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Class 3

Tuesday 3rd December

admin on: Class 3

Good morning!

As you'll be aware I decided not to send home spellings this last week but have asked the children to keep reviewing the spellings they have already been working on in order to consolidate their learning so far. Any practice with the 'common exception word' lists I gave you at parents evening would also be really beneficial.

We have been working exceptionally hard on reading and recording the time using both analogue and digital clocks so I have reassigned the 'time' activities on 'Mathletics'. Again, this will help consolidate your child's learning. Do keep asking your child to tell the time for you too!! Every bit helps!!

Thank you so much for all your support at home!

Mrs Matthews

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Week ending 22.11.19

admin on: Class 3

Good afternoon Year 3!

Just a quick message to let you know our spellings for this week! We have been working extremely hard on 'telling the time' this week! We are all exhausted!!! Please can you support you child in learning to read the time on an analogue clock to the nearest 5 minutes and then to the nearest minute. We have had our clock moved in the classroom to allow the children a great view of the Year 3 clock and they tell me the time at least 10 times a day!! We'll get there!! This week we will have a look at digital clocks too but they definitely do need to keep practising analogue clocks too (ie 5 to 6, 20 past 4 etc).

Here are our spellings this week;











(Please note, if your child does not have this list in his/her planner it means they will need to learn the other list in their planner instead and will work on these in class).

Once again, I have highlighted a number of 'Mathletics' activities to work on; thank you so much for all the hard work on these tasks. We did so much better this week!! If your child is unable to access 'Mathletics' do let me know as I can send some Maths home (one or two children are given maths tasks to take home as an alternative.

We are working on the 6 times tables this week, but please continue practising the 3, 4 and 8 times tables as we will be focusing on multiplication and division shortly and hence knowledge of these will help a great deal.

Thank you so much for your continued support,

Mrs Matthews

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Homework this week w/c 18.11.19

admin on: Class 3

Hello everyone!

The children are working exceptionally hard on reading the time to the nearest minute at the moment; not the easiest topic to grasp!! We've been consolidating previous learning reading the time to the nearest 5 minutes, but are now moving on to try to the nearest minute too. Any practice telling the time on an analogue clock would be so useful!! I've highlighted 4 activities on Mathletics surrounding telling the time. Please don't try and complete all four by Friday, but as much practice as possible would be great! 

Spellings are as follows;










We are also working on the 6 x tables in maths this week, so any practice would be great!

Thanks so much

Mrs Matthews

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Stone Age Village photos (14.11.19)

admin on: Class 3

Here are a few photos taken during our recent visit to Murton Park!




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10.11.19 Homework

admin on: Class 3

Good evening!

The children had a very busy day on Friday; not only did they have their first netball session and a very exciting science lesson, they had a great time taking part in the 'Sports Hall Athletics' event at Holmfirth High School. They children thoroughly enjoyed taking part in both track and field events, competing against other schools in the area. Well done to all the children!

For spellings this week we have focused on the prefixes 'super', 'sub' and 'anti';










I've also highlighted 2 'Mathletics' activities I'd like the children to try- they're both involving subtraction. The children will need to use a piece of paper to work out some of the answers (using the same method we have practised in class). Please do encourage your child to have a go at any other activities too. Good luck!

Thanks so much once again,

Mrs Matthews

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Our last week of Autumn 1 (27.10.19)

admin on: Class 3

Dear all,

What a fabulous week we have all had this week! We've been learning all about how the Passover is celebrated in Jewish families just recently and thanks to Vigo's Mum deepened our learning further last week. This week the children have made their very own matzah (flat bread) and thoroughly enjoyed tasting it along with grape juice. Thank you Mrs Pearce for your super culinary skills!

Our trip to the Stone Age village at Murton Park was a fabulous end to our week; the children were fabulous all day and didn't complain once about the poor weather in the afternoon. They made clay beaker pots, farmed, hunted, made flour and enjoyed examining so many amazing Stone Age artefacts. What a wonderful day! When we return to school I will add some photos of our visit to the blog.

The latest spellings are in your child's planner (dated 23.10.19)- we will be having our test on the first Friday back. Please encourage your child to have a go at the addition and subtraction activities on 'Mathletics' too. This will help consolidate our recent learning in Maths.

Thanks so much for all your support,

Mrs Matthews

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Spellings w/c 14.10.19

admin on: Class 3

Good evening!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend inspite of the dreadful weather!! 

Many apologies for the slight delay in adding our most recent spellings to the blog- here goes!

This week we are focusing on the prefixes 'un', 'in' and 're';











I've asked the children to try as many Mathletics activities as they can (as we are very competitive and would like to beat the other classes and complete more tasks!!); however, I've firstly asked them to try just 2! These involve both mental subtraction and missing number challenges. Good luck!

Thanks so much for your support,

Mrs Matthews

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World Mental Health Day - Thursday 10th

admin on: Class 3

7th October 2019

It is World Mental Health Day this Thursday and we are going to be raising money for Young Minds, a charity which supports young people with their mental health. It is a key focusing point on the School Governments agenda to promote the health and well-being for children in school. The Minister of Health and Well-being, the Chancellor of the Exchequer and Miss Hemingway will be selling yellow ribbon badges for 20p on Wednesday and Thursday break times. We ask the children to then wear them on Thursday to show their support.All proceeds will be donated to Young Minds. Here is a link to the Young Minds website:

Look out for staff wearing yellow on #HelloYellow Thursday! 

(Written by the Minister of Media, Katie-Belle)


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Here's a few photos 5.10.19

admin on: Class 3


Keeping learning fun and active across the curriculum; in Science, Maths, R.E. and History!

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Week ending 27th Sept

admin on: Class 3

Good evening!

Just a quick note re this last week's homework. I've asked the children to learn the days of the week and then also 'fifty', 'sixty' and 'seventy'. I've also asked the children to focus on learning the 3x and 4x tables and practising using the speed tables grids I've sent home. The numbers 1-8 just need adding to the left hand side (in varying orders). I have not set any 'Mathletics' this week but as we are in competition with the rest of the school, please encourage your child to try any of the Mathletics activities if they would like to; we'd love to win the class award this week!!

Thanks so much once again for your support,

Mrs Matthews

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