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Primary School

Reception blog


Summer week 1

admin on: Reception

What a wonderful friday afternoon we had with Ester coming in and talking to the children about life living in a rural African village. 

Mrs Nuthall make some African bean casserole which had a very welcome response.

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Scales the snake comes for a visit ....

admin on: Reception

22nd May 2019



We were lucky enough to have a visit from Scales the corn snake during Key Stage 1 assembly. Oscar's mum brought the slithery creature in and Oscar told everyone lots of facts about him. Even Miss Hemingway got to hold Scales! How excited she was ....... 

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Summer 1 week 3

admin on: Reception

Keep up with learning the new sounds sent home each week and reading to and with your child it makes such a difference to their ability and  self confidence and vocabulary.

Next week we are looking at time and O'Clocks.

Please continue adding two groups of objects together to get a total and writing the number sentence underneath.

2 +3=5 The find all the different ways you can make 5

e.g 4+4 2+6 6+2 by splitting the objects into two piles.

Try this with other numbers 6,7,8,

Using a set of dominoes is good for tihis by adding the spots up on each side and grouping them into sets.

What a lovely week. We have been weeding ready for the arrival our our lettuce plugs. Also we have made little pots for our beans we are incubating.

Thank-you to the FOH for funding our Tennis skills session. The coach Johnny is from Thongsbrige and is working hard with all the children with their racket skills.

What a sight and treat for the children. This is a massive snake skin brought in by Orla giving great insight to our African topic.

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Summer 1 week 2

admin on: Reception

 We had fun on the Djembe Drum.

Team working buulding a city.

Oliver Vegetables is the book we are reading next week.

Next week we are looking at different fruit and vegetables. Please can you talk to your child about which countries the fruit and vegetables come from.

Which part of the plant do we eat?

For example a  leek is the stem of a plant, brocholi is the flower part  and a carrot is the root and lettuce are leaves.

Do they grow under ground or on top? 

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Summer1 week 2

admin on: Reception

Clay baskets.

We made Handa baskets with the fruit.

We used Acrylic paints to print with Mr Walshaw

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Spring 2 week 7

admin on: Reception

Thank-you for all your help this term with reading, writing and number at home. Keep it up over the Eater holidays as we need to make sure they are ready for year 1.

A really big thank-you too for coming into school and working with your children on the heads character project.

They have ben amazing this year with lots of creative idea!

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Mad Science!

admin on: Reception

8th April 2019



Today, the 'Mad Scientist' came to visit the whole school in assembly. He undertook three experiments with the assistance of children, both he named 'Kevin' and enthused the whole school by making an egg fit into a thin beaker, using cabbage to identify an acid and an alkaline, ending with lighting his hand on fire using gas and fairy liquid! He is running a club for the children but places are limited. Here is an image of the leaflet children took home with them today.

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Spring 2 week 6

admin on: Reception

Eating cress sandwiches.

Pattern work in the forest.

Enjoying mark-making in construction area.

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NSPCC assembly

admin on: Reception

3rd April 2019


This morning, the key stage 1 children were visited by the NSPCC who introduced them to 'Buddy'. He reminds children they have the right to speak out and talk about anything that is going on in both their home and school lives to a trusted adult. Here is their website for more information: 

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2D Shapes

admin on: Reception

Can you tell how we have sorted the 2D shapes?

Miss Watkins and Mrs Hemingway

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