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Primary School

Class 5

Mayan Calendars

admin on: Class 5

Hello again!

I've had a couple of Mayan calendars through already, so I thought I'd upload them. I know it is a fairly tough task, so thank you for doing it! If you haven't already, please do drop me an email with a photograph of your calendar.

Here is Nell's:

Here is James':

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Tuesday's 10 questions for maths.

admin on: Class 5


Sorry! I forgot to upload the 10 questions for maths. Here they are:

1.) 7 and 1/4 X 5

2.) 1/3 + 5/6

3.) How many vertices, edges and faces does a triangular prism have?

4.) Write seventy thousand, eight hundred and one in digits.

5.) A number has 4 tens, 5 thousands, 3 hundreds and 3 ten thousands. What is the number? Think about what goes in the column I haven't mentioned.

6.) 7.899 + 4.328

7.) Round 6.89 to one decimal place.

8.) A regular octagon has 10cm sides. What is the perimeter?

9.) 3 cubed + 4 squared. 

10.) Name all the factors of 24 

Mr. K

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Keeping Safe Online - Information for Children

admin on: Class 5

If you have any worries whilst you are at home, you can email your teacher, or you can go to the following websites for help and support.

·        Childline - for support

·        UK Safer Internet Centre - to report anything you see online that makes you uncomfortable.


Remember, your teachers want to continue to help keep you safe online, even when you’re at home.

We hope you are finding doing your schoolwork at home enjoyable. Your teachers are still here for you during this unusual time to help keep you safe.  If you need to contact your teacher, you can comment on the blog or email them directly at the following email addresses:









Please make sure that you seek adult permission to email your teacher directly.

As you are working online a lot more, we would like to remind you of the acceptable use policy that you signed at the beginning of the year. This can be found at the link below:

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Tuesday's Work

admin on: Class 5

Good morning,

Hope we are all doing well. Here is today's work. Remember, you can do it in whatever order you like, but if you prefer to stick to the schedule, you should know the timings by now!

Yesterday's answers:

1.) Where is the FULL noun phrase? My brand new pet dog is called Bobby.

2.) Where is the relative clause? In 1988, when I was born, there was no such thing as smart phones. 

3.) What tense is this sentence in? How do you know?   I will complete my maths soon.   It is in the future tense, I know this because 'will' is the future.

4.) What is wrong with this sentence?   I would like to know you're thoughts on this situation.    You're means 'you are'. It should be 'your'.

5.) Add a comma:  She was completely bored, but she still wouldn't play with her brother!'

6.) Move the adverbial to the front. Make sure you put a comma in the correct place.     We went to Cliffe House in 2019.   In 2019, we went to Cliffe House.

7.) Where is the adjective?  The race was difficult, but he completed it!

8.) Find the two articles.  The trolley contained plums, apples and an orange. 

1.)  4 and 3/4 X 5 =  23 and 3/4

2.) 1/4 + 5/12 =    8/12 or 4/6 or 2/3

3.) Which 3D shape's net has 6 squares?  Cube

4.) Write six hundred and thirty four thousand, two hundred and twenty six in digits.   634,226

5.)  894 X 45   40,230

6.) What are the next two numbers?   5.697, 5.698, 5.699    ?        ?       5.7(00),  5.701

7.) Round 4.567 to one decimal place.     4.6

8.) 5.673 + 3.499 =   9.172

9.)  4 and 3/4 as an improper fraction.     19/4

10.) 0.51 as a percentage.   51%


Today, I'd like you to finish your piece on beating boredom. This will include ensuring you have included all the paragraphs, as well as checking it and self-assessing against the writing targets. Remember, I'd love to see the finished product, so please feel free to email me them! I can then post them on the blog, and hopefully we can beat boredom together! Here are the suggested groupings for your paragraphs:

  • Physical activities
  • Mindfulness
  • Academic 
  • Safe but silly
  • Activities with your family

Here is the Daily 8:

1.) Where is the FULL noun phrase?  Recently, my younger brother got married.

2.) Where is the main clause?  Despite it being rainy, we went for a walk.

3.) What tense is this sentence in? How do you know?  We heard the wind blowing outside.

4.) What is wrong with this sentence?   Their are over 200 pupils at Netherthong Primary School.

5.) Add a comma:   I like oranges but I don't like the smell of orange peel. 

6.) Find the 3 adverbs:    We had nearly finished our jigsaw, but Fiona quietly removed the last piece and was slyly hiding it behind her back. 

7.) Where is the conjunction? The race was difficult, but he completed it!

8.) How many nouns?  The trolley contained plums, apples and an orange. 


Spend some time reading your book today. Again, I would love to know what book you are reading. Perhaps you could do a book review and send it to me in the next few days?


Today's maths is solving problems involving units of capacity.


  • 1000 MILLIlitres = 1 litre.     Milli means 1000.
  • To convert from litres to millilitres, you multiply by 1000.
  • To convert from millilitres to litres, you divide by 1000.


Now that you know about Mayan numbers, you now can begin to understand the Mayan calendar. Again, it is fairly complex, so I thought a nice thing to do would be to make the calendar. You will need a printer, or be able to copy it out on different sheets of paper. You will also ideally need a split pin, but don't worry if not, you can always use something else as a pivot. It just needs to be something that you can turn the wheels around.

The website with the instructions is copied below:

Once you have completed this, there are also questions on the website to go with it, where you will need to use your Mayan calendar to solve it. Please note, this task may be quite difficult to do at home, so if you don't get chance to do it, please don't worry! However, if you do complete it, I would love to see a picture of your finished product.

Also, a big thank you to the children who sent me some Mayan maths questions to complete. Nell's were particularly difficult! Thanks for that, Nell!


Keep up with the Joe Wicks, or a new personal record in a physical activity. Libby F improved her keepy up record from 3 to 38! Excellent work. If anyone designs an obstacle course in their garden, I would love to see a photo!

As always, keep any photographs coming in and I will post them on the blog if your email contains permission. Thank you for keeping up the good work! You are all stars! 

Mr. K

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admin on: Class 5

As well as completing his home school work, Alex has also been making desserts. He made a lemon cheesecake today, and sent me a picture of the end product. I was very jealous, as lemon desserts are my favourite! 

Has anyone else been cooking/baking? Let me know in the comments!

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