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Primary School


Christmas is here!

admin on: Reception

16th December 2020

What a busy week we have had! 

This morning, we had a special delivery from the North Pole! Santa had replied to our postcards we sent him last Wednesday. 

We have had lots of fun creating different Christmas crafts. We have made photo frames which look like Rudolph, different Christmas objects out of 2D shapes and Christmas trees with paint using a fork. 


Also, here is a Merry Christmas from Mr Curly-Wurly

We had a special delivery of Dr Simpo's new comic on Wednesday morning. He has kindly donated one for every child in school. Thank you Dr Simpo!

From myself and the whole Reception team, have a lovely Christmas break and Happy New Year! 

See you all in 2021!

Miss H and the Reception Team xx

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Elf-tastic Day!

admin on: Reception

9th December 2020

We had a visitor ... 


Our Elf wrote a letter to us ...

Our Elf also set out some activities for us! We wrote a postcard to Santa, helped some elves find their way through a maze and made our own elves.


To end the day, we have a virtual assembly with our local vicar, Nick Heaton.

What a busy afternoon elf-ing around we had! 

Have a lovely weekend! 

Miss H xx

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All about recycling and materials

admin on: Reception

2nd December 2020

We have been looking at properties of materials this week and what they can be used for. We had a giggle thinking about what if we made our clothes from metal and tables out of paper!  

With Miss Crowther, we looked at the story of the Three Little Pigs. We then made our own houses out of straw, twigs and bricks to see if the big bad wolf could blow our houses down!  We were very excited when our brick houses were not blown down!

With Mrs Hemingway we sorted materials into groups by what they were made of such as wood, metal or paper.  We used our super magnets to discover which objects were made of metal. 

On the cutting and sticking table, we recycled wrapping paper to make trees with leaves in a pot. 

Also, we sorted various every day items into the correct recycling bins, discussing why we had put them in each bin. 

How busy we have all been! 

Have a lovely weekend! 

The Reception Team xx

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Police and pop art week

admin on: Reception

25th November 2020

Today we have been very busy looking at the topic of the week, police, and looking at pop art.

In PE, we created a circuit of different activities including; hurdles, a ladders to use 'fast feet' through, egg and spoon balancing, hula hooping, quoit balancing on our head, and throwing bean bags at targets. We all had so much fun developing our coordination!

Each class is going to create a collaborative Christmas tree for the display in the hall and today we began to create ours. We have all decorated a star and we are going to create a 'tree of stars'. Keep checking the blog for updates ... 

We dressed up as a police officers and had our pictures taken for identification badges. We then wrote our name and made a signature! 

Children used their cutting and sticking skills to create a police helicopter using different 2D shapes. 

With Miss Crowther, we used the printing technique to create a pop art picture using police car shapes, just like Andy Warhol.

What a busy day we have had!

Have a lovely weekend! 

Miss H and the Reception Team xxx

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Road Safety and Anti-bullying week 2020

admin on: Reception

20th November 2020

This week has been anti-bullying and road safety week. We have looked at both topic and done activities relating to this. 


The theme for this year is United Against Bullying. We talked about what makes a good friend, the importance of being kind to each other and why we need to work as a team to help each other.

Everyone draw a self-portrait on a piece of a jigsaw which we have put together to show that every piece is as important as the other. 

For more information about Anti-bullying Week here is a link to the Anti-Bullying Alliance:

Road Safety

With the help of Super Cat, we learnt a rap that told us that when near roads we need to follow some rules which were: 

  1. Stop
  2. Look both ways
  3. Listen
  4. Think

We developed our cutting and sticking skills by designing our own vehicles adding blue lights, rotors and funnels to the car body. 

With Miss Crowther, we learnt how to programme BeeBots to move around roads, stopping at zebra crossings and arriving at our destination safely. 

We created roads with cars, traffic lights and speed signs to fit with the theme for this year which is No Need To Speed

For more information about Road Safety Week, please visit the Road Safety Week website which has been coordinated by the charity Brake:  

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss H and the Reception Team xx

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