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School Government Ministers    
  Prime Minister


  Alfie (Y6)

  Chancellor of the Exchequer   Zachary (Y5)
  Home Office Minister   Isla (Y5)
  Foreign Secretary   Aggy (2)
  Minister for Media   Isaac (Y6)
  Minister for Health and Wellbeing   Alex ( Y5)
  Minister for Sports and Outdoors   Abi (Y4)
  Minister for Environment   Elijah ( Y6)
  Minister for Science and Arts   Annabel (Y3)

  Minister for Sports and Outdoors

  Abi (Y4)
  Minister for the Community   Aila (Y1)
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Our new School Government

Posted: Feb 22, 2023 by: admin on: School Government Blog

Elections have been held for your been School Government this week. The successful candidates were: -

Isaac (y6)

Alfie (Y6)

Elijah (Y6)

Isla (Y5)

Zachary (Y5)

Alex (Y5)

Abigail (Y4)

Annabel (Y3)

Aggy (Y2)

Aila Y1)

Discussions are now being held for the various roles to be filled.


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