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Class 1

Friday 16th October 2020

admin on: Class 1

Hello everybody!

Firstly, just a spot of housekeeping...

Could I ask you to check cardigans and jumpers to make sure you have your child's and not other people's? There are some that have gone missing and haven't seen them around school. Thanks in advance.

This week we have been busy drawing and writing about the fantastic book called hibernation hotel! Here is a snap of the display that has just gone up in class one - well done everyone!

The children have had great fun blending colours, cutting out, adding markings to our coffee filter autumn leaves! we think they look ace!


Spelling shed and Mathletics have both been updated with new tasks for the children to enjoy.

Microsoft Teams also has a nice grammar (the children will call it Grandma - sorry!) task to have a go at too.

Many thanks and have a lovely weekend!


Mr. H.


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Class 2

Happy Holidays!

admin on: Class 2

So we've made it to the holidays (well almost for me!). A huge congratulations to the children for a brilliant first half term. We've had a lot to cope with but we've done it and it was an absolute pleasure to speak to you all at parent's evenings this week. 

This week we've enjoyed learning all about Amy Johnson and the children wrote their longest piece of writing yet! I was super impressed about all the facts they had remembered about her - why not ask them all about it!?

No formal homework for the holidays - please enjoy some precious family time together. After the hols, I'm going to do the 'Number Bonds to 10 Challenge'. So if you want to do any work - then practise the number bonds to 10 (1 + 9, 2 + 8, 3 + 7, 4 + 6, 5 + 5). Children NEED to be really fluent at this - so that it really becomes instinctive. The challenge will be to stand up and have numbers thrown at them (not literally!) and they have to respond with the correct number bond. So I might say '6', they need to shout back '4'! We'll have a competition to see how many they can get right in 1 minute. All children will be invited to have a go (if they don't want to do it in front of everyone, they can do it just with me!).

Don't forget to join in our balloon race:

Have a lovely holiday, stay safe and see you on the 2nd of November!

Mrs B x

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Class 3

Friday 23rd October

admin on: Class 3

Good afternoon everyone!

Well, what a wonderful first half term we have all had in class 3! What a fabulous team you all are! Mrs Scott, Mrs Pearce and myself love every minute working with you all!

Have a fabulous, very well earned rest this holiday and we will very much look forwards to welcoming you all back on the 2nd November.

I think you have all worked hard enough so I haven't set you a task on Teams this week. There are some 'Mathletics' tasks for you to try to consolidate your learning on calculations and here are our spellings. I was delighted with how well you learnt the spellings this week; keep it up! The spellings are on 'Spelling Shed' and I have requested games on there for you as these seem very popular!! Thank you Mums and Dads for all your amazing support; it was so lovely to meet you all virtually at the beginning of the week!










We now have our very own balloon for class 3 that will be taking part in the virtual race from 31st October. Here's a poster reminding you of the event.

Have a super week off and see you all very soon!

Love from,

Mrs Matthews x

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Class 4

Friday 23rd October 2020

admin on: Class 4

Good evening One and All,

I would like to echo Mrs Kendal's thought from yesterday!  We have been such a busy bunch an have covered so much. We are all really proud of how you have stepped back into school life and tackled everything head on.  What a great bunch you are!

Next half term we have lots of exciting things happening.  Adventures are going to be taking place.  I will leave your imaginations to run a little wild for now and not give anything away.  If you fancy a little job, you could spend a little time thinking what the adventures might be and you could write, draw or even make a PowerPoint about what adventures they might be!  We will fill you in after half term.  Don't forget TT Rockstars, Spelling Shed and Mathletics too, if you fancy stopping Year 6 getting the trophy back!

I would also like to let you know that we now have our very own balloon in the FONS Virtual Balloon race.

Here is the link to follow our balloon and the best of luck.  Up, up and away!!

I will leave it there for now, don't forget to rest up and have some lovely adventures.  We are planning lots of autumn walks with the dogs.  We are hoping to collect lots of conkers and blow off a few cobwebs.  

Happy holidays, keep smiling and keep safe.

Love Miss Watkins and the rest of the team


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Class 5

Happy Half Term from Mr. K

admin on: Class 5

Happy half term! I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know my new class and I feel we have really come on in the last 7 weeks. I hope the children have enjoyed our topic on space and I am so so sorry that I left our class book, Cosmic, on a cliffhanger, but you will find out what happens after half term!


1.) Mathletics: 4 tasks for the 2 weeks on equivalent fractions, improper fractions and mixed numbers.

2.) Spellings are the same as last week. They are: Miserable, reliable, adorable, believable, enjoyable, understandable, comfortable, changeable.

I will also upload the list onto Spelling Shed.

3.) Over a half term, I often set some additional homework on our new topic. Please see the sheet attached.

Balloon Race

Here is some information on the FONS balloon race. Keep an eye out for our Class 5 balloon!

It was lovely to get to meet you all (albeit virtually!) at parents' evening this week. Thank you for your support. Have a lovely half term!

Mr. K

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Class 6

Balloon Race

admin on: Class 6

No tricks but you could win a treat!

Join the FONS Virtual Balloon Race for just £3 per balloon

UK wide balloon race.

Taking off from Dracula’s Castle on 31st October the balloons fly for a week, follow real air currents and prizes for those that travel the furthest  (there is a question to answer for any lucky prize winners)!

Top National prizes include:

£500 cash

Apple iPad

Book Tokens

There will also be a prize of £30 for the Netherthong balloon

                                                    that travels the furthest, £20 for 2nd and £10 for 3rd.

To enter please go to the following page (make sure you are on the dedicated Netherthong race) and buy and decorate your balloon and wait for lift off! You can follow the race on line once the balloons have launched to track your progress J


The winning class will receive £30, 2nd place £20, 3rd £10 to be spent on something for your class all to enjoy!

Each class in school has been given a balloon to decorate and follow and the winning class will also receive a prize from FONS!
See you at Halloween!                         

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Autumn 1 week 7

admin on: Reception

Hello everyone.

Here is the link for the  

Great Balloon Race race organised  by Friends Of Netherthong.

Please have a go as all proceed go towards much needed school funds which directly benefit your child.

Thank-you for your support.

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