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Primary School

Class 3

Monday 13th July

admin on: Class 3

Good morning everyone!

I am really looking forwards to seeing you all today! I can't wait to see you! 

As you're coming in to visit today I thought I would just ask you to do one tiny job for me today! Have a look at the attached sheet and think about your time in year 3. The activity involves reminding yourselves about everything you've enjoyed about being in year 3. 

Memories from this year.pdf

Once you have thought about all your lovely positive memories and filled in your sheet, you could even make yourself your own memory jar. Take some paper and write down all your lovely memories about the time we had together and then carefully cut out each one and fold each one up and pop it in your memory jar. If you are having a bad day you can then take your jar and pull out your memories and remind yourself! It's such a lovely thing to do! You could even decorate your jar. If you do, take a photo!

What's a memory jar and how can it help my child? | Beanstalk Mums

Have fun making yours!

See you today!!!!

Love from,

Mrs Matthews x

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Home learning Friday 10th July

admin on: Class 3

Hello again fantastic year 3!

I hope you had a great time trying the Sports Day activities; we got very wet at school and I bet you did too. I thought about you all! If you didn't get chance to finish or thought it was too wet yesterday have a go today or even at the weekend as it will be better weather finally! Please send your results back to me no later than Monday and I'll give you the final result by Tuesday or Wednesday via our blog. Which team will win the cup?!

Thank you for your brilliant photos and your incredible hard work everyone! We are nearly there; one week to go!!

Here are some jobs for today...


8 questions;

  1. 6 x 5 =
  2. 30 divided by 5 =
  3. 30 divided by 6 =
  4. 5 x 6 =
  5. 655 divided by 5
  6. 856 divided by 4
  7. 6 x 4 =
  8. 24 divided by 4


If I have 24 crispie buns and want to share them equally between 4 friends, how many do they each get?


I've set you 2 tasks on 'Mathletics'; they are both linked to fractions. Remember with fractions of a collection of objects 1/4 means 1 out of every 4 of the objects.It may mean there are only 4 objects and you have to choose 1. If you are finding the fraction of a number, eg 1/4 of 24 means 24 divided by 4 (ie how many 4s in 24?)

Have a look at the activities with an adult supporting you to begin with and see how you go.

Good luck!


  1. Please could you try the 2Do I have set you on Purple Mash; it's a grammar task that involves you adding punctuation to a question or speech, for example.
  2. Please could you write a list of any questions you have about year 4 and I will give your questions to year 4 to answer for you!


Either continue reading a book of your choice at home with Mum or Dad. Remind them to ask you questions.


Read chapter 5 of the text you were reading on Purple Mash (Anna and the 3rd Leaf or Animal Boy) and complete the questions. I have set a 2Do for you.

That's all folks!!

Have a brilliant weekend and enjoy the sunshine that is returning on Sunday! :) 

I am really looking forwards to seeing you on Monday. If you haven't booked a slot please do today.

Thank you!

Bye for now,

Mrs Matthews x

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Our Virtual Sports Day 9th July 2020

admin on: Class 3

Good morning everyone!

Keep your fingers very, very tightly crossed for some sunshine today for our 'Virtual Sports Day'!

Once again, here is the summary of the activities we'd like the children to do and some extra information. I have also added a sheet you can use for your results. Please email me with any queries you have about any of the events. The most important point is that you have a great time. The weather sadly won't be as good as next week but unfortunately next week is exceptionally busy already and we'd like the results for Sports Day by the end of this week if possible. Hope you have a fabulous time!

Sports Day Results sheet.docx

Sports Day bulletin.docx

Enjoy yourselves and do please let me know your results. We will see which team wins in our class and then we'll be able to see which team wins overall! Good luck!

See you very soon!

Love from,

Mrs Matthews x

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Last weeks Transition photos

admin on: Class 3

Hi Year 3, I don't want to hijack this weeks photos or amazing work, but due to computer failure over the weekend, I couldn't post these extra few pieces of work from Saskia and Grace.  So here they are:

Well done girls.

Love Miss Watkins and the Year 4 Team


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Wonderful work!

admin on: Class 3

Hello Class 3! 

Thank you for sending such wonderful work yesterday. It looks as though you had lots of fun. 

I would like to share your pictures with everyone so here goes: 



Some good domino maths - well done.





I'm sure you'll all be impressed by these everyday object pictures! 


Some good reasons for liking unusual things! I have received some super videos too but unfortunately, I am unable to add them to the blog (I'll save them and we can watch them when we're back in school). 

Enjoy the rest of your day.

Love from Mrs Kendal and the year 4 team xx

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