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Primary School


Last Friday Gallery!

admin on: Reception

I can't believe that we have made it! What a year it has been full of surprises! We have had a dino-tastic week in school learning about different dinosaurs, den building and even having socially distanced visits from Matilda and Xander! On behalf of the whole Reception Team, we would like to thank every single parent, carer and of course the children for their hard work, determination and dedication throughout the whole year! You have made us all very proud to say we have been your teachers! 

We managed to get a socially distanced class photo when Xander and Matilda came to visit ... 

Here are just a few photos to show you what we have been up to during the week ... 

We have been doing lots of art with Rob Biddulph so if you would like to have a go, here is the link ...

Again, thank you for everything! Have a marvelous summer, stay safe but most importantly, have fun! 


Miss H and The Reception Team xxx

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Home Learning Thursday 16th July

admin on: Reception


Well it's the penultimate day for us all today.

We would just like to say a massive:


What a fantastic set of parents and children we have had this year.

Well done to all of you in supporting your child at home, working your day job and just surviving the day to day uncertainty in these unprecedented times.

We will never forget the class of 2020!

We wish you all the best for the future and have a wonderful summer break.

Enjoy your summer holidays you all thoroughly deserve it.

Mrs Oddy, Mrs Hemingway, Miss Hemingway and Mrs Cooper.

Thursday 16th July


 Go noodle/Yoga (cosmic Yoga) or just walk round the garden.

PHONICS  and Reading

Handwriting: gGqQ

 I, the, to, love no, go, my, by, he, me, be, we, she, of, said, you  saw  how   was  they some come  are water who want  was your saw they walk talk

 all, small, tall, call What Why : New There where

9.30  am    set 1 sounds for recap   ir 







 Writing – A set of instructions.What we need to build a den?


Play the double dice game with one dice. E.g Roll 5 double is 10.

The children need to say what is double that number.

 They then draw the corresponding part of the rocket. It’s a bit like beetle drive.

Problem solving.

Children then can explore Half of a number.

There are two rockets’ 10/20 children.

 The number of children can change depends on the child’s ability.

Try an odd number does it work? Do the rockets have the same number?


Den building and Scavenger Hunt

Go on a dinosaur hunt / scavenger hunt finding objects and clues.


Mrs Oddy, Mrs Cooper, Mrs Hemingway and Miss Hemingway 

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Home Learning 15th Wednesday July

admin on: Reception

Wednesday 15th July


Go noodle/ Yoga (cosmic Yoga) or just walk round the garden.

PHONICS  and Reading

 Handwriting: aAbB

 I, the, to, love no, go, my, by, he, me, be, we, she, of, said, you  saw  how   was  they some come  are water who want  was your saw they walk talk

 all, small, tall, call what why: where there

9.30  am    set 1 sounds for recap air  

I can sit on a chair. I have fun at the fair.

Writing about make a packed lunch for the dinosaur’s picnic.

Write a list of food. And design the sandwiches.



White Rose. Week 6th July


Adding one more to a group of objects up to 16.

Children represent the group of objects as on the IWB.

They then get one more and write down this number.

Continue with the IWB and then complete one more one less problems.

Sarah has 5 sweets and ate one how many left?

Farm browns animals

 2 dogs on the farm

There are twice as many pigs as dogs.

There are twice as many horses than dogs

There are 6 more sheep than horses.

How many altogether?

How pop them into 4 fields.

How many of each animal in each field?


Dinosaur activties.

We are drawing dinosaurs and painting them; reasearching and making modles of dinosaurs with natural material or clay. 


Mrs Oddy

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Home School Learning Tuesday 14th July

admin on: Reception

Tuesday 14th July

Good morning everyone! It's Mr. Hobson again! It is the last transition Tuesday before the summer break and I would like to take a moment to wish you all a lovely summer! 

I'm very excited to see you all in class one in September and I can't wait to get to know each and every one of you!

Today, I would like you to write a sentence telling me something about you and then send it in to me at ! Don't forget to use your best handwriting! 



Go noodle/Yoga (cosmic Yoga) or just walk round the garden

PHONICS  and Reading

 Handwriting: BbKk

 I, the, to, love no, go, my, by, he, me, be, we, she, of, said, you  saw  how   was  they some come  are water who want  was your saw they walk talk all, small, tall, call what why : where there

9.30  am    set 1 sounds for recap or this could be useful





The thorn. The sheep has a horn. I can do sport.



 Print using your hand and let it dry ready for decorating it later.

 White Rose. Week 6th July

Problem solving with 3 colours.

Find 3 ways to stack 3 colours differently

Another 4

Another 2

 and finally the last one.

TOPIC – Dinosaurs homes

Link to Dinosaurs the Pooped the Planet.


Build a little next for your dinosaur or a little cave outside in the woods.

Art work complete hand dinosaur from this morning printed hand.

Continue to research dinosaurs.

Only 3 sleeps to go before summer.

Thank-you so much for all your dedication and homeschooling though this time we couldn't have done it without your support.

Mrs Oddy

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Friday Gallery

admin on: Reception

We can't believe that our second to last week has crept up on us so fast! We have had another jam packed week where each bubble has learnt about a different country. The Red Dragons have learnt about Spain, the Blue Whales have learnt about France and the Yellow Superstars have learnt about Italy. Today, each bubble shared what they have learnt by giving the other bubbles a presentation!

We also managed to squeeze in sports day! 

Here are a few pictures to show you what the bubbles have been doing ... 

We all hope you have a restful weekend, ready for the last week! 

Miss H and the Reception Team xx

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