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Class 4 Blog

Class 4

Friday 22nd October

admin on: Class 4

Good afternoon everyone!

We both hope you all have a fabulous and well deserved half term break. You have all worked incredibly hard all half term and we are so proud of you.

We had a fantastic time in the forest yesterday. The children created some amazing sculptures using leaves and other natural resources found in the forest. They were inspired by the fabulous works of Andy Goldsworthy. Check out the photos below!!

Today the children had a super hour with their buddies in year 1; they worked on a wide variety of Halloween crafts and enjoyed getting to know them. We were so impressed how kind and helpful they were to their buddies too.

Enjoy the holidays and Halloween and we'll see you one week on Monday!!

Mrs Matthews and Miss Hewitt.

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Friday 15th October

admin on: Class 4

Good afternoon everyone!

We've had another super week here in year 4! The children are so lovely and enthusiastic and working so incredibly hard. 

Our visit to the forest on Thursday was so wonderful this week. As I am sure you have heard we are currently enjoying the book 'The Lorax'. The children worked in small drama teams in the forest to each re-enact a section of the story. They all worked together so well and absolutely loved acting out the story in the realistic setting of our forest (no longer endangered!!). We then sat in our gorgeous den area whilst the children took to the central stage, group by group and each performed their section of the story to the rest of the class. I wish I had videoed them as it was just amazing! They were all so confident and will clearly make fabulous actors and actresses!

Another great morning swimming today; I'm so proud of every single one of the children! They are all working so hard and swim so many lengths. I'm just surprised they don't fall asleep in the afternoon!! 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

See you all on Monday!

Mrs Matthews 

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Friday 8th October

admin on: Class 4

Hello again everyone!

Friday again! Where does the time go?!

The children continue to work so incredibly hard and impress us every day! We have had another super swimming session this morning; all the children have worked so hard and are having great fun as they develop their skills. I'm so impressed with the standard of their swimming; I have a sneaky feeling we may even see some of them in the Olympics in years to come, never mind our inter-school gala!!

The children are loving our new text in literacy this week; 'The Lorax'! We had great fun re-enacting the story in the forest this week and can't wait to complete our rehearsals and watch the full performance on Thursday. We are all thoroughly enjoying our literacy lessons in the forest; so relaxing and theraputic for us all!

Dr. Seuss Warned Us 50 Years Ago, But We Didn't Listen To 'The Lorax' : NPR

Our dance lessons are going incredibly well too; the dance coach is introducing the children to a new genre of dance every week. They're all loving it! They are now brilliant street, ballet, jazz and even tap dancers. It's amazing how well children can tap dance in trainers!!

Looking forwards to having the opportunity of speaking to you all at parents evening next week!

Have a wonderful weekend,

Mrs Matthews

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Friday 1st October

admin on: Class 4

I can't believe we are already at the end of our 4th week in class 4! It is absolutely flying by!

Once again, the children have worked incredibly hard and are impressing us every single day. I am hoping next week we may have a full team, with no one needing to isolate; fingers crossed!!

The children had a fabulous swimming lesson today and all seem to be developing so much confidence every week. Well done everyone!

We have finally completed our newspaper reports this week; they are looking amazing! There are definitely a few 'journalists' in the making in year 4!! We had great fun role playing in the forest as well as the classroom; the children have become confident environmentalists too!

The rain prevented us going into the forest this week, so we brought the forest into the classroom! The children really enjoyed developing their drawing skills as they carefully sketched a variety of leaves and created artistic patterns too.

Here are just a few examples of their work;

Have a super weekend!

See you next week!

Mrs Matthews & Miss Hewitt

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Friday 24th September 2021

admin on: Class 4

Hello again everyone!

We are having such a brilliant time here in class 4; Miss Hewitt and myself could not wish for a better group of wonderful children!

We thoroughly enjoy ending each week with our visit to the swimming pool; the children have been particularly amazing today! They should sleep tonight as they have all swum length after length today and with smiles on their faces too! It really is a pleasure to take them!

We have really enjoyed our lesson in the forest again this week; I think Miss Hewitt and I enjoy it just as much as the children. Our new den is just fantastic; it really has transformed the learning environment. We'll be using it so much this year; I just love it. Who needs an indoor classroom?!! I've added a few photos of the forest area so you can see the wonderful changes Mrs Pearce and her husband have made. This week we were role playing; the children were having a rather heated deforestation debate. The 'local planning councillor' was being interviewed by 'irate villagers', protesting to the plans to build houses, a shop and MacDonald's (eeek!!) on our forest site. The children were amazing and very animated; wonderful actors!! We plan to write newspaper reports next week.

Here is our wonderful forest...

Have a wonderful weekend!

See you all next week!

Mrs Matthews & Miss Hewitt x

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Friday 17th September

admin on: Class 4

Hello everyone!

What a wonderful week we have all had! The children thoroughly enjoyed our woodland walks yesterday; perfect for our science and literacy this half term. Believe it or not, the children were able to stand completely silently down in the woods and were amazed by all the sounds they heard and how much they could see around them when they really spent time taking note of their surroundings.

They had a fabulous time in our very own school forest too; thanks to Mr and Mrs Pearce we now have an amazing shelter in the forest, great for whole class discussions or activities. The children enjoyed using natural resources to make Roman Numerals. I'll post some photos next week.

Yesterday the children enjoyed harvesting their beans; thanks again to Mrs Pearce and her very green fingers, the children were amazed to find how well their own beans had grown over the Summer. We very much hope you enjoy them!

Next week I will post one or two photos taken this week; both in the forest and collecting the beans!

Thanks for a fantastic week class 4. Miss Hewitt and I absolutely love working with you all!

See you soon,

Mrs Matthews x

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Friday 10th September

admin on: Class 4

Good afternoon everyone!

Wow! We have had such a wonderful week! It has been so lovely to once again see all the children back in class. They have been so enthusiastic, so hard working and as always so very entertaining!

They absolutely loved their street dance yesterday and certainly put me to shame with their fabulous dancing! Our super coach Lucy taught us all a wonderful street routine. We'll be trying out lots of different dance styles this half term so it should be great fun- exhausting, but great fun!!

The children were so excited this morning about their first school swimming lesson (and even the coach journey to and from the pool); they were all so amazing too! Miss Hewitt, Miss Monday and myself were so proud of every single one of them; it was a pleasure to take them and spend a great morning at the pool together.

We have enjoyed lots of lovely art in between working hard in maths and literacy! The children have been sewing beautifully and developing some great sketching skills too. We collected lots of natural resources in our woodland earlier in the week and yesterday the children began using their skills with pencils to carefully sketch them. They are certainly a very artistic class! Here are just a few of their sketches!

See you all Monday,

Mrs Matthews x

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Friday 16th July, 2021

admin on: Class 4

Well class 4, You have been amazing this week.  We have been busy with such a wide variety of lessons and activities.  

In History, we learnt all about the Factories Act of 1833 and how the lives of working children changes from the terrible conditions of earlier to the slightly less terrible.  Here a few highlights:

The Factory Act of 1833

1) No child workers under nine years of age.​

2) Employers must have an age certificate for their child workers.​

3) Children of 9-13 years to work no more than nine hours a day.​

4) Children of 13-18 years to work no more than 12 hours a day.​

5) Children are not to work at night.​

6) Two hours schooling each day for children.​

7) Four factory inspectors appointed to enforce the law. (in the whole of Britain!)

I have to sing all of your praises for yesterday.  You made us all very proud of you.  Your co-operation, incredible hard work and team work, not to mention your giggles and laughter​, absolutely made our day yesterday.  The garden looks completely amazing.  You used the tools safely and sensible and helped and supported each other with such enthusiasm, it was totally wonderful to be part of.  THANK YOU!

I am failing at the moment to  get the tablet to turn on and post some photos.  I will try and get some before and after ones blogged when it starts to work!


Have a fantastic weekend, keep safe in the sun and the heat that is expected and we shall hopefully see you all next week.

Class 4 Team

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Friday 9th July 2021

admin on: Class 4

Well done Class 4 for a wonderful transition day; it sounds as though you had lots of fun with Mr C! 

We have been working in small groups this week to create strong bridges using only paper and sellotape. We will be finishing and testing these next week. 

In Maths, we have been making symmetrical creatures using our names. I wonder if you can read the names in the pictures below? 




We have also been working on lots of lovely art work about the cogs ticking in our heads and linked it to our fantastic story of Hugo Cabret.  

In PE, we had some fun with the balls and playing French Cricket in the sunshine.  Let's hope that the sunshine stays over the weekend.

Have a fantastic weekend, keep safe and see you all next week for more fun.

Class 4 Team

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Friday 2nd July 2021

admin on: Class 4

Well done Class 4, we have managed to fit a lot into this week! 

We have been busy completing our final assessments of the year and we are all very proud of how hard you have worked. 

After finding out about Isambard Kingdom-Brunel last week, we have been testing out our own paper bridges to find out how we can make them stronger. Who knew paper could be so strong?! 


We all had a fabulous trip to the Sports Barn. It was lovely to see the children so excited when we opened the school doors on Wednesday morning. Our wonderful Sports Partnership organised a great day and the children took part in lots of different activities throughout the day including cricket, athletics, parachute games, bowling and handball. I hope everyone slept well, I know I certainly did! 




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Friday 2nd July, 2021

admin on: Class 4

We have all had the most fun this week!  It has been a little different, which was great.

It started with the children having their first trip in such a very long time.  They had a great time by the sounds of it and were all exhausted.  I think the staff were all in bed by 8 O'clock!  We will try and get a few photos added to the blog over the next week.

The week ended with some more Sports - Sports Day!

What a wonderful morning it was.  All of the children took part, smiled and giggled and participated brilliantly!  They were a real credit to the school and their parents.  We had Mr Curly Wurly, join us as our mascot.  And what a great mascot he was.  He even joined in one of the races.  He beat all of the teachers.  Four legs was definitely faster than two today!  Thank you to everyone for showing such amazing sportsmanship too.  It was a joy to be part of and to see you all encouraging and supporting each other.  Really well done.  Mrs Kelly is going to put some photos online.

We did some amazing work on Titus Salt in History and we created our own towns.  We thought about what facilities we would want, what housing and recreation spaces might be good and we named them.  We even had a Whaleway Station!

Fantastic this week Class 4.  Next week is another exciting one with our Transition Day on Tuesday.

Have a great weekend, keep safe and have fun.

Class 4 Team

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Friday 25th June, 2021

admin on: Class 4

What a fantastic week we have had!

We have been so busy learning all about Alexander Graham Bell, Isambard Kingdom Brunel and George Stephenson.  They were amazing people who have invented things that made such a great impact on our loves.

We have also been working again on our times tables and really impressing us with those.  Our winning streak is over and Class 3 have been working hard to get the Mathletics trophy.  Many congratulations to them.

You all turned into wonderful musicians today and ended the week with a chorus of amazing sounds.  We learnt about crotchets, rests and quavers in music and wrote some of our own compositions.  Amazing work.  Here are a few photos of your scores.

We have lots to look forward to next week, especially our trip to the Sport Barn.  Have a restful weekend and we shall see you all next week.

Class 4 Team

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Friday 18th June 2021

admin on: Class 4

Another beautiful, sunny week! A big well done to all of our little hay-fever sufferers - you have made it through a tough few days with lots of sneezing, runny noses and sore eyes.

In PSHE on Monday, we thought about our environment and who is responsible for taking care of it. We also listed lots of little changes we can make to help take care of the world around us. We made some super enviro-meters.

Our book, The Invention of Hugo Cabret, is getting interesting now. We spent one of our lessons getting into character and creating freeze-frames from the story.



Miss Monday has been working with a small group of children to design and build their own moving cars. The children have decided to use wind power and have finished making their models. Next week they will put them to the test to see if they work.  Here are some of the designs and their vehicles.




We have been learning a little about the Railways in History and how it impacted on our country and the world when it was invented and we drew some wonderfully detailed images of factories.  

It has been another busy and fun week in Class 4.

Well done everyone.

Class 4 Team

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Friday 11th June 2021

admin on: Class 4

Welcome back to the final half term of the year (I can't quite believe we have arrived here so quickly!) and what a wonderful, sunny start we have had.

On Monday, we threw ourselves into a very messy but fun science investigation. We recreated the digestive system - I'll leave the final outcome up to your imagination! 


There were lots of excited faces as well as a few disgusted ones during this lesson! 

In PE, our warm-up involved drawing our own hopscotch games and testing them all out - great for the calf muscles (as I discovered later that evening!)   The children also had great fun with their cricketing skills.  Super bowling Year 4!


We have also started reading our new book, The Invention of Hugo Cabret. It is a wonderful book and links perfectly to our Industrial Revolution topic. 

The children have been really busy outside in the garden again, with Mrs Pearce.  She really appreciates all of the children's hard work.

Well done Class 4!

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End of the term! 28th May 2021

admin on: Class 4

Sorry for the slightly delayed blog.

What a wonderful half term.  It has been fabulous to hear all of your voices back in the classroom for a full half term.  

We ended on a bang - literally - with our music lessons.  You all became composers and musicians.  The sound coming from our classroom and the glockenspiels was far more delicate than I expected so very well done.

We have also been learning some French this week and you all helped to create a wonderful display of words in French.  Tres Bien!

Next half term is going to be full of excitement and fun hopefully.  We also hope that it will be full of sunshine and smiles.

Have a great half term, rest well and we will look forward to seeing you all next week.

Class 4 Team

PS We will be checking in on our Mummies too!

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Friday 21st May 2021

admin on: Class 4

Well we all wish that the weather would brighten up and become a little dryer and warmer.  Fingers crossed for next week.

We are well on our way with our Canopic jars, but this might have to run into next half term, which I am sure the children will not mind at all.

We have been really busy this week with our maths and you are all impressing us with your times tables. These are coming on a real treat.  Don't forget to keep having a go at those tricky ones.  You are also impressing us with your Mathletics.  We have kept hold of the trophy for the 4th week in a row.  I wonder if we could wow Mr C and the rest of the school and have everyone one in the class getting a Bronze for after half term.  How great would that be!

The children have also been learning all about working out the area of shapes too.  See if they can show you how to do it!

Have a wonderful weekend and do not forget that it is a short week next week and you get the Friday off!

Have fun and keep safe

Class 4 Team

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Friday 14th May 2021

admin on: Class 4

Happy Friday everyone!

We have been immersed in all things Egyptian this week. Our minds are full of facts about Tutankhamun and the discovery of his tomb. We have used all of this information to write some non-chronological reports.

Well done for continuing to learn your times-tables; keep it up, a little practice each day will go a long way!

On Wednesday we were very lucky to take part in an author event organised by Read in Holmfirth. We met Tim Tilley, the author of Harklights, currently children's book of the month in Waterstones. He told us all about how his childhood in the woods inspired him to write this fabulous story. The book looks wonderful and I'll certainly be purchasing a copy.


We have also created some amazing art work based on the headdresses worn during Ancient Egyptian times.  The photos will follow next week on their own special blog!

Well done to everyone for keeping the Mathletics trophy for another week.  Let's make it a month next week.  

Have a wonderful weekend and keep working hard.  We are all really proud of how much effort you are putting in at home and it is being noticed around school too.  Well done.

Class 4 Team

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Friday 7th May 2021

admin on: Class 4

Yet another amazing week in Year 4.  You have worked hard on your times tables and multiplication and we have really noticed this.  keep it up.  I also need to mention the amazing Mathletics from you this week.  We have kept the trophy for another week.  I wonder if we can go for a run of 3?

We have been continuing our work on the Ancient Egyptians and this has flowed over into our Literacy, when we have been taking notes about King Tutankhamun.  What an amazing hoard of treasure was found 99 Years ago!

Our Canopic jars are coming on a treat, as are our Egyptian Headdresses.  In PE we have had our coach in and despite the weather (rain and hail) we have begun to learn some batting and bowling skills in cricket.

The children have been busy in the gardens again with Mrs Pearce.  Lots of planting and digging going on now.  We can't wait to see how things grow.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone.  Don't forget that your homework is on Teams (including your spellings) and you have two Mathletics assignments to work through, so have a go and keep up with your times tables.  You are impressing us!

Have a lovely weekend, keep safe and we will see you all next week.

Class 4 Team

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Friday 30th April 2021

admin on: Class 4

We have had a little of everything this week!  We have sun, wind, rain, sleet and some very chilly weather, especially during our fantastic PE session with our coach!

We have had yet another busy week in Year 4.  We completed reading our book about the Sphinx.  It was a lovely book and got us all thinking about the Ancient Egyptians, adventures and how we remember members of our family too.

In History we have been continuing our interesting work on the Ancient Egyptians.  We learnt about pyramids this week.  It is amazing to think of the incredible things that are hidden beneath them!

Mrs Pearce has been working hard in the garden with the children.  The flowers are just beginning to bloom and the leaves are appearing on the trees, which is lovely to see.

Busy bees!

In Maths we have been looking at times tables, fractions and decimals.  See if you can challenge yourself to write your times tables down as quickly as possible.  I also MUST mention the fantastic work on Mathletics this week!  So many children have been busy on it and Mr C had to give out lots of certificates and I gave out so many house points!  Well done for getting us the trophy back.  I wonder if we can keep it for another week?

We finished our Friday with a 1 mile run around the school grounds.  Miss Watkins even ran a few laps with her ribbons!  Well done.  I hope they made it to the 1 million miles mark with all of the school children in the country.

Have a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend.

Class 4 Team

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Friday 23rd April 2021

admin on: Class 4

What a lovely, sunny week we have had - let's hope the sunshine is here to stay for a while! 

We have had another busy week in class 4. Our book, Marcy and the Riddle of the Sphinx, has got our imaginations working and we have produced lots of super diary entries. Everyone is trying hard to remember to keep checking sentences to make sure they are the best they can be! 

Addition and subtraction using the formal column methods have been our focus in Maths. Mrs Cooper's group have been outside in the playground using chalks to help them remember addition facts. 


On Monday afternoon, we took advantage of the sunshine and spent some time on the field playing a bushcraft game. Did you know a stick can be a toothbrush, a golf club and a steering wheel? We didn't either but we do now! 

Computing was fun this week. We have started using a Purple Mash program called Logo and enjoyed typing in commands for the computer to follow. 


We have also become Royal Embalmers and mummified our own Pharaohs (or tomatoes!).  Here are a few pictures of the process:

We had so much fun.  We will have to wait and see what might happen with them over the next few weeks.  

We also had our sports coach in of Thursday and had a fantastic time outside in the sun running around the school field.

Have a fantastic weekend in the sunshine and see you all next week.

Class 4 Team

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Friday 16th April 2021

admin on: Class 4

I can't quite believe we are already a week into the summer term... where is this year going? 

It was lovely to greet such smiley faces on Monday morning and hear all about your Easter adventures. 

We made a start on our new book in English, Marcy and the Riddle of the Sphinx. We have been concentrating on writing super sentences using the correct punctuation. Commas are proving a little tricky but we'll get there! Try looking for commas in your reading books to see how they are used. 


I am very impressed with the hard work in maths this week. We have been learning all about negative numbers. Well done everyone! 

Arjeta spoke to the class all about the Muslim celebration, Eid. She told us all about fasting during Ramadan and what this means to Muslims. Thank you Arjeta for a really informative and interesting presentation. 

Isla brought in the time-capsule that she made during lockdown. With a little help from Emma and Mrs Pearce, she buried it in a secret location on the school grounds (ssshhhh!). 


Mrs Pearce was very impressed by our team of enthusiastic gardeners who helped her tidy up the flower beds and vegetable patches outside our classroom window. 


I felt so proud of our class during our PSHE lesson. The theme was well-being and we thought about how we could take care of ourselves and each other. We then gave lovely. kind comments to other people - something, that as a class, we do really well.

We have also begun our wonderful topic all about Ancient Egypt and have created a mini museum in class with a few artefacts. 

A great start to the new term - keep up the hard work! Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the sunshine.

Class 4 Team

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Friday 26th March 2021

admin on: Class 4

And just like that... another term over! Probably the most unusual term we have ever had but we made it! 

Thank you to everyone who was able to join us for our very quick parents evening on Tuesday. It was lovely to see you all. 

This week we have been very busy bees, here are some of the things we have been doing: 

Inspired by the book Quest, we have been designing and making our own treasure maps and giving them an authentic look using tea-stains. We can now read and plot coordinates (along the corridor and up the stairs). 


As part of our topic, Splash, we made some of our own rain gauges to measure how much rain falls. If you have taken your group's rain gauge home, keep monitoring it so you can tell the class your findings. 



Over lock down, we found out about the different features of rivers. We have used this knowledge to make our own river valleys using natural materials. Luckily the weather was kind so we spent the afternoon out on the field. 


Over the holidays it would be great if you could all keep an eye on the time! Mrs Cooper has been doing lots of work trying to help you tell the time on an analogue clock - keep working on this please! 


We have also been having a go at some Yoga over the past few weeks.  We have also tried a little meditation to help us all relax.  I certainly felt more relaxed afterwards.

We also made some beautiful paper flowers.  We have become beautiful florists and gardeners, helping to welcome in the Spring.

Have the most wonderful holiday and so very well done for coming back into school so positively.  Let's hope that the Summer term is a super one!

Well done from the whole Class 4 Team


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Friday 19th March 2021

admin on: Class 4

Well done everyone for a great week! 

We have been on a wonderful adventure, following a mystical map under the ocean, along old, rope bridges and to the top of mountains in our book, Quest. 


On Tuesday, we met Craig and Mick who spent the day with us and showed us how to be safe pedestrians. We thought about the different dangers that we need to be aware of when walking near roads and put this into practice when we walked through Netherthong. 



A good day was had by all, learning a valuable life skill. 

We created some lovely art inspired by paintings of the sea.  We used pastels to create seascapes and images of waves.  Here are a couple.

In science we learnt about non-Newtonian liquids and had lots of fun playing with it in class.


What a mess, but what a lot of fun!

We also looked at the census we will be completing at the weekend and we looked back through History.  Take another look at this census and see if you can remember who lived here and what amazed us so much!

Well done this week Year 4.  Again you have been amazing.

The Year 4 Team

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Friday 18th December 2020

admin on: Class 4

Merry Christmas

We made it!  What an amazing team we have in Year 4, both children and adults!  We have had a strange but amazing term, full of fun and adventures!  Well done with everything that we have thrown your way!

You have challenged yourselves in so many ways and made us smile everyday.  We hope that you all have an amazing holiday and wonderful Christmas.  

Here is a link for the wonderful Elf video.  


And here is Mr Curly Wurly all dressed up and ready for Santa to visit.  He is very keen to get back into school to visit us all and let us have a tickle again as soon as it is safe to do so.

Have the most wonderful break, rest up and we will see you all in 2020!

Love Miss Watkins, Mrs Kendal, Mrs Cooper and Miss Hewitt


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Friday 11th December 2020

admin on: Class 4

He's behind you!  Oh no he isn't!

Could you hear the shouts this morning?  What a way to end the week, with a Panto.  All of the children enjoyed our virtual panto this year.  The Scarecrow got his brain, the Tin Man got his heart and the Lion got his courage.  Not to mention Dorothy and Toto managing to get back to Kansas!  A massive thank you to FONs for organising this again this year.  It has made us all feel a little bit festive.  

On top of the Panto, we have been creating our own noises.  In a science/music lesson we had lots of instruments out and created a Year 4 Orchestra.  We had so much fun and made so much noise!

You also made your own instruments in Bush craft on Monday and I think you might get to finish them off next week.  They will look amazing.

Next week we will be stepping into Christmas.  We have our Christmas dinners on Wednesday and will be having a Christmas video at some point too.  Wednesday will be so much fun with the Christmas party.  Mrs Kendal, Miss Watkins, Mrs Cooper and Miss Hewitt can't wait!

As for homework this week I have just one job for you. I will set it on Teams.  Thank so so much to all of those children that completed a presentation.  We were really impressed.  There are some amazing people out there.

Have a super weekend.  Keep safe and we shall see you all next week.

Love Miss W, Mrs K and the rest of the Year 4 Team


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Friday 4th December 2020

admin on: Class 4

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Please take a look at the wonderful Christmas tree displays in the hall.  Every class has done such a lovely job.  Well done.

We have also got our classroom tree up and it is looking amazing.  Just a little bit of sparkle in the corner of the room.

Well, another week is over and you have been amazing.  We have been really pleased with how you are maturing and continuing to learn and develop in class.  We had fun today catching snowflakes on our tongues and dodging the flakes.  Our extremities were feeling very chilly by the time we came in.  I hope there is a little more snow to come this winter, as long as we all keep safe and warm, we can get snowmen and igloos built!

Your homework for this week is as usual - Mathletics, Spelling shed and spellings, timetables and reading.  Please don't forget your Teams project.  I have heard talk about Steve Irwin and others, so we can't wait to read them. 

On Tuesday there will be an extra PE coach in, so please come in your kits ready for an outside session.  You must have clothing that you can be wrapped up warm in.  Remember we have spoken about layers of clothing helping if you were in the Arctic!  

Well, enjoy your weekend and keep safe.

Love the Year 4 Team

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Friday 27th November 2020

admin on: Class 4

Happy Friday everyone.  The nights are drawing in and it is nearly dark as I type this. 

Well done to everyone this week.  All of the staff are really impressed with your hard work in all your subjects this week.  You have been learning about longitude and latitude, we have talked about resilience and perseverance, we have heard the amazing story or Juliane Koepcke and worked on our Dig and Set in Volleyball.  What a busy time!

You were all very impressive with your speed tables this week and we can see are huge difference in your results, so keep going.  

Here are a few homework activities to work on over the weekend and into next week:

  Mathletics, well done to Year 3 this week, and well done to us in Year 4 for coming second.  Let's see if we can get the trophy back for our windowsill next week.  We did have loads of Bronze and silvers and even a couple of Golds!

  Spelling shed and your spellings please.  Again your scores today were really impressive! 

         Here is a reminder of your spellings:  boat   float   croak   throat   torn   thorn   park   surf   charm   sharp

   Keep reading and don't forget to get your book signed, so you can get a stamp on our chart.

and finally

   Teams -  There will be an activity set for you on Teams.  Please log on and have a go at it.

Here is a photo of our lovely display in the classroom.  You all worked really hard on your adventures last week and we thought that they deserved a mention.  We had some wonderful phrases and words used and you all have such amazing imaginations.  Keep it up!

Have a lovely weekend, keep safe and we shall see you all next week.

Love the Year 4 Team


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Thursday 26th November

admin on: Class 4

Good morning everyone! 

This week, our Adventure topic has led us to a lady called Juliane Koepcke. We have been finding out about her amazing survival story and have created some super biographies based on her life. If you haven't yet shared her story with people at home, please do! 

The Bushcraft group took to the great outdoors to learn how to create fire pits and tripods; apart from a quick demonstration, no actual fire was involved (I'm not quite ready to write that risk assessment!). It was great fun and all of the children loved learning how to survive in the wild. 



Well done everyone! 

We will no longer be using the blog to communicate home-work. Home-work will now be set through Microsoft Teams  We will inform the children in school of their homework tasks and encourage them to write in their planners. Please could we ask that planners are brought into school every day and that any reading at home is recorded in the reading section. Thank you. 

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week and I will see you on Monday. 

Mrs Kendal xx

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Friday 20th November 2020

admin on: Class 4

Hi Year 4.  

We have had another super week.  Lots of hard work by everyone.  We have absolutely loved finishing our book Journey.  We have another exciting book to look at next week that we are all sure you will love just as much.

We both loved seeing most of you on Teams last night too!   What a lot of fun.  It was great to have so many attend and join in.  There were a few teething problems at our end, and I know that a few people had problems at your end.  Hopefully we will iron out these technical hitches so that next time all will go smoothly, but we still enjoyed seeing your smiling faces.

You have all written your homework tasks in your planners.  You have Mathletics and Spelling Shed to work on.  Please don't forget to keep reading, we have had a few stamps on our chart in class, let's add a few more next week.  You also have your spellings to work on too, alongside your times tables.  I have also set you a task about bar charts on Teams.  I hope that the link works.  You are all working so hard.  Keep it up as you are amazing us!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Keep smiling and keep safe.

Love Year 4 Team

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Thursday 19th November 2020

admin on: Class 4

We have had another busy start to the week in Class 4.

This week's Bush-craft group designed and made teepees in small teams. The children are very proud of what they have created. 



Our active maths sessions have also been working well. This week some of the children made use of the playground markings to help them learn their time tables. Lots of fun was had by all! 


In English, we have nearly come to the end of our wonderful book. We have been learning how to add prepositions to our writing and have also written some super similes to describe what we could see in the pictures. 

Your Mathletics homework is ready and waiting. This week we have been reading information from tables and bar charts and I have assigned tasks to help you with this. The Mathletics trophy is still in our classroom; let's keep it there! 

I am looking forward to seeing you after school for our Teams meeting. 

Enjoy the rest of your week. 

Mrs Kendal xx

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Friday 13th November, 2020

admin on: Class 4

What a lovely thing it was this morning, to be greeted by so much colour!  So vibrant and fun.  Well done everyone.

We have had a great week, starting off with our first session with Mike and our club at lunchtime.  He was very impressed with you all and looking forward to what next weeks group will get up to.  I love your shelters.  They look very cosy and warm.  You were also all really brave for all of the nurses this afternoon and your flu spray.  Well done.

We have all been loving our new book in class and you have really impressed everyone with your enthusiasm and imaginations.  We were also brilliant at our maths, all about perimeter and area this week, not to mention getting "our" trophy back from Mr C for Mathletics!  He has challenged us though!  Will we be able to keep it for another week?  Unheard of, so I'm told.

So on to homework for the week, you have all written it into your planners.  You have the usual - Mathletics, TT Rockstars, Spelling shed (I wonder if we can have a lead speller in our class?), reading (see if you can get a stamp on our reading chart), spellings (see below) and an activity on Teams.

Have a fun weekend, keep safe and keep smiling.  Thank you for all of your hard work this week.  I wonder what next week will bring?

Love The Year 4 Team


These are your spellings this week.  We had some great scores today.











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Wednesday 11th November 2020

admin on: Class 4

Well, three days into the week and so many fantastic things to say! 

The first half of our class took part in Bushcraft on Monday afternoon and had great fun making mini dens. Mike and Miss Hewitt said you all did a great job, listened well and worked collaboratively in small teams - well done to you all.


We all ran our socks off on Tuesday (I say all but I had the VERY important job of holding the clipboard so couldn't join in!). All of the children ran five laps of a cross country course on our school field and I am so proud of them all for trying their best. 

Today we have discussed the importance and relevance of poppies on remembrance day. Miss Hewitt (our history expert) told us all lots of interesting facts and we spent the morning using oil pastels and paint to create some amazing pieces of art. 


I'm sure you'll agree, they're wonderful pieces of work! 

We have also had lots of 'active maths' sessions this week. Some children have been using trundle wheels to find the perimeter of the playground, some have played team games to find the perimeter of rectangles and everyone has played lots of times-tables games. 

Your homework is ready for you on Mathletics. Use your knowledge of measurement and perimeter to answer this week's assignments. 

Don't forget to try and get your first sticker on our reading chart by getting three of more signatures in your planner! 

Enjoy the rest of your week and I'll see you all on Monday.

Love from Mrs K xx

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8th November, 2020

admin on: Class 4

Hi there everyone.  We have had a great week back.  I hope you all had a good holiday and managed to enjoy some fresh air despite the rain!

We have been busy this week with all sort of things.  We have been into our woods, played volleyball with a coach and worked on our times tables.  We have also begun looking at the types of Art we find on Album covers.  Here is an example of one of the albums we looked at.  Can you tell which album it comes from?

Image preview

Absolutely fabulous!

Adventures in school begin this week.  I know that the children will have let you know about Mike coming into school to do some bush craft work with our class.  We are very lucky!

Well done with your spellings last week.  Don't forget to work on your new spellings and get on to Mathletics.  We need that trophy back from Mr C!  TT Rockstars and Spelling shed are also up and running for you to get on.  I wonder if we will have the Spelling Shed's top speller this week.

Have a great weekend and keep safe.

Year 4 Team

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Thursday 5th November 2020

admin on: Class 4

I can't quite believe that we have been back a week already! Well done to you all for coming into school with smiley faces, ready to learn. 

We have made a start on our new topic, Adventures, and who knows where it will take us over the next few weeks! 

As we have been learning about the properties of 2D shapes this week, I have assigned some tasks on Mathletics for you to have a go at. I'm really pleased to see how much work you have been doing on there - keep it up and let's see if we can keep hold of the trophy! 

I'll see you all on Monday. 

Mrs Kendal xx 

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Friday 23rd October 2020

admin on: Class 4

Good evening One and All,

I would like to echo Mrs Kendal's thought from yesterday!  We have been such a busy bunch an have covered so much. We are all really proud of how you have stepped back into school life and tackled everything head on.  What a great bunch you are!

Next half term we have lots of exciting things happening.  Adventures are going to be taking place.  I will leave your imaginations to run a little wild for now and not give anything away.  If you fancy a little job, you could spend a little time thinking what the adventures might be and you could write, draw or even make a PowerPoint about what adventures they might be!  We will fill you in after half term.  Don't forget TT Rockstars, Spelling Shed and Mathletics too, if you fancy stopping Year 6 getting the trophy back!

I would also like to let you know that we now have our very own balloon in the FONS Virtual Balloon race.

Here is the link to follow our balloon and the best of luck.  Up, up and away!!

I will leave it there for now, don't forget to rest up and have some lovely adventures.  We are planning lots of autumn walks with the dogs.  We are hoping to collect lots of conkers and blow off a few cobwebs.  

Happy holidays, keep smiling and keep safe.

Love Miss Watkins and the rest of the team


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Thursday 22nd October 2020

admin on: Class 4

Happy half term to you all! 

I'm so sorry that I didn't get chance to see you all today but I can't wait to catch up and hear about all of the wonderful things you've been doing. 

Well done for a super start to the year. I hope you have enjoyed our first topic, Wild - I certainly have. We have had great fun finding out about all of the minibeasts living in our woodland, designing our own creatures and bird watching.  

You have been very creative (and messy) making divas, bird feeders and art using the natural materials we found. 

We read the book The Lorax and produced some lovely writing and have worked our socks off in Maths! 

Thank you to all of the Mums and Dads for taking the time to speak to us at parents' evening albeit in a virtual world! It was lovely to meet some of you for the first time and, of course, see some familiar faces. 

I hope that you all have a wonderful week; take time to relax and do the things that you enjoy. You are all amazing! 

See you very soon. 

Mrs Kendal xxx

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Friday 16th October, 2020

admin on: Class 4

What a super and busy time we have had in Year 4 this week.  We have been learning all about fractions in Maths.  We have been working on our grammar, looking at adverbs and prefixes.  We learnt all about animals and their habitats in Science and in Geography we have been learning about journeys and settlements.

In Art we have molded hearts out of clay.  We are hoping to paint them next week and we have made some bookmarks.


Here is a list of your homework for this week Year 4:


TT Rockstars

Spelling Shed


Fractions sheet

There is also a short assignment on Teams for you to have a go at.

Don't work too hard over the weekend, please make sure that you have lots of fun too.  Keep safe and see you all next week!

Year 4 Team

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World Mental Health Day 2020

admin on: Class 4

9th October 2020

As October 10th is World Mental Health Day, throughout the today, every year group has learnt about what mental health is, discussed this topic and completed different activities based upon this. Why not ask your child/ren about what they have learned today?

Young Minds is a charity that is leading the fight for a future where all young minds are supported and empowered, whatever the challenges. They are there to make sure young minds get the best possible mental health support and have the resilience to overcome life’s difficulties.

For more information about Young Minds click the link here: 

Young Minds

For more helpful links about the topic of wellbeing and mental health, please visit our PSHE curriculum webpage. Here, you will also find other useful links to topics such as healthy lifestyles, safety and anti-bullying. The link can be found below: 

PSHE Curriculum Webpage

Have a lovely weekend! 

Miss H x

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Friday 2nd October, 2020

admin on: Class 4

Well, it has been another fantastic week in Year 4.  We have busy with all sorts of jobs and learning lots of new things.  We have been learning the days of the week in French, settlements and animals, to name just a few things.  Our bunting is coming along beautifully and we can't wait to see it up on the windows.  Your artistic skills have really impressed us.

Please can we remind you to have a go at logging on to Microsoft Teams.  We have recapped how to log on with the children so they should be able to work it out.  Fingers crossed.

Homework this week is to keep going on Ed Shed, TT Rockstars and Mathletics.  Let's see if we can have a few more bronze certificates next week.  I would also like you to pick a times table that you are a little unsure of (your choice), and have a go at learning it for next week.  You could do this by writing it down, shouting it out, singing it or whatever works for you.

Have a lovely, safe weekend and we will see you all safe and well next week.

Love the Year 4 Team

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Week beginning 28th September 2020

admin on: Class 4

We've had a busy start to the week in Class 4! 

We have explored our woodland area and collected lots of invertebrates. We then brought them into the classroom where we used classification keys to identify them. Mrs Mitchell had lots of fun emptying out all of the pots - especially the ones with slugs in! 

We've made a start on some animal projects using the computers and also made some Gaudi inspired animal pictures for our classroom display. 

Everyone has worked really hard on their assessments this week too - I am so proud of you all! 

Don't forget this week's homework is available on Mathletics and is due on Monday. Miss Watkins has put an activity on Teams for everyone to access - please let us know if you have any problems with this. 

Keep smiling everyone! 

Love from Mrs Kendal and the year 4 team xx

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Last Week beginning14.9.2020

admin on: Class 4

Just a quick note to apologise for the delay in writing a Blog for last week.  Anyway, what a week it was.  We got up to a variety of fun activities, including making Worry Dolls and wild animals.  We also had our dry swimming lesson.  The children are amazing at floating on their backs and kicking their legs!

We have had another great week, let's hope that we have many more.

We will be assigning some homework this week, so watch out for that.  Also a reminder that is is getting very autumnal now so try not to forget coats children.  Thank you.

Keep safe

Love Miss W, Mrs K and Mrs M 

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Welcome! 11.9.2020

admin on: Class 4

Well, what a week!  

To begin with, we would like to say welcome to Year 4.  We have been looking forward to getting you all back in and hearing the noise of children again in school.  We have missed it!  You have all come in with such a great attitude.  The smiles and giggles have been great.  We have had a busy week - art, maths, poetry and geography to name a few things.  We must not forget our swimming lesson today.  We all had a really good go at all of the different stokes!

Next week, we hope that you continue with your great attitudes, we are sure you will.  Just as a reminder, Year 4 have PE on Tuesdays and Thursdays so please send your children into school in their PE kits on those days.  Thank you in advance for this.

We hope you all have a rest this weekend, ready for another good week.  Finally, we would like to say thanks to you and your grown ups for keeping to our new procedures in school.  We think you have all adapted to the changes really well.  You are superstars.

See you all next week.

Miss Watkins, Mrs Kendal and Mrs Mitchell

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Summer Project

admin on: Class 4

Hi Class 4, Mr. K here. I have just read your lovely message from Miss Waktkins and she is telling the truth! She has told me how fabulous you are!

Just a quick post to remind you of the summer project and challenges. 

Solar System Project

Pick a planet in the solar system (not Earth!) and create a booklet all about it. I would love to see photographs/drawings, facts, diagrams, descriptions and more! I really wanted to make a display using these projects, so feel free to be as creative as possible. You don't need to email me in the work, just bring it back on the first day. If you do have any questions, you can of course email me and I will reply as soon as I can.

Summer Challenge

All that is left to say is have a lovely summer. I can't wait to teach you in September!

Mr. K

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Friday 17th July 2020

admin on: Class 4

Heart anatomy: how does the heart work?

This has been one of the most incredible years in my 22 years of teaching!  I know that Mrs Kendal agrees.  It began in such a lovely way, with you all settled and happy.  When I look back on my time with you, my greatest memory is the giggles and laughter.  You have all been so completely amazing, each and every one of you.  You have mummified tomatoes, created you own poo, played cricket, learnt your times tables and become rock stars! 

And then on the 20th of March 2020 we all said a strange goodbye.  We put our chairs up and shut the doors, for who knew how long.  We never guessed it would be for so very long.  This is when you amazed us even more!  You became go-kart builders, Lego experts, artists, scientists and mathematicians.  You wrote stories, poems and facts.  You became TV chefs and the next David Attenborough's, animal carers, garden builders and expert cement mixers!

When I look back now, I also know how terribly proud of you, we all are.  We would like to say an enormous thank you to all of you.  Each and every one of you have done everything you can to keep going and keep smiling.  We would like to also say a big thank you to your grown ups, who turned teachers, whilst keeping working and smiling too.  Thank you.  You have been so wonderful to keep your children going.  This has been really hard.  Tuning into the blog and keeping in touch.  We have loved getting your emails everyday and took pleasure in replying to them.  The photos you have sent in have kept us smiling, which has sometimes been hard.  We have missed you all so much, so receive these has really helped us too.  You are such a great class and Mr Kershaw is so lucky to be having you next year.  Don't worry we have told him how fab you are!

I would also like to say a thank you for the gifts that you so generously gave.  Thank you.

Today, if you were in school, you would be having lots of fun, maybe playing games or watching a film.  I would like you to have a fun day.  You can chose something to do.  You could play a board game, do a jigsaw, paint, watch a film or build with your Lego.  The most important thing is to have a fun day and send your photos please.

The last thing I have to say well done Class 4 of 2020!  You have been astounding in every way.  Have a wonderful and safe summer and we will see you in September.

Lots of Love Miss Watkins, Mrs Kendal, Mrs Kewley and Mrs Scott


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Thursday 16th July 2020

admin on: Class 4

I don't think the smile has fallen off my face yet.   What an absolutely wonderful day for us.  Mrs Kendal and myself were delighted to see so many of you today.  We really enjoyed our chats about all of the fantastic things that you have been doing during our time in lock down.  I hope that you all enjoyed your time as much as we did.

Seeing you all today made me think about something that my old school made for me when I let and joined the amazing Netherthong family.  They made me a memory jar.  It is full of little notes and memories of our time together.

It sits on my dressing table for me to see and remember every single day.  It is very special to me and I read all of the lovely messages every now and then.  

I thought that it would be lovely to have a virtual memory jar.  So I am asking you to write a small note, with one of your happiest or funniest memories of Year 4.  Think all the way back to September.  I have so many memories, but one of my favourites was when we were reading Hugo Cabret at the beginning of the year.  It was getting to a dramatic part and the pictures were so wonderful.  I can just picture the looks on all of your faces as we reached the most dramatic part and the enthusiasm you had when we talked about it.  It was fantastic.  This sums up your attitudes to life - loving the dramatic excitement of a good story, keen to discuss absolutely everything, understanding of the world and those involved in it and the empathy you had for the characters.  I could list many more.  This is one of my memories of you as a class.  So thinking caps on and email us your memories and I will post a blog with them all on.  The more the merrier please.

Keep safe lovelies and I am looking forward to reading your memories.

Love Miss Watkins and the Year 4 Team


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Summer Send Off 15.7.2020

admin on: Class 4

Well this year will certainly be etched into Mrs Kendal and my minds forever!  In 22 Years of teaching I have never known anything like it.  We have both loved every minute of having you in our class!  I think that you will agree that this is the most special year and certainly one we will never, ever forget.  And tomorrow will be so special to see as many as possible back in our classroom.  School has not been the same without you and we are so proud of you all.

So no work for today, unless you have a burning desire to write a long story about our special year or do a quick session on TT Rockstars, please turn up to school with a smile on your face and a spring in your step, and remember that we are so excited to see you.

See you all soon

Love Miss Watkins and the Year 4 Team


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Tuesday 14th July 2020

admin on: Class 4

Good morning! 

I hope you all had a good day yesterday doing things that made you happy. Here are some of the photos I received of your happy things! 






Today will be my last blog for you before the summer holidays (I can't believe we are here already). The last few months have been a mixture of all sorts of emotions - lots of happiness, getting to spend so much time with family but also some sadness, missing out on seeing wider relatives and friends.

Miss Watkins and I are so very proud of you all for adapting so well in these strange times. Whether you have been following the blog and producing some wonderful work or filling your time with other creative, sporty, or imaginative activities - you are all amazing! You will forever be remembered as our little rainbow class and although we have not been able to spend as much time together as we should have, I feel as though I have got to know you all even better by seeing the fantastic things that you have been doing at home. 

I am so very excited about seeing most of you again tomorrow but for those who will not be in school, I will be coming to find you in September (like it or not!) just to say hello and have a good old natter. 

If there is one thing I have learned during the last few months is to feel grateful for what I have and that is the theme for today. 

Have a go at a gratefulness scavenger hunt: 

Thank you so much for keeping me going over the past few months; I am very grateful for being able to teach such a wonderful class! 

Have a lovely day. 

Love from Mrs Kendal and the year 4 team xx

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Monday 13th July 2020

admin on: Class 4

Well, we've made it! The final week of the school year is here and what a year it has been! 

A few years ago, one of the children in my class gave me this lovely gift: 


It hangs by my bed and it is the first thing I see every morning, reminding me to fill my days with happy things. 

Today's task is really simple... do something that makes you happy! 

You will all have completely different ideas of what to do to complete this task and I would love to see pictures of your chosen activity. 

Have a wonderful day!

Love from Mrs Kendal and the year 4 team xxx

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Virtual Sports Day 2020

admin on: Class 4

Well what a sports day!  Never to be forgotten.  As always you are fabulous.

Mid flight!

Go Year 4!!

Watch out for the results this week!

Love Miss Watkins and the Year 4 Team


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Friday 10th July 2020

admin on: Class 4

Fabulous Friday For Fun Friends!

I hope that you have all had a good week.  We cannot wait to see so many of you on Wednesday, it will be such a long awaited treat for us!  I also hope that you enjoyed Virtual Sports Day yesterday.  There was lots of fun in school and the noise of children giggling and bouncing around was great!

On to today:


How are your tongues?  I hope that you can get your mouths around this:

A pale pink proud peacock pompously preened its pretty plumage.

or how about this one:

Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.


She sells sea shells on the sea shore.  The shells she sells are seas shells for sure.

What do you notice about them all?  Are they easy to say?

I thought that you could have a little bit of fun and have a go at writing your own tongue twisters.  If you click on this link there are a few key things that might help you.  

How to write a tongue twister

You can chose what you write about and you could do more than one.  If you like, you could video yourself saying your tongue twister.  I can't wait to give them a go!


I discovered the Guardians of Mathematica this week (BBC Bitesize).  I thought that you lovely lot would enjoy it too, if you have not already discovered it!  There are lots of different maths games and problems for you to solve.  You get to travel around a map to different mathematical areas.  See what you can do.  You could take a screen shot or take a photo of some of your activities.  Here is the link:

Guardians of Mathematica

Have fun.


We have been learning all about the Romans this half term, even though it has been remotely!  It is famously known that the Romans invented lots of different things that we still use today.  This is a link to the English Heritage site. 

English Heritage

It shows you examples of the different Roman inventions that we still use today.  Can you then write a list of the inventions, and any more you know of or can find out about and maybe draw some images of the inventions too.  You will be amazed by some of them!

Have fun today and don't forget to send in your results from Sports Day.  We hope to be able to announce the results next week.

Well done one and all and see most of you next week!

Love Miss Watkins and the Year 4 Team


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Photos for the week beginning 6.7.2020

admin on: Class 4

Such a set of superstars!  We have artists, scientists, literary scholars, mathematicians, athletes, gymnasts, swimmers, poets and explorers, to name but a few of the amazing people we have in our class!  Take a look at the gallery.

Sports Day photos to follow and results later in the week I think.

Thank you again one and all

Love Miss Watkins and the Year 4 Team


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Sports Day 9th July 2020

admin on: Class 4

It was so good to catch up with Mrs Kendal!  We are both as excited as each other to see you all next week.  We have a few plans in place, but we are just keen to see you.

So it is a slightly different sports day than last year, which was baking hot and in the sunshine if I haven't got my years muddled up!  We have an exciting set of activities for you and cannot wait to see your photos please and for your results to be sent in.  Please don't forget to send these in by Friday 10th!  So here is a reminder of what was sent out on the newsletter.

Here is a form for you to collate your results on and then send them in:

Please feel free to create your own version, but these are the results that you to send in.


Sports Day Results sheet.docx

Here are the links to the above files if they are of use.

Please keep your fingers crossed for a dry day.  Teddy has done his sports day today - in the lounge!

You could rope others in your house to join you.  Send us photos and enjoy.

Love Miss Watkins and the Year 4 Team


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Wednesday 7th July 2020

admin on: Class 4

Good morning! 

I hope you have all had a good start to the week. Today Miss Watkins and I are getting together in school (within a safe distance of course) to decide what we are going to do when we all meet up next Wednesday - we are so excited! 

Here are some of the photos from this week so far: 


Orla has some new additions to the family - very cute and super cuddly! 


Charlie engineered a safety device for his egg, based on a zorbing ball, before launching it off his balcony....the egg survived! Well done Charlie. 

Poppy designed some new shoes with a dog theme in mind. Unfortunately, you'll have to work a bit harder Poppy if you want a puppy - it's still a no from Mum and Dad! 10 out of 10 for effort though. 



Sarah decided to feed her egg to a hungry crocodile before dropping it from a great height! The plan worked and the egg survived (well, until Daniel ate it for lunch). Good engineering you two! 

Sarah couldn't decide which pair to shoes to write about so she combined them all together and went on a great adventure! Super work, well done. 


Super lockdown poetry by Ella and Lila - well done girls! 


What a wonderful piece of writing about a pair of space boots Ella - what an adventure you could have whilst wearing those! Making paper aeroplanes and finding out about all of the forces acting on them is great science. Looks like you had fun playing in the river too. 

Here are your suggested activities for the day: 


Tomorrow will be our virtual sports day. In preparation for this, can you design yourself a warm-up routine? Think about the different muscles that you will need to stretch.


The year 2020 has certainly been one that we won’t be forgetting in a hurry! If someone had told us last year that a virus would spread throughout the world and send the whole country into months of lockdown, we would have thought they were mad.

For the task today, I would like you to imagine that 2021 is going to be even crazier! Can you think of something that could happen (the wilder the better) and write about it? Maybe it could involve aliens, robots or extreme weather – I know how imaginative you are so get your thinking caps on!


Combination locks need a code to be unlocked.

Can you solve these puzzles to work out the codes for the two locks?


  • The second number is double the first number.
  • The first number is the number of sides a semi-circle has.
  • All the numbers are even.
  • The second number is 50% of the last number.
  • The third number is between the second and last number.


  • The last number is the biggest and is three times the first number.
  • The third number is the only even number.
  • The first and second numbers add up to half of 4.
  • The third number is one-tenth of 20.

Now have a go at making your own puzzle for someone else to solve.


Sophie and Will have been improving their drawing skills at home using the online tutorials by Rob Biddulph, an amazing illustrator. 

Follow the link to have a go:

Please send a photo of your drawings - they would look great on our blog! 

Enjoy the rest of your week.

Love from Mrs Kendal and the year 4 team xx

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Tuesday updates from Mr. K

admin on: Class 4

Afternoon, Class 4. It has been lovely today because I have seen Brooke, Seb and Frazer from this class walking past the school. Here are some updates from today. Check back later in the week for more updates and then keep an eye on the blog next week for some summer homework from me.

Poppy S has sent me her lovely acrostic poem and her illustrations.

James has sent me his awesome acrostic poem as well.

Sarah has sent me in her acrostic poem. It rhymes and it captures lockdown life brilliantly!

Charlie M did his acrostic poem on tomatoes, but he did grow them during lockdown, so it counts!

Orla has been working off the Fudge bar she ate, and she even sent me a video as proof. Also, she has created a lovely acrostic poem.

Orla has also got two new additions to their family. Willow and Acorn are her brand new bunnies and I am struggling to cope with how cute they are. In fact, I think I am too jealous to say much else! SO CUTE! 



Both of them

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Tuesday 7th July with Mr. K

admin on: Class 4

Morning Class 4! This is my last transition Tuesday with you, as next week I have my class in school for the Summer Send Off. It has been brilliant getting to know you all. Thank you for all your hard work over the last half term. Next week, keep any eye out for some summer homework I will be setting you. 

Here is your work for today.


For English today, I would like you to do an acrostic poem. Remember, an acrostic poem is a poem with a word down the side and each line starts with the next letter of the word like this:


Amazingly tasty,

Perfume-like smell,

Pleasing to look at,

Lovely and juicy,

Excellent for a healthy snack!

I would like you to do it for 'lockdown'. So it will be 8 lines long and you can put down some of your memories from lockdown. It would be great to hear all about your time in lockdown. 

Send in your work to me for it to be displayed on the blog. The key to an acrostic poem is to plan ahead. Think of words that begin with each letter before you start writing the lines of the poem. Perhaps do a spider diagram to help with each letter. The poem could be nicely decorated with pictures of the things you mention in the poem.


For maths, I would like you to look at the link below on fractions of amounts. It is one of the skills that as a Year 5 teacher, I will expect you to know, so now is a good time to practise! If you don't remember, please don't worry! This link will help you with it, and I will recap it in our daily questions in maths next year. Just remember, you divide the number by the bottom (denominator) and your times it by the top (numerator). I have drawn a diagram to help you.

Now complete the worksheet and the quiz after reading the guidance on this page:


Before lockdown, you started the topic on changing states. I know you learnt a little bit about this, but I would like you to revise this using the following link. Watch the video, complete the worksheet and then the second activity must be done with adult supervision.


Libby F in my class came up with an awesome activity. She suggested that you (with your adult's permission) have a chocolate bar and look how many calories it is. Then, before you eat it, come up with an exercise that burns that amount of calories.

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Monday 6th July 2020

admin on: Class 4

Good morning, I hope you have had a lovely weekend. 

Sophie and William have been making their own self-help videos. They worked together to show people how to repair a punctured tyre (with a little help from their Grandad) and I have been very busy sewing Sophie's Brownie badges onto a blanket (all 54 of them). My fingers are now paying the price after pricking myself with the needle countless times! 

Today's suggested activities are as follows: 


The next chapter of our book is on Purple Mash; you'll find it in your 2do list. Please complete the comprehension activities too.


What does the saying 'to walk a mile in someone else's shoes' mean? See if you can find out by either asking an adult or doing your own research. 

Choose one of the following pairs of shoes (or maybe you could design your own): 



Can you imagine what the person wearing these shoes would be like? 

Write about a day in the life of the person wearing your chosen shoes. You could write in the first person and imagine you are wearing the shoes or in the third person and describe somebody else wearing them.


The 6174 trick.

Choose a 4-digit number (at least one digit should be different from the rest). 

Arrange the digits in order from largest to smallest.


Now reverse the digits of this number and subtract it from the first number written down. 


After your subtraction, you take the answer and arrange the digits from largest to smallest again. Reverse the digits in your new number and repeat the above process.


Repeat this procedure until you reach the magic number 6174.




Does it work with all 4-digit numbers? Try out a few different combinations and test for yourself. 


If you had a go at the bread investigation, I imagine your bread will be looking a bit different by now! I may regret saying this but please send some pictures of your findings (I'll try to remember not to open the pictures before lunchtime!) 

This week, why not have a go at the egg drop challenge? The aim is to drop an egg from a height (with adult supervision) without the egg breaking. The egg can be hard-boiled or raw (for the brave only) and you can use any bits of materials you can find at home (newspaper, straws, kitchen roll etc) to protect the egg. The only thing you are not allowed to use is a ready-made box. 

This challenge is about being creative and imaginative in order to engineer a safety device for your egg. 

Your adult at home can set the height limit and must be with you when the egg is being dropped. 

Have fun and don't forget to take some pictures! 

Miss Watkins and I are so excited to be able to see you all in the last week before the summer holidays - don't forget to sign up for one of the 3 time slots. See the newsletter for more details. 

Due to technical issues this weekend, we will be adding last week's photos onto our blog later today. 

See you all very soon. 

Love from Mrs Kendal and the year 4 team xx

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Poppy's Book

admin on: Class 4

I was lucky enough to get a book from Poppy with the story of Romulus and Remus.  She did a great job.

What an amazing job!

Well done


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Photos for week beginning 29.6.2020

admin on: Class 4

Sorry about the delay with the photos!  Computer failure!  Anyway.......

There goes another week.  They are flying by quickly.  We are all looking forward to seeing you hopefully on the last week,  Here are some of the great things you have been up to!

Love Miss Watkins and the Year 4 Team


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More updates from Mr. K

admin on: Class 4

Hello Class 4, Mr. K here. To end the week, I have some more photos from your work for me on Tuesday. A big thank you to all the effort you are putting in!

Charlie M has sent me a piece of writing all about his favourite music. Lots of great bands on here!

Ella has been doing exercise (it taught her about the water cycle!) and her water cycle work. Well done!

Jake wrote out his music for me. Lots of great information here, Jake. 

Libby has included an amazing drawing with her music work.

Lila has sent me in an amazing diorama of a water cycle and her music writing. Excellent, Lila!

Poppy H has sent me her music work. Well done!

Have a lovely weekend, Class 4!

Mr. K

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Friday 3rd July 2020

admin on: Class 4

Friday here in Netherthong Primary School!  I hope that you are all well.  There has been quite a lot of rain this week, which is good for the plants and grass in my garden, but not so good for getting outside.  Hopefully next week it will be a little drier!  For those of you that spotted my little tease - Teddy and Florence did not build that house of cards!  Theirs was, disappointingly, much smaller and kept getting knocked down by the dogs!!  There was a lot of giggling though, which as you know is one of my favourite sounds!


Yesterday I set you the challenge of creating a wonderful double page spread all about Year 4.  Please be finishing those off if you haven't already.  I cannot wait to find out what you remember from Year 4.

If you would like another activity here we go:

Can you make a list of words that are amazing, to use in your writing.  Use these headings and see how many words you can add into your list.  You might find a dictionary or thesaurus might help you.  I have given you a few examples too:
















If you like, you can add your own headings too.  You can then use this list of words to help with your writing.


I wonder if someone can help you with this maths game?  If not you can play by yourself.  It is called First to 100.

You will need a pack of playing cards and some paper.  Here are your instructions:

Have a bit of fun with this and see who wins!  If you are playing be yourself, play it a couple of times and see if you have less goes to get to 100 each time.


We should have been learning all about Pompeii in school this week.  So here are lots of facts about the events of 79 AD:


Have a read through the facts and then if you could make a fact file about Pompeii that would be great.  You can write it on a sheet of paper or you could put it into your books.  Or, as some of you are so good in front of the camera, you could record yourself explaining some facts about Pompeii.

Here is a great little website which you can explore that will tell you more.  Ask a grown up to help you.

Again, what a great week.  We are looking forward to seeing as many as possible in school on the last week.  Don't forget to book a slot.

I will post your photos onto the blog before Monday.

Keep safe and keep smiling

Love Miss Watkins and the Year 4 Team


Here is our Padlet link again for you


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Thursday 2nd July 2020

admin on: Class 4

Good morning.  July is here:

Hot July brings cooling showers

Apricots and gillyflowers

Another of my favourite poems.  Happy memories of sitting on my Daddy's knee and reading it together.

On to today:


Today and tomorrow I would love you to work on a double page spread.  You all will remember doing these fun pages.  Your topic is "Year 4!".  I would like you to think all the way back to the beginning of the year.  Can you remember some of the work that we completed, maybe the books we read and the topics that we covered?  Think about the Christmas play, any art work or Science that we have done!  Also think about the strange end to the year that we have had.  Think about all of these things and create a double page spread all about our time in year 4.  Remember that you can use photos, sketches, bubble writing and use pop outs of labels.  You can turn your page around and write in different directions, your choice.  Make it fun and colourful, and I cannot wait to read them.  Take your time and making as amazing as always.


Here is a Countdown Number challenge.  This is a link to an education web page with a game.  You will have to select 6 numbers and a total.  Then can you create the total using only the numbers you have selected?  It might not always be possible.  You could write down how you worked it out, and don't be frightened to ask a grown up to help (or even have a go)!  You must get the nearest number that you can.

Here is the link:

Countdown Numbers


I would love you to have a go at a still life drawing.  This can be lots of fun.  First of all you will need to gather a few objects.  These could be themed eg piece of fruit, shoes, cups or they can be random.  You might also consider the size of the objects, including height.  Collect maybe 3 or 4 things and try to position them together.  Then off you go.  You could use just a pencil or pen, and you can make it colourful or tonal.  You can also chose what you draw on - plain paper, coloured paper or you could be more inventive if you like.

Learn About Still Life Drawing and Why to Try the Time-Honored Subject How to draw a still life in mixed media - How To - Artists ...Observational Drawing 2: Composition: Still Life DrawingStill life drawings at age 13 by Priyanka Godbole at

Have some fun with your sketches and don't forget to send them in.


A little bit of fun.  I set Teddy and Florence a challenge to see who could build the tallest house of cards!  They had lots of failed attempts and lots of fun giggling and trying different ways.  I wonder who could build the tallest one in Year 4?  Please send photos of your house of cards!

Here is Teddy and Florence's joint effort.  (Honestly!)

Playing Card Castle by cal3star | Playing card crafts, Diy playing ...

Love Miss Watkins and the Year 4 Team


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Wednesday 1st July 2020

admin on: Class 4

Good morning Class 4!

How did we end up in July already? What a strange year we are having.

Brooke has had some very special visitors this week – six, yes six stray cats have arrived in her garden (a mum with five kittens), looking for a place to stay. Keep us updated Brooke!


We are very proud of Jessica this week. She has earned herself a Blue Peter badge by sending in her VE day poem. Well done Jessica, what a great achievement.


Lots of you have been busy in the kitchen, baking some delicious bread. Well done to all of you.


Here are today’s suggested activities:



Can you make a silly speech?

Below is a list of topics that I am sure you don’t agree with. Pretend that you do and give lots of reasons why you agree with them. Try and speak for at least one minute on each topic.

When you have delivered your speeches, you can pick two or three topics to write down all of the reasons you gave (or film one if you prefer). Don’t forget, be persuasive! Try and make people really believe what you are saying.

  • Reasons why I love homework.
  • Reasons why I love having holes in my socks.
  • Reasons why I love smelly feet.
  • Reasons why I love my mobile phone/tablet running out of battery.
  • Reasons why I love raw onions.
  • Reasons why I love rainy days.
  • Reasons why I love everyone forgetting my birthday.
  • Reasons why I love people with loud voices.
  • Reasons why I love getting the same present twice on my birthday.
  • Reasons why I love sitting in front of people who talk and kick my seat in the cinema.





You could pick actual ties out of a bag (if there are enough in your house that you are allowed to use) or you could cut up the tie pictures and pull them out of a bag without looking. It's your investigation, so you decide. 



The Roman army was the largest and meanest fighting force in the ancient world.

Follow the link below to find out more:

If you are feeling creative today, you could have a go at building a Roman catapult. Here are the instructions:



If you want to go even bigger...



Just for fun:

Using the letters in the word HOLIDAY make as many four-letter words as you can without repeating any letters within each word.

There are 11 words to find – I wonder if you’ll get them all!

Have a wonderful day! 

Love from Mrs Kendal and the year 4 team xx

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A Royal Update

admin on: Class 4

Hi! Mr. K here again with a very special ROYAL update.

Orla has sent a birthday card to the Queen, and she has had this response from the Queen's lady-in-waiting.

Amazing, Orla! Thank you for sharing!

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Tuesday Updates from Mr. K

admin on: Class 4

Hi Class 4. Some amazing stuff from you today. I will share what I have so far, and then share some more later in the week. A big thank you to all your hard work.

Here is Joshua's water cycle. He actually made it on 2Animate on PurpleMash. He has shared it so you can all see it. It is very good! I have uploaded a screenshot of it.

Brooke has sent in her information about her favourite artist as well as a digital picture of her. Amazing!

Charlie S has made me chuckle today! Here is his awesome water cycle diagram made out of objects in his house. But... on the second picture, his cat made an appearance and it looks like it is floating in the clouds! Hilarious!

Charlie S has also sent in his information about his favourite music and a picture of him doing his maths.

Eva has sent in a great piece about the sort of music she likes and a very colourful water cycle diagram.

Frazer has sent in his information about Ed Sheeran and some of his favourite songs. Excellent taste in music!

James has sent in information about his favourite band, Queen, and his water cycle poster. Well done!

Orla has sent in some information on Elvis. A great musician!

Here is Poppy S and her favourite musicians.

Sarah has done an amazing water cycle video. I loved watching it. Here are some screenshots for you!

Euan also sent me in some work from the previous  blogs. Here they are! Well done!

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Tuesday 30th June with Mr. K

admin on: Class 4

Good morning, Class 4, Mr. K here! I hope you had a good weekend? The weather meant I couldn't do as much as I wanted to, but I was glad that it had cooled down a little! Here is some work for you to try out today.


On PurpleMash, I have put 3 games on your 2do list. 

1.) Campsite Jim - This is testing your knowledge of commas and fronted adverbials.

2.) Jane's Monster - This is testing your knowledge of apostrophes.

3.) Frank's Clever Window Again - This is testing your knowledge of punctuating direct speech. This one is tricky!


I would love to get to know you all a little bit better. One way of doing this is to find out about your favourite musicians. I love music, and I listen to lots of different kinds. Because I listen to all sorts, it means I am open to new suggestions! In fact, in Class 5, I often create playlists on my Spotify for the class  based on your suggestions, which I play during afternoon lessons when we are working. I have played everything from Oasis to Ariana Grande in class! 

So, you have two tasks today.

1.) Write a small piece of writing about one of your favourite musicians. Tell me all about them and explain why you like them. Have you ever seen them live? Print or draw a picture of them as well!

2.) Come up with 5 songs that you really love (they can be any genre or from any time) and I will create a playlist for us to listen to in September. I probably don't need to say this, but please make sure they are appropriate for school!

Although I have many musicians that I love, Taylor Swift is one of my favourites! One of my favourite songs by her is 'You Need To Calm Down'. I like it for lots of reasons, but one is the lyrics, "You need to calm down, you're being too loud." I like it because it I can use it to tell my class to quieten down! It's like she wrote it for teachers!

Anyway, have fun with this and I look forward to hearing about your favourite musicians.


This task was set for my class yesterday, but I think it is a good skill to practise, and it can be difficult at times. In the Year 4 maths curriculum, it says that you should be able to round any number to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000.

Here is a game for you to try:

Try at least two of the first 5 game modes that you see on the opening menu. If you want to extend your knowledge of rounding, you can try the 6th game mode, which is rounding decimals to the nearest whole number. This is a skill you will learn about in Year 5.


I have been speaking to Mrs Kendal and she told me that before we went into lockdown, you learnt about the water cycle. This is an important part of Year 4 science and geography, and it is something I will be referring to a lot next year. 

As a bit of revision, and a chance for you to get creative, I would like you to recreate the water cycle. You can do this in a number of ways:

  • You could draw it out and colour it in.
  • You could make a 3D version of it.
  • You could create a huge one in some way, it is up to you!
  • You could use the PurpleMash animation programme to animate a version of it.
  • Any other way you can think of to illustrate the water cycle.

You will need to include the following technical words:




Surface run-off



Here are some websites to help you:

Please note: Different websites may use different words, so make sure you know what the 6 words mean above. 

Have a great day, Class 4. I am looking forward to seeing all your work!

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Monday 29th June 2020

admin on: Class 4

Good morning and happy Monday! 

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend despite the weather. 

We were out with our litter pickers in the rain yesterday, cleaning up our local football field. We managed to fill our bin-bag in no time at all - I wish people would just put their rubbish in the bin! I then spent the afternoon wrapped in bin liners and toilet paper (a homemade astronaut suit), the things we do for Brownie badges! 

Here are the suggested activities for today: 


Please carry on with our reading book on Purple Mash, it is on your 2do list as is the comprehension activity. 





If you don't have a thesaurus, can you think of your own synonyms? 


I have assigned you two activities on Mathletics. You will have to solve magic square problems. Some of them are quite tricky but I would like you to have a go. 

The problems look like this: 

My advice would be to start on the row/column where all the symbols are the same and divide the total by the number of symbols. 


Last week you set up your bread investigation. You need to regularly check on your bread to see what is happening. Please keep the bags tightly sealed, you do not need to open them to make your observations. 

Make a note of any changes in the bread. Photos or diagrams could also be added to your notes. 

Just for fun: 

How many of these Pixar characters can you identify from their silhouette? 


Have a good day. 

Love from Mrs Kendal and the year 4 team xx

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Photographs for the week beginning 22.6.20

admin on: Class 4

Hi everyone

It is a rainy Sunday here, so we have not been up to very much.  A bit of a soggy doggy walk and then a film.  Have a look through some of the great things that you have been doing this week.

And last but not least here are the results of the TT Rockstars Tournament.  It was a really close one this time!

Well done this week everyone. 

Love Miss Watkins and the Year 4 Team


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TT Rockstars 26.6.20

admin on: Class 4

WOW!  It is close this morning!

6461 for the boys!

6655 for the girls!

Jimmy McRock is topping the boys leader board and Fiona Rocjhauser is topping the board for the girls!


Last push!!

Miss Watkins


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Friday 26th June 2020

admin on: Class 4

Good morning everyone.  Goodness it was warm yesterday!  I was in school and during playtime we tried desperately to find some shade.  It was tricky!


Hi, I am wondering if you are all breaded out by now!  I think Netherthong smells even more delightful than usual with all of the bread that has been baked!  Well done all of you bakers.

Today I have a speedy challenge for you.  Click on the blue writing below and it will take you to a link on BBC Bitesize.

Writing Challenge - 24/7

The challenge asks you to write a story.  There are a few rules that you have to follow.  You are only to use 24 words and it must only take you 7 minutes!  The story must also begin "One Day..."  Not many rules to follow, but you must stick to them.  The link has a few videos to help you plan what you will write.  Obviously this is to only take you 7 minutes, so you might like to do more than one.  You could do a few and create a 24/7 book!  I will look forward to reading your stories.


Don't forget that today is the last day for your TT Rockstars tournament.  You are amazing me and it has run really closely so far.  I will announce the winners later.

Here is a challenge for you:

Nine squares, with sides lengths of 1, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10, 14, 15 and 18 cm can be fitted together with no gaps and no overlaps, to form a rectangle.

What are the dimensions of the rectangle?

There are different ways that you could tackle this.  You could use squared paper, cut out the actual squares to play around with or you might find a way with the numbers and sums?

Here are some images of a few attempts:

Give it a go!


The Romans were well known for their art work.  They loved to adorn things with their work.  One way they are remembered is by their mosaics.  These have been found on walls and floors and are made from small coloured tiles, pieces of glass or stones.  They help to tell stories sometimes or are just images and patterns that look pretty.  Here are some examples of incredibly old mosaics:

I would love for you to have a go at creating a mosaic of your own.  You could do a pattern or a picture.  It is up to you, as are the materials that you use.  You could paint it or use natural materials or you could use small squares of paper.


If you have not already, it would be lovely to have a video of you baking some bread or cooking something else.  You could pretend to be TV Chef!

Have a wonderful weekend.  Keep safe and keep smiling.

Love Miss W and the Year 4 Team


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More updates from Mr. K

admin on: Class 4

Morning Class 4. I have some more updates for you from Tuesday's work. I thoroughly enjoyed looking at all your grammar posters and maps of South America. I am looking forward to seeing some more amazing work next week. Also, you may have seen the newsletter, and seen that class teachers are staying the same next year. I know it was pretty obvious, but I can officially say I will be the Year 5 teacher again next year. Hurray! I can't wait to meet you all properly. If I have missed out anybody's work, please email me and let me know. 

Alfie has sent in some amazing grammar posters. They are really eye-catching!

Charlie S has sent in some equally eye-catching posters as well. He has also sent in his map of South America.

Eva has shared her grammar posters too. Great work!

Freddie's also shared his grammar posters. Another great example!

Lila has sent in her South America map, coloured in with some pretty cool gel pens! 

Orla has sent in her lovely grammar posters and map of South America. Well done!

Sarah has produced some lovely grammar posters and a brilliant map of South America. 

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Thursday 25th June 2020

admin on: Class 4

Happy Thursday everyone!  As always, you amaze me!  Such fantastic bread and those aqueducts would impress even the Romans!

Wow, it was hot yesterday and today is looking to be another hot day!  In light of that, I don't want to closet you up indoors, unless you are avoiding the sunshine!  I found that I tried to hide a little yesterday and even Teddy and Florence were too hot for the waterside!

Anyway on to today, and please remember these are always only suggestions of ideas for you.  Please feel free to tweak them and use them as you wish!


Bake off, or should I say bread off has been fantastic this week.  We made some flat bread for lunch and then filled it with brie, rocket and cranberry for me, chicken rocket and sweet chilli sauce for Ted and Florence went for a simple ham and cucumber.  Yummy all around.  Today I would like you to have a think about what you would have as a filling if you made a sandwich with your bread.  Imagine you own a sandwich shop, what would you have on the menu?  Think about the types of bread and the types of fillings that you include.  Can you write a menu for your shop?  You could give your sandwiches fun names and you could add descriptions of the sandwiches for us to read too.  These descriptions will help us to decide which sandwich to order from you!  I look forward to see what you come up with!


Can I start by reminding you about TT Rockstars?

It is close!  Come on guys, one last push!

I would like you to add prices to your sandwich menu.  Then can you use these prices to create some worded problems of your own, based on your menu.  They can be as tricky as you like.  You could ask how much the bill would be if I bought 2 chicken sandwiches and 1 ham and lettuce sandwich.  Or it could be that a bus load of tourists have come to eat your sandwiches and to make things simple they have ordered 32 ham sandwiches costing £2.50 each.  How much would they spend?  See how many different types of problems you can come up with.  


We should all be enjoying cricket both in school and out of school at the moment and the weather is perfect for it!  I know a few local clubs have started a few nets.  The last time we had some cricket coaching in school, you amazed me with your skills.  Today, see if you can remember some of those skills.  Can you remember the "windmill" arm action?  Have a go at bowling a ball across your garden/drive or wherever else is safe.  If you have someone to help you, you could try some bowling and batting skills.  If you fancy a challenge (and you could get someone to video you), try the wheelie bin challenge.  See if you can bowl a ball into a marked place (possibly a wheelie bin, but could be a bucket!) or you could try hitting a ball to a target.  We would love to see your attempts.  Andy Murray had a go with a tennis racket and tennis ball last week!  He was not very good and did not get one in.  I wonder if Joe Root, Heather Knight or Ben Stokes would manage it?

Well done again, and don't forget to enjoy the hot weather, but as the song goes "Wear sunscreen"!

Love Miss Watkins and the Year 4 Team


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Wednesday 24th June 2020

admin on: Class 4

Good morning! 

I am so very pleased that the sun is back - I hope you all manage to spend some time outside today doing some fun activities. If the weather gets a little too much, you can always head back inside and have a go at some of these tasks (I have also added an outside engineering task). 

Back to our Great British Bread Bake Off! 

Hopefully, you have now chosen the type of bread that you would like to have a go at baking and found a suitable recipe. Your next job is to adapt that recipe to make it more you! 

You could add extra ingredients into your bread (raisins, dried fruit, nuts, seeds) or you could change the shape of the dough before putting it in the oven. 

When you have decided what you are going to make, write out your new set of ingredients and instructions. Notice that each instruction starts with a bossy verb (put, knead, mix,), these are called imperative verbs and they are used to get straight to the point!  Give your new bread a name and make a big, bold title. Remember to use sub-headings and step by step diagrams. Bullet points and numbered steps are also a good way of organising your writing. 


Have a look at the picture below: 


On one side of the scales, there are two IDENTICAL apples. On the other side, there are three IDENTICAL oranges.  

1) Write a fact about the weight of the apples.

2) Write a fact about the weight of the oranges. 

3) If the total weight of the apples was 350g, how much would each apple weigh? 

4) If the total weight of the oranges was 186g, how much would each orange weigh? 

5) If each apple weighs 75g, What is the smallest amount (to the nearest whole gram) each of the oranges could weigh? 

History/ DT: 

If you could take a trip to ancient Rome you may be surprised to find that they had lots of fresh water, a bit like we do in our pipes at home! 

The Romans came up with an idea to bring fresh water into their cities - they built aqueducts.


Aqueducts were long, elaborate, stone waterways. The water would flow on top of the aqueduct and when it arrived at the city it would flow into a castellum (a holding tank).


When the Romans built cities, they would look for nearby sources of clean water and build aqueducts to follow the slope of the land, this meant that the water did not run too quickly over the aqueduct and spill out. They learned to build their aqueducts tall and strong and this kept the water higher up with less chance of becoming dirty. 

Now, as the weather is going to be nice today, you could construct your very own version of an aqueduct in the garden and then use water to see if it works. Your aqueduct may even transport water into your paddling pool! 

Have a look at the following link to give you an idea of how to do this but also use your own imagination and the things that you have already in the house/ garage (with permission of course!)

Enjoy your day and have fun! 

Love from Mrs Kendal and the year 4 team xx

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Tuesday Updates from Mr. K

admin on: Class 4

Hello, Class 4. I know some of you like to send me your work later in the day, so if that is you, I will do a separate blog post for those that send work in afterwards.

I have some work to show you from Brooke,Eva and James. A big thank you to you three for this!

Brooke has made some amazing grammar posters! She has also done her map of South America.

James has completed his map of South America. Looks great!

Eva completed her map of South America as well. Well done!

I wonder if any of you three have memorised some of the countries of South America? It's harder than you think!

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Tuesday 23rd June with Mr. K

admin on: Class 4

Good morning Class 4, Mr. K here again. I hope you've had a great weekend. I went on a long walk on Saturday and did over 20,000 steps! I ached all of Sunday! 

Here is your work for today...


For grammar, I would like you to show me what you know about word types. By Year 4, you should be familiar with these 8 word types:

  • Noun
  • Adjective
  • Adverb
  • Verb
  • Preposition
  • Pronoun
  • Conjunction
  • Determiner

For each of these word types, I would like you to do a little mini poster (around a postcard size) with the name of the word type, a definition of what it is, an example of 3 words that can be that word type and finally a sentence with that word type underlined in it.

For example:

Noun: You would write what a noun is here.

Examples: dog, cat, Jeff.

Sentence:    I saw a dog following my cat.

Make these posters as colourful as you like - you can use these as little reminders for each word type. You can of course do some research on them if you are not sure.

This is a great website, with all the word type definitions on it. You can use the search bar at the top to look up the word types.


I would love to see how you are at the written method for division. Division is the written method that is often the hardest to master. Two things will help you master division - practice and knowing your times tables. If you know your times tables, you know how many of a number is in another number.

Try these using the bus stop method (hint: the first 5 questions don't have a remainder at the end):

1.) 520 divided by 8

2.) 534 divided by 6

3.) 390 divided by 5

4.) 165 divided by 3

5.) 603 divided by 9

These may have a remainder:

6.) 945 divided by 7

7.) 1034 divided by 4

8.) 9021 divided by 5

9.) 3956 divided by 3

10.) 773 divided by 6

Extension: Because you know your 11 and 12 times table as well, you can still use short division to find the answers to these. Give it a go!

11.) 6943 divided by 11

12.)   9473 divided by 12

13.) 8594 divided by 11

14.) 6245 divided by 12


Next year, one of our topics will look at South America. Here is a blank map of South America. Can you find out the names of each country and put them on the map? Then, colour each country a different colour so that no country that shares a border with another country has the same colour. 

Also, try and memorise the countries of South America if you can!


I have been inspired by my walk this weekend. Can you try and beat my 20,000 steps? If you don't get chance today, you can email me at any point over the next week with a photo of your fitbit, or a step counting app to show me you have done over 20,000 steps. 

If you don't have a step counting device, you can use maths to help you. Count how many steps it is around your garden. Then you just count how many times you walk around your garden and multiply it by the number of steps.

So if it is 125 steps around your garden and you do it 100 times, then that is 125 times by 100 which is 12,500 steps!

Thank you for being great with sending work in, Class 4. I look forward to hearing from you!

Mr. K

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Monday 22nd June 2020

admin on: Class 4

Good morning!

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend. We have planted lots of new flowers in our garden, been bug hunting and built some dens in the woods.

Orla sent me the instructions to make bird cakes. I've bought my ingredients and we are going to have a go this week.

Here's Orla's, I hope mine turns out as well!  


Onto this week...

As Miss Watkins and myself love a theme, we have decided to have a Great British Bread-Bake Off this week!

We will be trying to link all of our activities to this but, as always, be creative and do what works for you.


There are many different types of bread. What can you find out about them (names, countries, how bread has changed through the years)? 

Research different bread recipes - use the internet or cookery books. Think about the type of bread that you would like to bake (look at the ingredients and ask an adult if they will be able to get hold of the things needed). 

Later in the week you will be adapting and designing your own bread recipe. 


This week we will be doing some work on weight as it fits nicely with our baking theme. 


Can you dig out the weighing scales and find objects in your house that weigh the same as each other (this will build on the estimation activity we did at the start of lockdown). 

Read the scale and write down the weight of the objects. 

If you need an extension task, you could write down the weight in both grams and kilograms. 


We are all washing our hands much more regularly in order to stop the spread of germs and bacteria and keep ourselves safe. Today we are going to find out just how clean our hands are! 

I would like you to set up your own little investigation using bread and your own hands! 

You will need:

5 slices of bread (untouched).

5 zip-seal transparent bags.

hand sanitizer


tweezers or gloves 

In each of the zip-seal bags, you are going to place a slice of bread. Each slice of bread will be exposed to different conditions. 

The first bag should contain a slice of bread untouched by bare skin (use tweezers or glove covered hands). Seal the bag and label it as 'untouched'. 

Next, run your hands through your hair and press one hand down on the next slice of bread (flat hand, palm down). Place this piece of bread in a bag, seal and label 'hair'.

Now wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds before repeating the process with the third slice of bread. Seal this bag and label 'soap and water'. 

Wait before continuing the investigation until your hands are no longer clean (you may have opened doors, read a book, played in the garden). Then rub your hands with hand sanitizer before repeating the process on the fourth piece of bread. Label the bag 'sanitizer'. 

For the final piece of bread, cough into your hand and repeat the process. Label the bag 'cough'. 

Make sure you wash your hands after the final piece of bread. 

Now leave your 5 bags in a cool, dry place. The bags MUST stay sealed! 

Write down a prediction of what you expect to see happen to the pieces of bread over the next week. 


The next chapter of our guided reading book is ready and waiting on Purple Mash! 

Have a lovely day. I miss you all. 

Love from Mrs Kendal and the year 4 team xx


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Artistic Photography

admin on: Class 4

Here are a few of your wonderful photographs!  Very clever shots.

Amazing photographs Year 4

Well done.

Love Miss Watkins and the Year 4 Team


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Gallery 19.6.2020

admin on: Class 4

You have all been really busy this week.  Mr Kershaw was really impressed with you all last week!  Well done.

Here are a few photos of things you have been up to, unfortunately I cannot blog your videos.  I will try to think of a way to let you see some of them.  I will post your artistic photos separately.

Just to remind you about the TT Rockstars tournament and our Padlet page.

James got 3.09 on his speed tables today and Orla got 2.56!   Well done.

Have a super weekend one and all.

Love Miss Watkins and the Year 4 Team


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Friday 19th June 2020

admin on: Class 4

Hi everyone.  Friday is here again.  It does creep around quickly!  I hope that you have had a good week.  Let's hope that the rain goes away and lets us have a little sunshine over the weekend.  I wonder what types of things you get up to in the rain?  I always love a jigsaw or a board game.  Racing raindrops down the window is always rather silly too!


Today's job with your poetry is to perform the poem you wrote on Thursday.  Remember how the poets performed their poems with lots of expression and even some movement, which you could do if you feel like it. It might be fun if you dressed up or had a few props too.  Then get the video camera running and record your performance for us.  Unfortunately, we cannot post videos onto the blog, but we might hopefully be able to get some on the website in the future.


Today we are going to have a times tables session.  Have a go at speed tables and then get on TT Rockstars.  I have set a battle for you.  Boys versus girls again, sorry it is the only way that I can split you up fairly!

Here are the answers for yesterdays puzzles:


Has anyone heard of Nicéphore Niépce or Ibn al-Havtham?  These people are some of the amazing inventors who helped to invent very early versions of cameras, including the Camera Obscura.  If you fancy a little research project you could have a little look at the history of cameras and who has been involved in developing them into the amazing cameras we have today.  Here are a few examples of photography over the years, sometimes it tells a story and sometimes is is wonderfully artistic.


History of photography - Wikipedia                         

I would like you to turn into a photographer today.  You can decide what topic you want to photograph.  It could be a photograph of something from nature or it could be a still life of a group of objects that you have gathered together.  You could have people in it or even animals.  I will look forwards to seeing your photographs.  I wonder who will be the next Dorothea Lange, David Bailey or Peter Essick?

Well done again and I am really looking forward to hearing from you.

Love Miss Watkins and the Year 4 Team


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Thursday 18th June 2020

admin on: Class 4

Good morning you lovely lot!  How are you all doing?  Don't forget that you can go on our Padlet page to put up any lovely activities and fun things that you are doing.  I have been in school again today.  It is so lovely to hear noise back in the building again, but we are all missing you.


I loved your performance poetry yesterday.  I thought that today you could become poets yourself.  Charlie M (thank you) reminded me of another of my favourites this morning - Spike Milligan.  He was a very funny man who wrote some very silly poems.  Here is a link to one call Ning Nang Nong!

Today I would like you to write a poem of your own to perform.  Your poem can be about anything you would like.  It can be serious, emotional, funny, nonsense or silly.  Write your poem down and send them in!  I can't wait to read them.  You will have another job with these tomorrow!


Here are another few problems for you to work on.

Well done with all of your maths.  I will post the answers tomorrow.

Here is yesterdays puzzle answer:


In Art earlier this week, you looked at columns.  In Science I wondered if you could have a go at making your own columns.  Can you use paper or card to build some columns.  See if you can build a strong structure and can it hold any weights on top?  How strong are your columns?

Some of these columns have been around for hundreds of years and more!  They are so strong and decorative, you could decorate yours too.

Don't forget to keep reading everyday and let us know what you are reading.  I know lots of you are reading and have finished the Harry Potter books.  

Well done everyone again

Love Miss Watkins and the Year 4 Team


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Updates from Tuesday 16th June with Mr. K

admin on: Class 4

Hello, Class 4. I had another enjoyable day with you yesterday. Your stories are great and I was super impressed with your maths too. Lots of you sent me some thoughtful pieces of history as well. Great job! Here are some updates for you. By the way, if I have missed anyone out, please email me and let me know! Any maths, I am not putting this on the blog, as I don't want to give away the answers to anyone who hasn't done it yet, but a massive well done if you sent me this in. I know some of your found the extension difficult, but you gave it a good go!

Remember last week when I asked you to send in the most unusual photographs? Alastair has provided me with a series of them for you to look at.

Brooke has sent in her writing and her Boudica work, with a great drawing of her.

Freddie has sent in his story. I really like the way this story turns out!

James has sent in his Boudica work and his story. James thinks Boudica is a villain!

Joshua has sent his story in, with a character inspired by his real-life neighbour!

Libby sent in her story, where disaster nearly struck!

Lila has written her story. Can you guess which book inspired her story?

Orla has shared this lovely non-fiction book she is reading. It looks super interesting! Also, she has sent in her story and her history too.

Poppy S has sent in her story with lots of lovely descriptive language!

Sarah has sent her story in with a neat little way of finishing it by referring to an earlier part of the story. Also, her Boudica work and she has made a puppet theatre based on Harry Potter. A great idea!

Seb has sent in some information about the book he is reading and a picture of him with the tallest thing he could make.

Eva has sent in her Boudica poster and her story. I like how it is in first person!

Charlie S has sent in his story and his historical opinion of Boudica. Well done!

Jess has sent in her Boudica. Great work!

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Wednesday 17th June 2020

admin on: Class 4

Happy Wednesday everyone.  I must say how impressed Mr K is with you all.  Obviously Mrs Kendal and myself are not at all surprised!  I hope you are all keeping well and still smiling.  That is most important!


We loved your shape poems this week.  Today I would like you to become a performance artist.  A lot of poems are written to be said aloud and not just read in our heads.  Some poets even dance their poems.  There are some very famous poets who "perform" their poems.  Micheal Rosen, John Hegley and Benjamin Zephaniah.  Maybe you know a few more.  Below are the links to a poem performed by Benjamin Zephaniah and a "How to perform" by Michael Rosen.  Have a little look at these two video clips.  Then select a poem, you can find lots online with a grown up helping you or in many poetry books.  I have posted one of my favourites, especially in the accent I had as a child!  (Michael Rosen) (Benjamin Zephaniah)

Once you have selected a poem, have a go at reading it out loud to someone in your house.  You could even try to learn it off by heart.  You could record it and send us a little video too.


Here is another puzzle for you.  I will post the answer tomorrow!

Please don't forget to keep having a go at Mathletics and TT Rockstars.


Today this will link with your English and poetry.  Your shape poems were wonderful, so I would like you to use the poem you have been performing today, to create or inspire a piece of art work.  It could be an image from the poem or a picture that makes you think of the poem.  You can paint or draw it, it is totally your choice.  I look forward to seeing what you come up with.  Let your imaginations go wild!

Thanks and have fun!

Love Miss Watkins and the Year 4 team.

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Mr. K update

admin on: Class 4

Hi Class 4, thank you for all your amazing work today. The Internet in school has been super slow this afternoon, and I am struggling to upload all the photographs of your work. So, I will do this tomorrow. Keep an eye out for your work!

Mr. K

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A super start to the week!

admin on: Class 4

Here are some of the shape poems I was sent yesterday. Well done everyone! 





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Tuesday 16th June with Mr. K

admin on: Class 4

Hi Class 4, Mr. K here. I hope you have enjoyed the beginning of the week. Just to let you know, I am still waiting for some replies from Class 5 pupils to all your letters from last week. If you haven't had a reply yet, don't worry I know you're still waiting and I am chasing them up with my class!

I have got some activities for you to do today. Let me know how you get on. Remember to email work to my email which is


Continue to spend 30 minutes a day reading. Is anyone reading a non-fiction book? 


I know you are doing poetry this week with Mrs Kendal and Miss Watkins, but I would love to see you write me a short story. I want to see how you are with your writing, and what skills you can do. I would be super impressed if you could think about these things when you write your short story today:

  • Using the Year 4 Writing targets, which I have included below.
  • Checking and correcting your spellings.
  • Ensuring you use a range of punctuation including apostrophes and commas. 
  • Checking your sentences make sense and have lots of different vocabulary.
  • Using paragraphs.

So, the theme of the short story? Well, here is a picture I used with my class last week to inspire them to write a short story. I am more than happy with three paragraphs for your short story, but if you want to write more, you can!

Think about:

  • Who the figure in the picture is?
  • What is special about this house? Who does it belong to?
  • Is something going to happen?

Here are the Y4 writing targets:

Try to include as many as these as your can!


So last week, you showed me what you could do with addition and subtraction. This week, I would like to see how you are with the written method for multiplication. I have 10 questions on short multiplication, which you have done in Y4. However, after that, I have some extension questions and a video for you to watch on long multiplication. It is what I teach you in Y5, so it may be completely new to you. You do not have to do the extension, as it may require further explanation from me, but if the video explains it well enough for you, you could have a try! 

Here are the 10 questions on short multiplication:

1.) 683 X 3

2.) 392 X 4

3.) 831 X 5

4.) 945 X 6

5.) 825 X 7

6.) 269 X 8

7.) 933 X 9

8.) 311 X 4

9.) 735 X 3

10.) 927 X 7


Normally, with multiplication, you are used to one of the numbers just being one digit, like 544 X 3. With long multiplication, the second number is also more than one digit. 

So it would be 563 X 34 

There is a special method to solve this. The video in the link below explains one way to solve this. Pay close attention to the video to see what they do. If you struggle at any point, remember you don't have to do this part, and you will be getting taught it in school in Year 5.

Once you've watched the video, and you think you might know what to do, have a go at these:

563 X 24

893 X 45

481 X 32

446 X 53

884 X 73

Topic (Romans)

Today, you are going to be learning about Boudica. I have posted a link to a video below, as well as a couple of websites with information about Boudica.    A 5 minute video with lots of information. You might want to make notes.                           Lots of good written information here.       More information on Boudica.

Once you have completed watching the video and reading all about Boudica, I would like you to create a poster that has either the title:




Based on everything you have watched and read about Boudica, you need to decide whether you believe she was a hero and villain. Use your research to give bullet points about why she is a hero or villain. For example, you might say she is a villain because she burnt down a Roman town. But you might say she was a hero because she stopped the Romans demanding unfair taxes. 

You have to make the decision for yourself whether you think Boudica is a hero or villain. In history, it is common for people to have different opinions about figures from the past. As historians, it is your job to read all the facts you can find, and make your own mind up. 


I tried some yoga this weekend. It was really peaceful and relaxing! I highly recommend it!

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Monday 15th June 2020

admin on: Class 4

Good morning! 

Wow, I am so impressed with all of the wonderful work you did last week. You certainly kept Mr Kershaw busy! 

Thank you again for sending me lots of stories to read to Will at bedtime. He has loved each and every one and wanted me to share this letter he has written to you. 


Here are the suggested activities for today: 


The next chapter of our 'guided reading' book is ready and waiting on Purple mash as well as the comprehension questions. 


The theme for this week is poetry. 

Have a look at these shape poems. They are shaped like the thing that they describe. The shape adds to the meaning of the poem.




Have a go at your own shape poem. It may help to jot down all of the things that your chosen picture makes you think about. 


If you have a calculator at home have a go at these. 



The Romans liked to decorate their buildings with four different types of columns. Can you find out the names of the four columns and sketch each one? 

I hope that you all have a wonderful day and I look forward to hearing from you. 

Love from Mrs Kendal and the year 4 team xx

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Frazer's work

admin on: Class 4

Hi Class 4, Mr. K here. I hope you've had a lovely weekend.

I have some of Frazer's work here. It had gone to a different email, so I didn't see it until this weekend. I thought I would share with you his lovely introduction and photo of him reading in his little brother's cot! I wonder what his little brother thought? Also, I'm still trying to figure out which are his two truths and which is the lie. What do you guys think?

I will be back blogging with you on Tuesday. See you then!

Mr. K

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Speed Tables Shout Outs

admin on: Class 4

Thank you to everyone who sent in their speed tables times/scores. Here they are!

Eva completed hers in 3 minutes and 21 seconds. Amazing!

James did his in 3 minutes exactly. Awesome!

Sarah finished hers in 3 minutes and 7 seconds. Excellent!

Have a fantastic weekend, Class 4. I will be back with you on Tuesday next week. I will also on that day upload any of your challenges from this afternoon.

Thank you for all your hard work!

Mr. K

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Friday updates

admin on: Class 4

Good afternoon, Class 4. Wow! What a week I have had doing your blog! You have all kept me on my toes with all the lovely work you are sending in. It is really nice to know that you are reading my blog and doing the work. I have A LOT of work to share with you today, so if I miss anyone out, please just email me and let me know! It isn't intentional! I just have a lot to load up!

Don't forget to send me your speed tables times by 2pm today for a shout out!

Here is Alastair with his guitars:

Brooke has been reading and practising contortion. She has also sent in her lovely poem and art.

Euan has sent in his Roman work, plus his favourite reading spot and his poem.

Here are Eva and James reading in an unusual place!

Eva has also shared her book review and poem.

Freddie has shared his poem.

James has shared his poem.

Here is Joshua's poem.

Next is Libby's poem.

Lila has sent in her art, her book review, her poem and the view that inspired it, plus her favourite reading spot and a jigsaw they have done as a family.

Lily F has sent in her art and her poem.

Orla has sent in her art from both days, her poem, and a special task if you live in Netherthong. Have a look at it!

Poppy S has sent in her poem and view, and a picture of her reading!

This is Sarah's poem and her unusual reading spot!

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Puffin Dream Big Festival

admin on: Class 4


Sarah in Y4's dad let me know about the Puffin Dream Big festival. There are lots of fantastic events happening over this weekend. At 10:30 today, Jacqueline Wilson will be reading a story. I have attached the link below. Have a look, its worth it!


Mr. K

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Friday 12th June

admin on: Class 4

Morning, Class 4! I have really enjoyed doing some work with you this week. Miss Watkins, Mrs Kendal and I have all agreed that I can do your blog every Tuesday from now on, so I will be with you regularly. A big big thank you for your emails this week, I have really been so impressed with your engagement with the blog work. It means a lot!

Here is today's work:


Another 30 minutes of reading today. I have really enjoyed seeing you all reading in different places - keep them coming!


On Fridays, in my class, I do a grammar lesson. One of the big things you learn about in Year 5 grammar is modal verbs.

Modal verbs  introduce another verb and they tell you how possible something is. 

An example of some are:      must, shall, will, should, would, can, could, may, might.

They nearly always go before another verb and tell you either how possible something is or how necessary it is. 

Here are some examples of some:

1.) We should tidy our bedrooms.        < The 'should' tells you that it is important that they do this.

2.) I might go to the park after school.  < The 'might' tells you that it isn't definite that you are going to the park.

3.) He can do a back flip.           < The 'can' tells you how able he is to do a back flip. 

Here is a link to BBC Bitesize that tells you more about modal verbs.

Watch the 2 videos that explain modal verbs. Then there are some activities for you to do on the web page. 

1.) Complete the interactive task where you identify the modal verb in each sentence. 

2.) Then have a go at the quiz about modal verbs.

3.) There are then 2 sheets on modal verbs from Twinkl. Do the first one, and if you want, do the second as an extension. 

Remember, this is Year 5 work, so it might seem a little difficult at times, but it is just to give you a head start next year.


Today in maths, I would like you to complete a speed tables sheet. I have attached a left-handed and right-handed sheet below if you need to print one out. Also, you can draw one out yourself if you don't have a printer.

I like to do a shout out on a Friday for people's speed tables scores or times. So, when you have done the speed tables, send me an email with either your time or your gaps, and I will give you a shout out tomorrow afternoon.

left hand speed tables.PNG

right hand speed tables.PNG

When you have finished this (or before if you want to get the practice in!), do some times tables practice on Times Table Rockstars.

Friday Challenge

For a Friday afternoon, I thought we could do something a little different. I really like challenges and tasks that result in everyone doing a different thing. So... I have some challenges for you to complete. You may need to spend some time planning these. I will provide some photographs of these on a blog this afternoon (although I may have to do the blog over the weekend if I run out of time tomorrow).

Each challenge is intentionally vague and you can interpret it how you like. 

Challenge 1: Build the tallest thing.                   

Challenge 2: Take a surprising photo.

Challenge 3: Draw an animal. You can only use the hand you don't usually write with.

Challenge 4: Create four 2D shapes with something else.   This one is REALLY vague, so you may all have different ideas how to do this.


Keep active, even in the rubbish weather. Class 5 are working on their core strength today, so they are doing planks, sit ups and crunches. 

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Another guide to Year 5

admin on: Class 4

Hi Class 4. Eavan has sent in her guide to Year 5, which I have posted below. Enjoy!

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Thursday 11th June

admin on: Class 4

Morning Class 4. Thank you so much for all the work I have been sent over the last few days. I have really enjoyed getting to hear from so many of you! 


Keep up with 30 minutes of reading today. Perhaps you could send me a photo of you reading in the strangest place? James in my class sent Mr. C a photo of him reading in his washing basket!!


In English today, I would like you to do something that I set for my class a few weeks ago. Find the favourite view from a window in your house. Spend a few minutes really looking at the view and enjoying it. Maybe note down what you can see. 

Then, I would like you to write a short poem called 'From my window...' 

Here is an example of a couple of lines:

From my window, I can see a baby calf sheltering beside its mother.

From my window, I can see a cheerful wagtail hopping along.

Remember, a poem doesn't have to be really long and it doesn't have to rhyme. It just needs to use imaginative vocabulary. You could use a structure similar to mine where you start each line with the same phrase, or you could do it a different way. It is up to you!


Thank you so much for your addition questions yesterday. If you didn't already send them in for me to check, here are the answers:

  1. 937
  2. 893
  3. 1,273
  4. 6,470
  5. 3,180
  6. 8,060
  7. 9,147
  8. 948.48
  9. 78.29
  10. 9,414 metres Bonus: 9.414km

Here are some subtraction questions for you to try now. Remember, I would like to see it neatly laid out so I can see how well you know the method.

1.) 954 - 214 =

2.) 865 - 321 =

3.)  7869 - 3425 =

4.) 9564 - 7614 = 

5.) 9333 - 5128 =

6.) 7893 - 6937 =

7.) 6504 - 387

8.) 4992 - 674 = 

9.) 789.43 - 94.21 = 

10.) The cola bottle had 673ml of cola in it and the lemonade bottle has 459ml of lemonade. How much more liquid does the cola bottle have than the lemonade bottle?


Yesterday, you created art from imagination. Today, I would like you to do some observational art. This is where you use your eyes to draw something in front of you. 

We will be drawing the view from the same window you wrote a poem about! 

So you can draw the picture or paint the picture underneath your poem. It will be a lovely way to illustrate your poem and I would love to see all the amazing views I'm sure you have! 

I will post a photograph of the view from my window later today for you to see!


Make sure you are staying active every day! Who has been doing Joe Wicks recently?

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Updates from Mr. K

admin on: Class 4

Hi Class 4. First of all, can I just say how bowled over I have been with the amount of work you have been sending in! A big thank you to Class 4 pupils and parents, as it really has been lovely to see so many of you engaging in the blog. 

I have got a selection of work to upload below. I decided to leave off any 'about me' paragraphs as they are personal to the child. I have also left off the letters to the Y5 pupil, as I will be delivering these to some Y5 children. If you have emailed me, and I have missed off your work (and it isn't the pieces I said I was leaving off), please let me know. It has been great to have so many of you email, but sometimes that means I might have missed something!

You really are a talented class! I have loved seeing your enthusiasm and I am excited to be your teacher next year!

Here's some of Brooke's work:

Next up is Charlie S and his work:

Here is some of Ella's:

Eva is up next:

Freddie has shared his work:

James has got some to show:

Jessica has been busy with maths:

Joshua and his work:

Lila and some of her work and her cute new puppy:

Here is Lily F sharing her book:

Orla with lots of lovely work:

Here is Poppy S and her art:

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Wednesday 10th June

admin on: Class 4

Hello Class 4, Mr. K here again! I've got some more work for you today. A big thank you to everyone who sent me in their work yesterday. I really enjoyed reading them. If I haven't got back to you yet, I promise I will as soon as possible! 


Remember those Guides to Year 5 that my class wrote for you? I would love it if you could write a letter to a Year 5 pupil with some questions about Year 5.

This is how I would like you to structure the letter:

  • Start it with 'Dear Year 5 Pupil'  (or, if you know someone in my class, you can write to them directly.
  • Tell them who you are, and what you have done in Year 4. Explain what you enjoyed about Year 4.
  • Write what you think Year 5 will be like, and then finish with a couple of questions for them.

It doesn't have to be a long letter at all, just a couple of paragraphs.

I will then send these on to some Year 5 pupils, who will reply to you over the next few days. 


I am super interested to know what books you have been reading this year. Sarah has already told me she has read the Harry Potter series. 

So I would love it if you could send in a picture of the book your reading and tell me a little bit about it.


Usually, when I get a new class, I check how they are with the written methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Today, I would like to see how you find the written column method for addition. Some of you may find this work slightly easy, which is fine. I think it is important to recap the methods involved in maths before we move on to other things.

So, here are 10 addition questions. I would like you to lay them out using the written method you have been taught, and keep the work nice and neat. If you want, you could send in a photo of your work, so I can see how neat it is! Top tip: make sure you line up the columns correctly, using place value to help you. 

1.) 625 + 312

2.) 674 + 219

3.) 884 + 389

4.) 5,983 + 487

5.) 419 + 2761

6.) 5093 + 2967

7.) 7054 + 2093

8.) 456.32 + 492.16        Yes that is a decimal! Just line up the columns correctly as normal, and make sure you put the decimal in your answer.

9.) 56.43 + 21.86

10.) Jeff travels 5493 metres on his bike one day. The next day he rides a further 3921 metres. How many metres has he ridden altogether?  For a bonus point, can you tell me how much that is in kilometres? 


I have heard that this class like art! So I thought I would give you a little art project this afternoon.

On this link, there is a video about Henri Rousseau, a French artist that we are learning about next year. He painted lots of pictures of the jungle, even though he had NEVER been! He had to use his imagination to help him.

Today, I would like you to create a piece of art which involves a place you've never been to. It could be a desert, or the bottom of the ocean, or a jungle like Rousseau did. There are some more videos on there with tips on how to create different pieces of art. I recommend you watch these before you decide.

I'm looking forward to seeing your works of art! I will post them on the blog later this week.


Try to stay active in whatever way you can. How many steps can you get to today?


Mr. K

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What did the Romans ever do for us?

admin on: Class 4

A super start to our Romans topic class 4! Here's some of the work we have received so far: 

  Charlie's super Roman chariot and 'horse'! 


I love the different styles of timeline. 


Lots of facts about Rome. 


Good research.  

Keep up the good work! 

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Tuesday 9th June

admin on: Class 4

Hello, Class 4! Mr. Kershaw here. I will be doing some of your blog posts over the next few weeks. It may not be all the time, but I will definitely be sending some blogs your way.

As transition day might not be the same this year, we thought a good way to learn about our new class is to post some blogs. 

Any work should be sent to my email 

If you want to contact Miss Watkins or Mrs Kendal, then please continue to use the Class 4 email. 

Off we go!


First of all today, I would love to know a little bit more about you. So to do this, I thought we could start with a paragraph about ourselves. Here is mine:

My name is Mr. Kershaw and I am thirty-one years old. I have been a teacher for seven years, teaching at Netherthong for the last four. Although I take learning very seriously, I think part of learning is to have fun. As you may have seen from the 'Guides to Year 5' I posted on Friday, I do have some rules, but they are easy to follow! My hobbies include watching various sports with Mr. C, going travelling (not really possible at the moment!), long walks and reading. I have just recently become interested in jigsaws, which might not sound fun to everyone, but once you get started on one, they can be great at passing the time! My favourite food is cheese - all types of cheese! I have a phobia of mice and rats, which isn't very good when there is a certain mouse that likes to visit my attic in the middle of the night! 

So I am looking for a paragraph a little bit similar to that. You should include your name, your age and how long you have been at Netherthong Primary School. Tell me about your hobbies and something you have been up to during lockdown. Also, tell me some of your likes and dislikes. 

This is your first task, which can be emailed to me. I'm looking forward to finding out more about you!

Game - 2 truths and a lie

Here is a 'getting to know you' game. As well as your paragraph, I would like you to email me with 2 truths and a lie about yourselves. I have to guess which one is the lie.

Here are my two truths and a lie. Can you guess which one is the lie?

I have met Prince Charles when he came to my high school.

Gary Lineker once gave me a 'high five' in an airport when I was a child. 

My car is named Taylor Swift the Second. 

I will let you know which one was a lie if you email me with your guess!


For maths, I would like you to start thinking about some of the work we will be doing next year. So today, you are going to do some research for maths! I know that sounds strange, but all will become clear.

In Year 5, you learn about a type of number called a Prime Number. Have you heard of one?

I am not telling you what it is! I would like you to research what a prime number is. There are some good explanations on BBC Bitesize, Twinkl Teach Wiki and The School Run website. 

Once you have a good idea what prime numbers are, I would like you to create a poster explaining what they are as well as a list of the prime numbers less than 100. 

You could do this by colouring in the prime numbers on a 100 square, or just listing them. 

I would like these posters to be colourful, and informative. I would love to print some of these off and put them on my classroom wall for next year. 

If you find the idea of prime numbers hard, please do not worry. This is simply just meant to be an introduction to them. You will get lots more information on them in Year 5. 


In history, I can see you are learning about the Romans. I thought you could do some research into the Roman gods. There were many Roman gods and each of them had a different purpose. 

I have some links below to some information that might help you.  - This one is a podcast with some information on different gods and a song to sing.

Once you have done some research into the Roman gods and goddesses, choose your favourite one, and make a fact file about them. 

Your fact file should have:

  • A picture (drawn or printed out) of the god or goddess.
  • Their name
  • What they were the 'god of'.
  • Did they have a Greek version of them?
  • Did they carry any important equipment like a trident or a thunder bolt?


What activities have you been doing to stay active over the last 11 weeks? I love to hear about different ways people are keeping active! Some in my class have been:

  • Doing a keepy up competition
  • Trying out yoga
  • Having a competition to see how many steps they can do in a day
  • Joe Wicks

I'm looking forward to hearing from you all! Remember, my email is

If you need to speak to Miss Watkins or Mrs Kendal, don't forget to email them on the class 4 email address. 

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Monday 8th June 2020

admin on: Class 4

Good morning, it’s Mrs Kendal here for just one more day. Mr Kershaw will be taking over our class blog as from tomorrow (he has had internet trouble over the weekend so he was unable to complete our blog today).  Don’t forget, even though Miss Watkins and myself will not be writing the blogs, we are still always here and you can contact us at any time by email.

It has been a bit of a wet and windy few days so we have spent a lot of time doing indoor activities. We had the clay out yesterday (much to the horror of Mr Kendal!) but we have had lots of messy fun.

We have also had a go at ‘Deepak art’ (Miss Littler introduced me to this a few weeks ago). If you have oil pastels at home, look up some examples on the internet and have a go. Will drew a fox under a tree, Sophie drew a dancer and I drew a fairy: 


Onto today’s suggested activities:


We seem to have quite a few Harry Potter fans in our class. It’s great to hear that so many of you are enjoying these books. You have inspired me to dig my old copies out of the attic and read them with Sophie!

The next chapter of our ‘guided reading’ book is on your 2do list on Purple Mash as well as the comprehension questions to answer.


“What did the Romans ever do for us?”

The Romans arrived in AD43 and they brought with them many new ideas and a different way of living.

Follow the link to find out more:



After finding out what the Romans did for us, create your own information page. You can include a bold title, diagrams, fun facts, sub-headings and alliteration. You may find out extra information on different websites.


If the weather is dry, have a go at measuring the height of some local trees - I haven't gone mad, you can do this without climbing up to the top! 

Before you start, have a go at estimating the height and see how close you are. 

You will need a piece of paper and a tape measure (and a willing volunteer!):



Fold a piece of paper in half to form a triangle (the paper must be square to start with, if it is rectangular, measure out a perfect square). The triangle will have one 90 degrees angle and two 45 degrees angles. 



Hold the triangle in front of one eye by holding a corner opposite the 90 degrees angle. One of the short sides should be horizontal and the other should be vertical. Look up the longest side by raising your eyes.



Move back from the tree until you can see the top of the tree at the top tip of the triangle. 



Mark the spot that you are standing on and measure the distance from it to the base of the tree. This distance is almost the full height of the tree. Add the distance from the ground to your eye-line to the distance from your marker to the base of the tree. Now you have the full height of the tree! 

Have a wonderful day. 

Love from Mrs Kendal the year 4 team xx

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Hello from Mr. Kershaw

admin on: Class 4

Hello Class 4! I hope you are all well. This week, my class have been writing 'A Guide to Surviving Year 5' for you guys. They wanted to give you some tips on what Year 5 will be like. I have had so many come through, and I thought I would share them with you. If you have any further questions about Class 5, you can always email me at and I will ask my class to provide you with some answers. I'm looking forward to getting to know you all!

Here is Alfie's:

Next is Darach's:

Here is Ethan's:

Isla has some good tips for you:

Libby F has provided lots of information on Year 5:

Here is Luke's:

Next is Owen's:

Finally, here is Toby's:

There may be more coming your way. I hope you find these useful!

Mr. K

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Friday 5th June 2020

admin on: Class 4

Happy Friday everyone.  I hope you are all keeping well.  We have been busy today with the sewing machine.  I have been making a dress and a top, and Florence has helped to make a few face masks.  It was fun and productive.  I am not sure how well the clothes have come out, but worth a try!  I know a few of you have had a go at sewing things during the lock down, which is great.  

To start with her are the answers to the landmark quiz.

I wonder how many you got?


Keep going with your Story book of Romulus and Remus.  If you have finished have a go at writing a list of comprehension questions.  Think about a range of difficulty with your questions.  Some can be easy and fact retrieving questions, some might be more tricky which would ask you to think about the text in more detail or some might be about the vocabulary in the text.


Today I would like you to keep going with multiplication.  Can you complete your speed tables as fast as you can and let us know the time you got.  I will post the times I am given.  Also go on TTRockstars and let me know whether you are a Rock God or just a Rock Hero!


This half term we should be looking at lots of different investigations so I thought that I would set you one.

Here is a silly joke to end the week on.  If you have any good joke you would like to share please do!

Why do bicycles fall over?

Because they are two tired!

Have a great weekend

Love Miss W and the Year 4 Team

PS.  Check back on the blog after 3pm this afternoon.  I think Mr Kershaw might have a few messages for you.


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