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Primary School

Class 6

Thursday 4th June

admin on: Class 6

And the rains did come... and so did the Reception children, with a parent and a smile. Everything went so well! I can't wait until next Wednesday when we get to see some of you guys.

Morning all!

Did I tell you how good I am at sleeping? I can do it with my eyes closed now!

Here we go...

Reading: 30 minutes plus please - keep the photos coming in.

Exercise: I've been walking into school every day - even in the rain yesterday - and did the Holme Valley Circular with Mr Crouch (remember him?) last week. It's so important to keep being active. Rio has been out riding his bicycle with HarryL - well done lads! Don't let a little rain scare you away.

Topic: Thanks to those of you who sent me their thoughts and remembrances of KS1 - even those of you who were at different schools (I got Lyela's about a school in Australia) - today we are moving onto KS2. 
Same thing - who were your teachers? Trips? TAs? Any happy/funny/sad moments? LEAVE year 6 for now... we will be returning to that next week. 

In the meantime, here's Oli about to start in Reception - ADORABLE!

And... here are a couple of lovely reports - REALLY worth opening and reading - for the photos alone: 
My friends from AustraliaLyela.docx

Maths:  Comparing fractions/decimals and percentages - this is good, IMPORTANT revision for all of you!

Chess: Anyone still playing? The website, Chesskid, want to talk to me about a free trial for membership. What are your thoughts? 

Science: I know, I know, Miss H teaches science... but I saw this on the BBC's website and thought it would also be good revision of the topics you have been doing: life cycles in humans and animals -

What do you call an elephant that doesn't matter?
An irrelephant.

Here are some books that Georgie is working through, alongside the blog - 

This time next week will be Speed Tables for some of you... time to get into practice methinks...

Have a good one, y'all.

Mr C

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Wednesday 3rd June

admin on: Class 6

Morning y'all! 

I hope all is good for you. Apparently there is rain on the way... 

I know a great joke about construction, but I'm still working on it at the moment.

Thanks for your photos - I'm missing you all so much, so it's great to see you smiling and having fun. Keep them coming.

Reading: 30 minutes as usual please. Thanks to those of you who send some recommendations - here they are: 

"Here I am reading in the garden, the book is the 104 - Storey Treehouse by Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton.
I am thoroughly enjoying it, it is packed full of laughs, I would highly recommend it. So far in the story Terry and Andy have to buy the joke writer 2000 for 2 million pounds, Andy has a sore tooth which effects the story a bit later on.
Hope you are ok. Take care."

"Dune (by Frank Herbert) is a book that follows Paul Atreides and his life on Arrakis, a desert planet. it is considered to be the greatest science fiction book of all time which is why I would recommend it to anyone. I am only a quarter of the way through the book and, other than Magician (by Raymond E Fiest) it is the best book I’ve ever read."

Guy is reading, "the 11th Cherub book which is about a boy called Dante. His family is killed by a biker gang and he joins Cherub and then goes on a mission to infiltrate the same gang that killed his family. "

Here are some more readers, in interesting places: 

 Eva, camping indoors!

 Rio, in the wild with Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

 Rogan, outdoors.

 Alex, outdoors.

Exercise: Get your raincoat on and head outdoors to celebrate the changing of the weather. Do a Peppa Pig and splash in some muddy puddles! Or stay indoors with Joe Wick.

Topic: Fossil fuels and renewable energy! This is an interesting one -

Maths: Today, I'd like you to look at Oak Academy's work on multiplication with fractions -

I don't trust stairs... they are always up to something!

Anyway, more importantly... here is Eva's cat: 

I'd like to see more photos with pets please. Make sure you give me the name.

Guy cooked a pie for dinner: 

Music: Have a go at composing music. I'll be interested to hear how this goes...

Here are a couple of reviews of KS1 from Reuben and Alex.
Key stage one report - Reuben.docx
KS1 memory Alex.docx

Have a lovely day!

Mr C

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Tuesday 2nd June

admin on: Class 6

Buongiorno tutti,

Why don't crabs give money to charity?
Because they are shellfish.

So, back to it today...

Exercise:  remember Joe Wicks? Who is still do doing it? If not, what are you doing instead?

 Amy and her dog are planking!

Reading:  30 minutes at least please.

This is Harry, with Olivia at Easter Gate Bridge, in Marsden. He is reading, 'Slime' by David Walliams!

"At the start of the story it  introduces the characters in the story the moves on to the prologue and then chapter 1. Ned, an 11 year old boy with an annoying sister who loves to play tricks on her brother. They both live on the Island of Mulch and like going fishing to try and find shoe-fish! That’s really all I’ve got up to but so far I would recommend it!"

 Amy at home.

English:  Synonyms and antonyms -

Maths:  Here are some really interesting challenges -

Topic:  Now we are in the final seven weeks of your primary school experience, I would like you to begin thinking back about the whole adventure. Today, I want you to concentrate on Key Stage 1. Start at the beginning with Reception. Can you remember the first day? Who was your first friend? What was day one like? Were you scared? Excited? Can you remember the first whole school assembly? Write a short report - this can be in bullet-points, if you want. List the teachers in KS1, the trips you went on, the memories that stand out. Speak to your parents - what do they remember? Are there any particularly funny moments that you would like to share with everyone else? You can email me these in writing, or as photos. If you want them kept anonymous, tell me.

I got hit in the head with a can of Diet Coke yesterday. Don't worry, I wasn't hurt - it was a soft drink.

Have a lovely day. Keep smiling.

Mr C

 Eva's pom pom hairband.

 Eva's fort!

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Monday 1st June

admin on: Class 6

Good Morning all!

It's June! Already...

I've started fishing - on an app (this isn't a joke) - and I'm really enjoying it. It's called Fishing Clash 2020 and it's free (as long as you aren't tempted by their 'offers'). Along with Duolingo - I'm on day 272 now - and my geography quiz apps, it's part of my daily routine. 

Last week was Mrs C's big birthday - so we had a little party here, with lots of videos from friends and family. We had food delivered and flowers and a cake and had a fantastic day in the sun. I hope you all got some time to have fun.

Anyway, today is an inset day, so it seems a little unfair to give you a day of work, when you would have been at home anyway, enjoying the sunshine.

I'd like you to make sure you do some reading today - ideally outdoors (with sunscreen) and I'd like you to send me a photo as evidence. Tomorrow I will post all the photos. Please can you let me know the title of your book, the author, a short summary of the story so far - no spoilers and whether you recommend it or not.

Make sure you get exercise of some form or another - I'm just about to walk on to school.

Have a lovely day - back to daily tasks tomorrow!

I could tell you about a girl I know, who only eats plants... but you've probably never heard of herbivore.

Sorry... I'll brush up on my humour.

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Fun on Friday!

admin on: Class 6

What a brilliant day we have had if not a bit blustery! Alex has deserved a gold medal for his efforts today and has earned himself his own collage so here are the many faces of Alex on a Friday ... 

Thank you to everyone else who has sent in what they have been up to! Here are the other pictures that have been sent in. Have a wonderful half term, stay safe and we might be seeing some of you soon! 

Miss H x

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