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Primary School

Class 5

Wednesday 15th July

admin on: Class 5

Morning Class 5. I had such a nice time with you all yesterday! It really lifted my spirits! I hope you all enjoyed yourselves. 


First of all, you may still have chapter 1 of The Nightmare Machine on PurpleMash to complete.


Today, I thought we could do the Lockdown Awards! 


Award Category: Best Parent Teacher

Fill this certificate in for the adult you have found to be the best teacher whilst being at home. It can be one of the adults you live with, or perhaps you have someone else in your life that helped you? Maybe via a video call?

With this certificate, it is completely blank. So you will need to put the name of the award, the name of the person who has it and the reason why they deserve it.

Here is a link to the certificate. Use the same link for all 3 certificates.

Blank certificate.jpg


Award Category: Best Remote Friend

Give this award to one of your friends who has helped you through lockdown. Maybe they've stayed in touch with you and kept you feeling positive? 

Again, you have a blank certificate, where you need to fill in the name of the award, the name of the person who has it and why they deserve it.


Award Category: Best Key Worker

Do you know a key worker? Someone who deserves an award for going that extra mile? Same again, fill this certificate in!



Design a trophy for the Lockdown Awards. Research trophies like the Oscars and BAFTAs before you design it. Send your designs in to me!


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Tuesday 14th July - Summer Send Off Day!

admin on: Class 5

Hi guys! As it is the summer send off day today, I won't be putting much work on the blog. However, I have put a few activities for you.


I have set you chapter 1 of The Nightmare Machine and the quiz to do. Enjoy! I have given you Wednesday to do this as well, so you don't have to do it today!


I have a Draw With Rob for you:

It is on sheep! 


Finally, pick a US state and do some research on it. We will be doing more regarding this later this week, so just do a bit of research today, nothing more. 

I am beyond excited to be seeing most of you today! I have a few nice activities planned for you when you are in!

Mr. K

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Monday Updates

admin on: Class 5

Afternoon, Class 5. Thank you to everyone that sent me in some work today. I am sure Bella and Esme will love looking at what was sent in. Here is a selection of work from today and some from Friday too!

Fred made his story box, and used the words to write a story about... you guessed it.... Dave the Sloth!

James made his story box and also sent in his awesome spiral art. It is brilliant!

Libby F promised us she would send in pictures of her in her new glasses... and here they are!

Here is Madison's amazing art from Friday. I really like how she has done this!

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Monday's Blog Takeover with Bella and Esme

admin on: Class 5

Morning, Class 5. We are in the last week of Year 5! Lots to look forward to this week, with the Summer Send Off and a few other things. Did you know that a year ago we had just got back from Cliffe House? How time flies! Today, Bella and Esme are taking over the blog with these activities. Enjoy!


For maths, we will be making a cube using a net. Mr. K has attached it below.

Before you cut it out, decorate it in any way you like, like this. 

Then stick it onto some firm card and cut it out. Don't forget the tabs as you need them to stick it together. Don't glue the lid shut, because this is going to be your story-teller box for English. It should look something like this.


Think of some words and phrases to fill your box with. You will write each word or phrase on small pieces of paper and put them in your box. Mr. K has come up with these suggestions:

Use a thesaurus to help you and use this as your guidance:

1.) Put 5 adjectives into the box.

2.) Put 5 nouns into the box.

3.) Put 5 adverbs into the box.

4.) Put 5 verbs into the box.

5.) Put 5 sentence openers into the box (things like 'all of a sudden'). 

Now close the lid and shake it up. Pull 10 of the words/phrases out of the box. You have to use the 10 words/phrases that you pull out to write a short story. You are going to write this now! It should only be roughly 3 paragraphs long.


We want you to do some spiral art today. Here are some examples:

Mr. K here again. Spiral art can be done in many different ways, including using nature like some of the work above. Spiral art is a form of abstract art, so you are building on what you learnt about on Friday. 


In the key worker bubble at school, we have done some GoNoodle every day. Here are some of our favourites:   Pizza song!  Popping bubbles!   Boom Chicka Boom!

Mr. K again. A big thank you to the girls for coming up with these ideas. My advice would be to embrace the madness of GoNoodle - we have in school! Apologies to parents - these songs will get stuck in your head! I am looking forward to seeing most of you tomorrow for the Summer Send Off! 

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Friday Shout Outs

admin on: Class 5

Hi guys!  A jam packed shout out session today. I have speed tables, sports day pictures, some work from the week and the winner of the blog takeover. 

Blog Takeover

The winner of the blog takeover is...  Bella & Esme!

They worked together in the key worker bubble today to produce these lovely pieces of art. 

A big thank you to everyone else involved. Here are some more pieces of amazing abstract art.

Alex has sent his in. It looks awesome!

Fred has done his. Even when doing abstract art, Dave still makes an appearance!

Isla has sent in a lovely piece of abstract art.

Tom has sent in two very different pieces. I am waiting for him to reply to me email explaining his inspiration behind these pieces.

Luke did his in the key worker bubble as well. Amazing!

Jake in Class 4 also got involved. Well done!

James has also sent his abstract piece of art. Well done!

Speed Tables

James did it in 3 minutes 22 seconds. Amazing!

Max did it in  3 minutes and 52 seconds. Well done!

Esme did it in 3 minutes and 39 seconds. Awesome!

Bella and Mrs Greenwell got a couple of gaps this week, but they are going to work on it for next week!

Sports Day Pictures

Here are some lovely pictures of some of your from sports day. A big well done to everyone who took part!

Some other work

Fred forgot to send me his photos where he spelt out his name. Here they are!

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