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Primary School

Class 3

Home learning Thursday 4th June

admin on: Class 3

Hello again Class 3!

Where has that lovely sunshine gone? Oh well, I suppose the plants need watering!! Fingers crossed for more sunshine very soon!

Once again, here are a few lovely photos you have sent me....


Here are Mia's fabulous 3D shapes! She has decided to use her square based pyramid as a super tent for a campsite she's made! Great idea!


Alfie and Gracie camping out in the dining room; note the triangular prism tents!!! Here Alfie is cooling off with Gracie in the paddling pool. Wish it was that warm today!!

Chloe's lovely picture of her special imaginary place away from Covid-19!!

Here is Josie's fabulous 'Lockdown Poem' and also her collection of lovely 3D shapes! Great work Josie!

Now, let's look at today's jobs.........


Let's begin with spelling;

I've set a 2Do on Purple Mash for you. Today I'd like you to focus on the 'aw' and 'ew' sounds. Here's a link to the activity, but you will find it listed in your 2Do file.

Main activity;

L.O. To describe your imaginary special, happy and safe place.

Yesterday I suggested you have a look at the online text 'My Hero is You' (a fictional text surrounding the coronavirus). I asked you to imagine your very own special, happy and safe place that you would visit if you could and take special family or friends with you. Today I'd like you to really think about this imaginary place and describe it using lots of exciting adjectives. Think about what you would see, hear, smell and how it would feel there. Who would you invite? What would you do and what would you talk about? Plan your writing carefully and see if you can use paragraphs. Don't forget your beautiful joined up writing, careful spelling and punctuation too.

Here's what mine might look like.....


8 questions;

  1. 456 + 236
  2. 60 more than 227
  3. 30 less than 567
  4. 762 - 227
  5. Subtract 50 from 888
  6. 33 x 4
  7. 968 divided by 8
  8. £2.34 + £5.27

Problem; If Laurie set off on a bike ride at 09.15 and got back home at 10.05, how long was he on his ride? Again, use your clock to help you if you need it (remember to count in 5's as you work out the difference).


Today I'd like you to focus on 'lines'! We will be looking at vertical and horizontal lines, as well as pairs of parallel lines and also perpendicular lines. Ask an adult to help you locate examples of these around the home. Can you draw some of the objects you find and label the type of line or pairs of lines?


If you prefer, you can try either A or B on this activity;


This half term we will be focusing on our local area. I had hoped the weather would be glorious and you could sit in a local field or on a wall and carefully sketch one of our beautiful local landscapes, before then using pastels or crayons to add colour (remembering to colour the whole of the paper).

However, if the weather isn't too good, you could take a photo of one of the landscapes whilst you are on a walk and try and copy the photo. 

(If the weather is too miserable you could even focus on the scene through one of your windows at home).

Have fun and enjoy a relaxing pastime!


(NB Reading aloud to an adult and answering lots of questions would be great instead of the activity below if you are short of time) 

Please could you read chapter 2 of 'Sleeping Volcano' (in 'Purple Mash', 'Serial Mash', 'Emeralds') and try the multiple choice questions too. I have set a 2Do for you.


If 'Emeralds' proves too tricky, please do select 'Diamonds' and choose a text; the texts will be less lengthy and the text easier too.

I hope you all have a wonderful day. Please do email me today if you haven't yet this week as I'd really love to hear how you all are. Don't forget to let me know if you have any worries at all as I'm very keen to help as much as I possibly can.

Take care everyone!

See you soon,

Mrs Matthews

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Home learning Wednesday 3.6.20

admin on: Class 3

Good morning fabulous year 3!

How are you all? I'm missing you lots and lots! I've been in school for the last 2 days getting all ready for the children coming into school later this week; I really wish class 3 were coming in too. Keep crossing your fingers that one day before the Summer holidays Boris tells us that you can all come in too.

Here's a few fabulous photos sent to me today!


Here are Oscar's ingenious outdoor 2D shapes; he's even used snails!! Eeeek!!


Here are Mia's very tasty 2D shapes and her table of characteristics; did you eat the marshmallows afterwards? They are so gorgeous!!

Here's just some of Max C's busy work yesterday; well done Max (super editing, maths and spelling)!

Let's look at Wednesday.....


1. First, please could you complete the phonics task? I've created a 2Do on Purple Mash; it's the spelling activity in 'Phonics', 'Phase 5', 'Phase 5 Cloze'; select the sounds ie, ea, oy. This will be a great spelling recap activity.

2. For your main activity please could you have a look at the lovely fictional text below; 'My Hero is You'. Please ask an adult to read it to you and enjoy a lovely story together. I think it's such a lovely recently published online story and a great way of addressing some of the anxieties children may have about the coronavirus. Have a look and see what you think.

After sharing the book, please can you think of a special imaginary safe place you'd like to take yourself and your family or friends. Can you create a colourful and detailed drawing of this special place?


  1. 34 x 4
  2. 57 x 3
  3. 35 x 100
  4. 420 divided by 10
  5. 1/2 of 88
  6. 1/3 of 21 (divide by 3)
  7. 1/4 of 36 (divide by 4)
  8. 1/5 of 75 (divide by.....)

Problem; I have 6 faces, 8 vertices, 12 edges and only 2 of my faces are squares. What shape am I?


Now you've made lots of 3D shapes you may find this activity a little easier! Some of the shapes are a little tricky so do work with an adult's help if you need it. Remember, there are many different prisms; the most familiar to you is the triangular prism, but there are hexagonal and octagonal etc too. A triangular based pyramid is also called a tetrahedron!

Have a go! Try section A OR B (only select C if A or B are too easy).


L.O. To locate the capital cities of the UK and some of the counties.

If you have an atlas can you carefully trace around the outline of the UK? Alternatively, print out an outline from the internet. Using a map of the UK please can you accurately plot the 4 capital cities on your map. Can you then look at the counties (eg Berkshire, Yorkshire) within the UK; now can you use coloured crayons to highlight the largest of the counties; you might select 6 or more, it is up to you. Do label them clearly and try and become familiar with where they are. I might ask you later!!


Today, have a look at 'Duolingo' again and try one of the activities; they are great fun and do improve your French. Choose the beginners version and enjoy!!

Have a great day and do remember that if there is too much work for you please just select what you feel you can achieve, Please contact me if you're struggling with any of the work as I would be more than happy to help.

Please keep your lovely emails coming, even if it is just to let me know how you are!

See you soon,

Mrs Matthews

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Home learning Tuesday 2.6.20

admin on: Class 3

Hello again Year 3!

Hope you all had a great day yesterday and enjoyed lots of lovely sunshine!

Before I show you today's activities, here are a few of your lovely photos I received yesterday....


Here is a lovely photo of Laurie and Darcey's salt dough handprints, another of them enjoying one of many bike rides with Dad and also Mr Potato Head!! (What a lovely idea Laurie!)


Here are Arianna's lovely 2D shapes and the wonderful table she created!

If you missed yesterday's activities, do have a look. I was cheeky enough to post some on our inset day!!

Now for today's activities.....


8 questions;

  1. 527 + 324
  2. 50 more than 236
  3. Add 300 to 267
  4. 552 - 237
  5. Subtract 60 from 283
  6. Find the difference between 326 and 211
  7. 54 x 4     (remember you may need to use columns)
  8. 568 divided by 4    (remember bus stop division)

Problem; I have 6 angles and 6 corners, what shape am I?


Let's have fun with practical maths again!! Do you remember these 3D shapes?

Cube, cuboid, (triangular) prism, square based pyramid, triangular based pyramid, cone, cylinder.....

Use construction kits, pasta and blue tac (or marshmallows), pipe cleaners, green bin recycling 'waste', card or whatever you like to make as many of these as you can.

Can you then create a table (like Arianna's 2D one above) to highlight the number of faces, edges and vertices (corners) each has?

Reading and spelling

Please enjoy reading 1 to 1 with an adult (any book of your choice), but remember to ask Mum or Dad to ask you lots of questions about the book after you've read!


These are words that sound the same, but have a different meaning and spelling. Here are just 6 pairs. Please can you try and learn them. Copy the list and practise spelling them 4 times. See if you can remember them if an adult tests you!!








Grammar recap;

Can you edit my sentences? There may be spelling mistakes and punctuation mistakes too!!

  1. What is the weather like asked Mum.
  2. Why has the dog jumpt in the bath again asked Tom.
  3. Oh no, I have mist the train again shouted the man.
  4. The old lady slipt on the wet path.
  5. Mum askt have you put on your sun cream

Grammar activity; 'Subordinate Clauses'.

Do you remember we looked at clauses and phrases before the holiday? A clause makes sense on its own, but a phrase doesn't. A subordinate clause is a clause added to the main clause in a sentence and is joined to it by a conjunction, eg 'but', 'because', 'while' etc

Please can you try the following activity; page 33 in your Grammar text book (here's the sheet if you don't have one);

Remember, the subordinate clause does include the conjunction- the first answer is.... 'when the family moved in'

If you have any difficulty with any of the activities please do just let me know via email as I'll happily help.

Have fun and enjoy all the activities. If you have made a salt dough hand print do have a go at painting it too; the fancier the better!!

Have a great day!

See you soon,

Mrs Matthews

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Home learning Monday 1st June 2020

admin on: Class 3

Good morning all!

I hope you all had a wonderful and very well earned rest over the half term holiday! I booked the sunshine for you so you could all enjoy the outdoors!!

Here are a couple of photos I didn't get chance to post just before the holidays; Mia's fabulous diary entry and a lovely salt dough hand print that Charlie kindly helped his little sister Luna make. Charlie is also showing you one of the stick insects he has been looking after; very brave indeed!


Here are today's activities......


09.00 Why not begin the day the energetic way with Joe Wick's Workout on YouTube?


..just go on a lovely long walk around the stunning countryside we have surrounding us! Enjoy the sunshine!

Reading comprehension;

Would you like to try an exciting comprehension on Purplemash? I have created a 2Do for the first chapter of 'Sleeping Volcano' and then the multiple choice questions that follow.

If you login to the 'home page' and select 'Serial Mash', then select 'Emeralds' and then choose 'Sleeping Volcano', 'Chapter 1', you will be able to read the very first chapter of an exciting fictional story about a dormant volcano. If the story is too hard either share the reading with an adult or perhaps select a different story in the 'Diamonds' section rather than 'Emeralds'.

After reading the chapter, you'll find I have set you a 2Do for the questions on this chapter- they are multiple choice so not too tricky. Have a go, but do read with an adult's help if it's difficult. Avoid reading chapter 2 just yet as we will look at that later in the week!


Boris Johnson has said that from today we can meet in socially distanced groups of 6 people. This means you could meet one or 2 other members of your family or perhaps a friend. Have a big think about who you have really missed and would very much like to invite. Once you have decided, have a word with Mum or Dad and see if they will let you write a letter to post to them either telling them how much you have been missing them and what you have been doing during 'Lockdown' or if they agree, invite them to your garden for a drink or just for a chat or a socially distanced picnic, for example.

So, if you can, plan and then write a lovely letter to this special person inviting them, telling them when and where. Tell them how much you have missed them and all about the things you have been doing and perhaps the games you might play with them once they arrive. Try and write in paragraphs if you can. Make sure you write it correctly; ie with your address on the top right hand side of your paper etc. Do post it and CAN YOU PLEASE SEND ME A PHOTO of you posting it!! Please remember to join your writing and show me how much you remember about accurate punctuation!!


Let's have fun with maths this week; some construction activities!!


8 questions;

1. 1L = ……,

2.  4L = …

3. 2kg + 200g =

4. 864 + 46 =

5. 925 - 363 =

6. 80 X 6

7. 4500 divided by 10

8. 62 x 100 =


If we started our BBQ at 6:30pm and finished one and a half hours later, what time did we finish? Use the clock you made to work it out if you need to!


Let's recap 2D shapes today. Here is a list of shapes; square, rectangle, triangle, pentagon, hexagon, octagon, semi-circle

Can you have a go at making these? You can use pasta and tasty marshmallows or blue tack or construction sets. You will need something bendy for the semi-circle though!

Can you then count the number of sides, corners and angles in each shape? You could create a table naming the shapes and showing how many of these features they each have. Draw your table in your book if you have time.

Well, that's all folks!!

Have a lovely day and I'll be back in the morning!!

Please email me at some point early in the week to let me know how you are doing and don't forget those photos!!

See you soon,

Mrs Matthews

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More year 3 photos 22.5.20

admin on: Class 3

Here are more of this week's photos! Do keep them coming, they're all fantastic!


Chloe enjoying exercising her gorgeous horse! 

Here's Mia's wonderful poem, together with some lovely family photos!


Archie and Emma's fabulous French! They have been working really hard on times tables too!


Here's Laurie's super French too! What a lovely character!

Sophie reading to her little brother! What a very kind big sister you are!

Max's super rhyming 'Lockdown Poem'!

Here's a lovely photo of Max reading Harry Potter to his gorgeous dog!

Austin's fabulous salt dough hand print; well done Austin!


Here's Oscar's great 'Lockdown Rap'!

Finally here are Max and his big brother Reuben, relaxing after a busy day doing lots of school work!! A very well deserved chill out boys!!

Keep your fantastic photos coming everyone! I've tried to include one from everyone who has sent one but please do let me know if I've accidently left you out and you'd like me to post it. You are all working so incredibly hard and it's great to celebrate your work and the fun things you're doing.

Have a great holiday next week and a very well deserved rest!

See you all very soon!

Mrs Matthews

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