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Primary School

Class 5

Friday 10th July

admin on: Class 5

Morning guys! I hope you enjoyed sports day. I enjoyed seeing some of the children in school do their activities. 


I have put chapter 7 of the Great Marvello, which is the final part of the book. There is a quiz as well. Enjoy!


I have assigned you three activities on PurpleMash. One is on adverbs of possibility, one is on modal verbs and one is on relative clauses. Enjoy!


Speed tables today! Try to get your best ever score today. Even if it takes you a couple of attempts. I have attached the links for the speed tables sheets.

left hand speed tables.PNG

right hand speed tables.PNG

Competition Time - Art

For your chance to win the FINAL blog takeover next week, here is your challenge for today. I need your entries by 2pm today for you to be considered for the blog takeover. 

I would like you to research abstract art, and once you are happy with the meaning of this, I would like you to create a bit of abstract art. I will be asking Miss Watkins to help me judge the final results. Once we have decided, I will email the winner by 3pm with the good news and instructions for how the blog takeover work. 

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Sports Day results sheet

admin on: Class 5

Morning! Here is the results sheet for Sports Day. Please fill it in and send it back to me. Make sure you write the name of your house on it. Also, don't forget to send me a picture of you in your house colours doing one of the activities. It is a bit soggy today, but the afternoon is looking marginally better. Some of them you can do indoors as well.

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Sports Day

admin on: Class 5

Here is a reminder of the sports day activities for today. Have a fabulous day and send me in your results!

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Wednesday Updates

admin on: Class 5

First of all, Edward says he is super sorry to Toby. He left the Y off his name! Luckily, Ethan realised this and did the word search with an add on. I have uploaded Ethan's version of it below to see where Toby was.

Here are some guess who clues for you. I have wrote the name of the person who wrote it, but NOT who it is. Can you guess who they are writing about?

Here is Fred's guess who. Who could it be?

Here is Isla's guess who. I wonder who that is?

James' guess who is a good one. It is very accurate about the person, but it could also be a couple of people. I got it wrong with my guess!

Madison's guess who. I got this one correct!

Here is some pebble art:


Fred.... it's Dave!



Madison also did great in the maths. Also, Isla did some extra art. She made this rabbit out of a pair of old socks.

Some more updates from the last few days. Luke worked off this chocolate bar.

Evie and her family made some lockdown ornaments made out of salt dough. 

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Wednesday 8th July

admin on: Class 5

Morning Class 5. Today's blog is actually a mixture of Libby F's left over work and Edward's ideas. Just a reminder to save your mazes from last week, as you will be writing a short story on this tomorrow. Don't forget (!!!) that my email address is

I will upload some updates from this week on the blog this afternoon. Sorry - it has been so busy at school in the last few days.


I have set chapter 6 of the Great Marvello for you. Enjoy! There is a quiz to do afterwards.


Edward has had the idea of sharing some memories about each other for English today. He wants you to write a short description of someone in the class (kind and positive things only, of course) without saying who it is. Then, when I load them onto the blog, you will have to guess who each piece of writing is about. Edward suggests writing about a memory that has happened that involves that person in the class, or something that is only relevant to them. Send in your short paragraphs to me when you're done, and I will load them onto the blog. I shall enjoy guessing who you have written about!

To carry on the theme of the class, he and his mum have made this word search by hand! He says it should have everyone in the class on it, and he doesn't think he has missed anyone out. 

Edward says he thinks he has remembered everyone. He said he has put in these children in this format:





Everyone else should be in there as their normal name with the normal spelling. If he has missed anyone, he is really sorry, but he is confident that he hasn't! Send me your answers when you have done it! There should be 32 including Mrs Greenwell and Mr Kershaw. I won't put a class list up, because I want to see if you guys can remember the whole list of names, like Edward did!


This is the 3rd worksheet from Libby that she prepared for her blog takeover. It is a good one!


Edward suggested we do some pebble art this afternoon. It is a really cool idea and I've found a website with some instructions on it. It says you need a glue gun, but you can secure the pebbles in a number of different ways. Also, you don't need a frame, you could create your own frame too. 

Here is the link with some ideas.

Alternatively, you could simply create some pebble art which isn't permanent, send in a photo of it and then return the pebbles from where they came. Just to say, you guys are a bit older than some of the children who made the art on the website, so you could make more complex art!

A great idea, Edward!


Why not incorporate your exercise today with the art? Go on a long walk and find the best pebbles!

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