denominator), you can change it into a mixed number. You may also be able to simplify the fraction. 

One thing I would say is that the teacher in the video prefers to simplify the improper fraction before she changes it to a mixed number. I prefer to change it to a mixed number first, but it is up to you!

So for 3/12 X 6 you multiply the numerator (the 3) by the integer (the 6). 

3 X 6 = 18 so you will have 18/12.

18/12 is an improper fraction, so you can change it to a mixed number by seeing how many 12s are in 18. 

That is 1 and 6/12. You can then simplify the 6/12 to 1/2 so the answer is 1 and 1/2. 

When you watch the video, you will see that the teacher on there simplifies before changing to a mixed number. It doesn't matter what order you do this in, it is personal preference. 

There are two activities on the link. Please do activity 2. If you want to do activity 1, this is optional, but you will need people to play the game with you!

Here are your 10 questions:

1.) 555 X 53

2.) 345 metres in kilometres.

3.) Add the Roman Numerals.   XL + L = 

4.) 4 and 2/3 X 3

5.) 3/4 + 5/8 + 1/16 = 

6.) 7/10 as a percentage

7.) 4.005 + 1.32

8.) Which digit is in the THOUSANDTHS column?    9731.026

9.) 7 squared take away 3 cubed.

10.) What is the next number in the sequence?    6.003, 6.002, 6.001, ? 


Back to our We are Britain topic today. On Tuesday, you looked at some well-known kings and queens that ruled over England or Britain since 1066. 

Today, we are going to do some more research into these 6 kings and queens. But instead of just simply researching them and writing facts down, I thought we could do a little quiz. I have 15 questions for you, and every answer will be one of these 6 kings or queens:

William I (William the Conqueror)

Richard III

Henry VIII

Elizabeth I


George VI

You will need to read up on each of them to be able to answer them. This is a new way to do research, and there are a couple of ways to do it. You could read up lots on every single king or queen on the list, and make notes and then answer the questions. Or, you could do some more 'focussed' research, where you think about what to type in the search bar. If you remember, last year in computing, we learnt about how to search smartly. Remember is a good and safe website for children to search on. By the way, instead of saying 'king or queen' all the time, I will be using the word 'monarch' which means either a king or queen.

1.) Which monarch reigned from 1558 - 1603?

2.) Which monarch is famous for having 6 wives? 

3.) Which monarch was the child of Anne Boleyn? 

4.) Which monarch is our current Queen's father? 

5.) Which monarch became king after defeating Harold Godwinson at the Battle of Hastings?

6.) Which monarch reigned during the industrial revolution? 

7.) Which KING had the surname Tudor?

8.) Which monarch's body was found in a car park in Leicester in 2012?

9.) Which monarch had a Shakespeare play named after them? (There are two answers to this one, either one will get you the mark! I didn't know about one of them, so I have learnt something as well!).

10.) Which monarch reigned during the second world war?

11.) Which monarch reigned for 63 years, 7 months and 2 days? 

12.) Which monarch was famous for her bright orange hair?

13.) Which monarch ordered the Domesday Book to be created?

14.) Which monarch was the father of Elizabeth I?

15.) Which monarch reigned from 1066-1087?

Send your answers to my email ( for marking. I would love to see your answers! If you get 15/15 you will go into the 'hall of fame' in Friday's blog post. Well done for having a go at this - some of these questions are tough!


Keep up your active time! It is really important to stay active. As the weather is rubbish, if you want to share your indoor activities with me that would be great!

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Class 6

Thursday 4th June

admin on: Class 6

And the rains did come... and so did the Reception children, with a parent and a smile. Everything went so well! I can't wait until next Wednesday when we get to see some of you guys.

Morning all!

Did I tell you how good I am at sleeping? I can do it with my eyes closed now!

Here we go...

Reading: 30 minutes plus please - keep the photos coming in.

Exercise: I've been walking into school every day - even in the rain yesterday - and did the Holme Valley Circular with Mr Crouch (remember him?) last week. It's so important to keep being active. Rio has been out riding his bicycle with HarryL - well done lads! Don't let a little rain scare you away.

Topic: Thanks to those of you who sent me their thoughts and remembrances of KS1 - even those of you who were at different schools (I got Lyela's about a school in Australia) - today we are moving onto KS2. 
Same thing - who were your teachers? Trips? TAs? Any happy/funny/sad moments? LEAVE year 6 for now... we will be returning to that next week. 

In the meantime, here's Oli about to start in Reception - ADORABLE!

And... here are a couple of lovely reports - REALLY worth opening and reading - for the photos alone: 
My friends from AustraliaLyela.docx

Maths:  Comparing fractions/decimals and percentages - this is good, IMPORTANT revision for all of you!

Chess: Anyone still playing? The website, Chesskid, want to talk to me about a free trial for membership. What are your thoughts? 

Science: I know, I know, Miss H teaches science... but I saw this on the BBC's website and thought it would also be good revision of the topics you have been doing: life cycles in humans and animals -

What do you call an elephant that doesn't matter?
An irrelephant.

Here are some books that Georgie is working through, alongside the blog - 

This time next week will be Speed Tables for some of you... time to get into practice methinks...

Have a good one, y'all.

Mr C

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First Day Back

admin on: Reception

Wow! What a fabulous first day we had yesterday and we loved seeing everyone again!

We got settled in our bubbles making bubble pictures with our photos on to decorate our classrooms and had a delicious lunch. We managed a little phonics and number work too as well as activities and stories.

We are definitely looking forward to more of the same today!

Miss H and the Reception Team x

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