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School Government attends a Global School Council Meeting

Posted: Jun 5, 2023 by: admin on: School Government Blog



Yesterday, School Government attended school early to take part in a global school alliance meeting, with school governments from all around the world: one from Romania, one from Northern Island and some from England with places like Folkstone and Torquay.


The topic consisted of things we grow at school, and all the school government representatives shared their own garden, outside spaces and the things they grow at school. We shared our outside garden and our forest school as well as a mind map that the Y5 representatives produced.  We also shared that Netherthong School grew kindness (this was on our mind map), which was very much liked by the other schools.


We arrived at 8:20 am on Thursday, and proceeded into the staff room and set up the zoom call. Apart from a few minor interruptions, it went well! A certain school -Heritage School, Moldova-shared their goals to help the environment, such as Meat Free Mondays, an idea where the school lunches on Mondays are completely meat free.


One school had a polytube -  a plastic tube that is just the right temperature to grow many plants. The school then sold the plants to parents. Another school planted a variety of fruits and plants in their large garden.

The meeting was about an hour long with two representatives from Netherthong speaking  on behalf of the government.

That’s all from me!

Isaac Sykes, Minister Of Media, Y6.



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