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Class 1


admin on: Class 1

Another busy week in class one has come to a close.

This week, we have finished off looking at Portmanteaus! Some of the creatures created were mind blowing! I think my favourite had to be Charlie's Komodogator, however, they were all fantastic!

We have been busy working on quarters this week and everyone has got the concept! Well done class one.

We have completed our colourful hot air balloons today. "We have had lots of creative fun with Miss Watkins this week!" said Chloe!

In phonics we have covered the sounds 'are', 'ai', 'kn' and 'a-e'. You are all invited to come to a quick fifteen minute phonics screening talk next Friday straight after school.

The homework available this week is as follows:

1.) Maths IXL Take a look at the fractions section Q.1 and Q.2.

2.) Phonics grid and 'ph' poem.

3.) Spelling shed - Know your knots and snail in the rain.

Have a lovely weekend!

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The boy who cried Baaaa!

admin on: Class 1

This week, we have been exploring the tale of Woolf! Woolf is part sheep and part wolf! The children have been describing his features and working out how Woolf felt throughout the story.

Next week, we are going to try making our very own portmanteaus, mixing two words together to make a new one. Existing portmanteaus are part of our everyday language, such as podcast, motorcycle and Netflix, but we are hoping to get our imaginations going and create a hybrid character if you will, of two existing animals combined together! Just like Woolf! Wool and wolf!

This is a fantastic talking point to have at home this weekend, see what creatures class one can conjure up! We know about the bullfrog, horsefly and catfish, but what happens if we mix an elephant and a fox, or an antelope with a crocodile?

The homework available this week is as follows:

1.) Maths IXL Take a look at the division section AA.1- AA.3

2.) Phonics grid and wh poem.

Have a lovely weekend!

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Beanstalks, balloons and a bank holiday weekend!

admin on: Class 1

We've had a busy week in Class 1!

We have been doubling, grouping and sharing in Maths! Very impressive!

Meanwhile, during our English lessons, we have had a little bit of fun with the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. The class started by splitting the story into the start, middle and end, only then to imagine what would happen if Jack got to the top the beanstalk and there wasn't a giant's castle but a world of their own making! We have some vivid imaginations in key stage one and I was entertained when reading their work back! Well done Class 1.

Miss Watkins has been engaging the creative skills of Class 1 again... They have continued our art and history topic of transport by making papier mache hot air balloons! Thank you to all who contributed with old newspaper.


The homework available this week is as follows:

1.) Maths IXL Take a look at the 'understanding multiplication section' Z.1-Z.5

2.) Phonics grid.

3.) English - Spelling Shed

Have a fantastic LONG weekend!

Mr. H

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admin on: Class 1

Hi all,

Welcome to the Class 1 blog.

This is where you can find updates, messages, information and photos that would previously have been posted via ClassDojo.

Check back regularly for new content.


Mr H.

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