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Primary School

Class 3

A special message from Mrs Matthews 17.7.20

admin on: Class 3

Hello my wonderful team!

Here are a few of your latest wonderful photos and a special message for you all....





Here's the part that will make me cry! 

What a year we have all had! It was such a difficult day back on the 23rd March when I had to say goodbye to you all; like you, I felt so sad and tearful for quite some time. I did not think for one minute that we wouldn't have been able to be back together once again as year 3. We all kept our fingers tightly crossed in the hope that we would have all been back in our lovely little classroom after half term in May. We were certainly very wrong! I was so sad to have to desert you all on the blog too following my heart attack in April; what a shock that was!! I'm definitely back to full health now, thank goodness, and am really enjoying nice long walks with Poppy! I really enjoyed our special time together on Monday; it was soooooo lovely to see you all. We had a great time together didn't we? It was fun to have a little mini sports day of our own!! The winners of Sports Day by the way are 'Pitcher' (yellow); I have been busy counting all your scores all week!!

Thank you so very, very much for all the amazing work you have continued doing over 'lockdown'. I am so very proud of you all; working at home must have been so hard for you all. It has been so lovely seeing all your amazing photos; every single one of them makes me smile so much!

Thank you too to all the Mums and Dads, big brothers, sisters or grandparents that have worked so incredibly hard to help you with your school work at home. Being a Mum myself, I can totally appreciate how very hard this must have been at times and especially whilst you have had to work too. You really have done a fabulous job and deserve a well earned restful Summer, with lots of warm sunshine hopefully. I can't thank you enough for the fabulous support you have continued to provide.

Lastly, can I say an enormous thank you for all your wonderful support, kind words and very generous cards and gifts. You have all been so kind and thoughtful. Thank you so much for the wonderful album of gorgeous lockdown photos too; it made me cry at lunchtime! It is so wonderful and I will treasure it forever.

I cannot believe that I now have to hand your gorgeous children over to year 4; I really do feel so sad to think we have lost so many fabulous months together. We have had great fun in year 3 and I know we made a brilliant team. You will definitely be getting visits from me when you return to class 4 in September. Please do come and say hello as I will only be next door; you'll need to come and tell me all about your Summer! Do remember that your classroom will be in the old year 6 classroom (lucky you, it's so lovely and big) so when you come on your first day come to the year 5/6 door at the front of the building (the same door as me) and Mrs Kendall and I will warmly welcome you in! You will love Mrs Kendall and Miss Watkins; they are soooooo lovely and I know you will have great fun!

Have the best Summer ever and do have lots of fun!

Sending lots and lots of very big virtual hugs to you all!

Love from,

Mrs Matthews xxx

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Friday 17th July!

admin on: Class 3

Good morning all!

I have a special message for you all a little later this morning but I know you will all be checking the blog early this morning so I just thought I'd say a quick hello!

Today in class we would have been having a special 'Golden Time' morning; this would be a morning where you can choose to do something you especially like doing. It might be playing lots of games, having a mini-disco, having a party, going for a lovely walk or practising lots of sports. So, today I'd really like you all to have a day of choosing whatever you like doing. You might paint some rocks, create a treasure hunt (with the rock as a prize), do some painting, make an obstacle course or snuggle on the settee and watch a movie together. Whatever you choose, have a fun, relaxing day!!

Check the blog a little later for more photos and a final goodbye message from me!!!

Sending you all a big virtual hug!!

Love from,

Mrs Matthews xx

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Fun at home Thursday! 16th July

admin on: Class 3

Hello fabulous, amazing, wonderful year 3!

I can't believe we have only 2 days of blogs left!! I have really enjoyed keeping in touch with you all every day. I have loved every single one of you being in my class and will miss you so much next year; I just wish we had been able to spend the whole of this year together. I feel cheated by Covid-19!

I hope you all have the best Summer holiday ever and I will keep my fingers and toes very tightly crossed that the weather is kind to us all; pray for sunshine and blue skies!!

Here are a couple of activities for you today.....

Board game fun; 

I absolutely love playing family games together and enjoy making up my own games too!! Why not have some extra special fun playing your favourite game with your family or perhaps make up your own. Take a photo or tell me all about it if you like!

Here's one of my favourites....

Articulate for Kids Game - Smyths Toys

Times tables fun;

Yesterday I asked year 2 to count in 2's, 5's and 10's as they did activities around the house! I bet you could do even more!

Here are some ideas.....

  1. Every time you go upstairs can you count in 2's?
  2. Every time you go downstairs can you count in 3's?
  3. Count in 5's as you set or clear the table.
  4. Count in 4's as you do star jumps.
  5. Count in 8's as you do some skipping.
  6. If you need a challenge you could even try counting in 6's or 7's whilst you go for a ride in the car (you might need to write those down first!!)

'Lockdown' memories;

Would you like to make a scrap book for yourself that will remind you of all the wonderful things you have been enjoying during 'Lockdown 2020'? You could add photos, pictures, pressed flowers or anything you like. Remember to add little captions of information too to tell me what is happening in your photos or pictures. There's no rush to finish it today; take your time and enjoy it! Have fun making history! 

Scrapbook Kit | Scrapbooking Supplies | Photo Scrapbook ...

We have been having technical difficulties with the blog over the last 24 hours so unfortunately I am unable to post any of your gorgeous photos for the moment; when the problem is sorted I will try again!! Many apologies!

Have a great day and I'll be in touch in the morning!

Love from,

Mrs Matthews x

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Wednesday home activities 15th July

admin on: Class 3

Good morning fabulous year 3!

Thank you so much for coming in to join me in class on Monday; it was soooooo lovely to see you all. It was great to have some time together; I hope you all enjoyed it at much as I did!

Here are some activities to try today!


You can either read anything of your choice with an adult at home or there is a 2Do waiting for you on Purple Mash; chapter 6 if you are reading 'Animal Boy' (and the multiple choice questions) or chapter 5 again of 'Anna and the Third Leaf' (and a new set of missing word questions). It is entirely up to you!


I have selected 2 activities on 'Mathletics' for you; they are problems to do with multiplying or dividing. Have a go with an adult as they will be really great practice for you.


Please can you have a look at the 'Pronouns' activity on pg 39 of your Grammar text- a pronoun is used instead of a name, eg 'he', 'she', they', 'we' etc. They stop you having to repeat a name over and over again.


Enjoy a lovely walk with Mum or Dad and collect some lovely items along your journey, eg leaves, petals, feathers, twigs, pine cones, acorns, ferns etc. Have a look at the images below and see if you can have another go at creating a lovely piece of 'natural art' or you might want to use wool too and have a go (with an adult's help) at making a 'natural weaving frame'- again, have a look at the examples below. Have fun!

Artist Bridget Beth Collins Creates Her Artwork With Natural ...

Craftiments: Summer Fun Camp - Nature Weaving Craft and Solar Oven ...

Have a great day and please send me your photos! 

Please also send me any remaining Sports Day results as early as possible today so I can announce the winning team!

Thank you so much.

Love from,

Mrs Matthews x

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Tuesday 14th July - Drawing Day

admin on: Class 3

Morning! You have a drawing day today! I have posted a link to Drawing with Rob - A YouTube channel with some cool drawing guides on. Pick 3 and complete them. Send in your favourites!

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