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Meet the Mayor

Posted: Mar 30, 2023 by: Liz McLoughlin (LMcLoughlin) on: School Government Blog

On Monday 27th March, the KS2 school government went on a trip to the town hall to see the Mayor. Sadly, due to health circumstances, the mayor sent his apologies for his absence.

At 9:00am Monday morning, the school government, Mrs McLoughlin and Miss Monday set off (on the bus) to the town hall.

During this visit, we got to sit in the Council Chamber (a room where the mayor and his 69 councillors sit and discuss different matters), where we took part in a Q&A, saw the royal mace (which is not lethal), and used the voting system.

The mayor, Cllr Masood Ahmed, was a local councillor 16 years before becoming the mayor of Kirklees.  The law states a person must have been a councillor before being elected as mayor.

The mayor wears a red, fur robe that has many features to keep the mayor warm and comfortable.

For instance, the robe has a jabot (from the French word for the bird’s crop), which is a sort of handkerchief attached to the collar, so the Mayor doesn’t get any food down his robe when eating. The Mayor’s hat works like a gutter, so when rain collects inside the hat, it pours out of the hat far away from the face so the Mayor has no chance of getting wet.

The Mayor’s golden chain is worth over £18,000 and weighs the same as 35 Cadbury’s crème eggs!

Annabel, Y3, was chosen to wear the mayoress’ outfit and even sit in the mayors chair!

Thanks for reading!

Isaac S, Year 6, Minister of Media.



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