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Primary School

Class 2

Remote Learning Thursday 4th June 2020

admin on: Class 2

Good morning my little cherubs!

I hope you are all okay and had a lovely half term break! I have been back to school this week, working with Reception in my own bubble! The children in my bubble came up with a name for our bubble, it is …  Yellow Superstars (which I was glad about because yellow is my favourite colour!). Also, on Sunday instead of the usual quiz, we did a Whodunnit! Macmillan Cancer Support have thought of different ways to fundraise virtually so have created different packs like The Games Night In, The Fine Dine Night In and the Whodunnit which I organised. We were each given a character and script for a murder mystery which was set on a cruise ship. We all dressed up as our characters and acted out our parts not knowing if we were the murderer or not! Right at the end, after we had all guessed who the culprit was, it turned out that my character had done it! I was in shock but we raised an amazing amount of money for a brilliant cause! Here is a picture from the night …


Anyway, enough of me and onto today!

Here's the suggested timetable:

E.R.I.C. - Everybody Reading in Class for 20mins (remember to record your reading in your reading record)

Active time - Joe Wicks is showing guiding a PE lesson at 9am (

Don’t forget GoNoodle:



Break – Can you make your own song up about your experience in lockdown? 




This half term, we are going to be looking at living things and their habitats. We are going to focus on things that are living, dead or never been alive. We are all alive! What do we do that lets us know we are alive?

All living things do certain things to stay alive. These are called life processes. Animals, including humans, do these things. Plants do too, although they do them in different ways. We can remember these things by thinking about Mrs Gren.

Read through this PowerPoint for more information about Mrs Gren.

Here are a set of cards. Sort through them and decide if they are living or non-living.

Living things have life processes and they need food, water and air to stay alive. They can sense changes in the environment and can move, grow and reproduce.

Non-living things can be things that were once living or part of a living thing, or they can be things that have never been alive. They do not need food, water or air and they cannot reproduce.

Many non-living things have never been alive but some of them were once part of a living plant or an animal.

Your main activity for today is find three objects from home and decide if they are living, dead or have never been alive. You will have to give three reasons why you labelled your object.


Have a read through this story called Odd Socks.

Everyone has differences that we can and cannot see but does that mean we should treat them differently? Discuss this with people at home.

I would like you to create a mind map of qualities that make you different from other people. Here is what makes me different from other people …


You should be proud of your differences and make sure that we respect everyone’s differences and treat everyone equally. Our differences are what make us unique and special and should treasure these!


On Tuesday, we begun our Olympic adventure! Today, I would like you to complete the hurdles.

Find some objects at home which you could use as hurdles. Set them out with a good distance between each object so you are not just skipping along! Time yourself and let us now how you get on! Can anyone in your house beat your time? Good luck and here is a YouTube clip from the Olympics in 2016 …


We were meant to be starting our new computing topic but when I logged onto PurpleMash, I saw they had creating something quite incredible! They have created a music programme where you can make your own piece of electronic music. I would like you to have a go at composing your own piece of electronic music! I can’t wait to boogie on down to them …

I hope you all have a lovely day and the weather improves!

Miss H x

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Remote Learning Wednesday 3rd June 2020

admin on: Class 2

Good morning Class 2! It’s Wednesday already and today we will be warmly welcoming back some of our Reception children into school. It feels like a new beginning and all staff are excited to have pupils back in the classrooms. We hope we can have everyone back real soon, but for now, keep up your fantastic work with the school blog.  

So the suggested schedule for today is as follows...

E.R.I.C. - Everybody Reading in Class for 20 mins

Active time - Joe Wicks is showing a PE lesson at 9am or Go Noodle 

Maths/Literacy - do this in batches of 20 mins each, build in breaks.



LO: Visualise 2D shapes in a range of positions and orientations.

  • 26 + ? = 40
  • 27 – 7 = 23 - ?
  • 8 x 10 =
  • Double 12
  • Write 21 in words.
  • Name the 3D shape:

Have you heard of a tangram? Tangrams are an ancient Chinese puzzle made from 7 pieces.

Here is a copy of them:

You can print these out and cut them out carefully. Do you know the name of each shape? These pieces are arranged to make pictures and your challenge is to work out how it was done! If you go to this website you can find an online Tangram  - be warned it’s not too easy! Can you use your own Tangram pieces to make the following pictures? What else can you make?


How did you get on with the Rainbow Serpent story yesterday? Can you remember all the different animals that were mentioned? If not have a look back at yesterday’s story here:


I can see that it mentions:

  • Dingoes
  • Kangaroos
  • Tree-frog
  • Eagles
  • Galah
  • Emu
  • Barramundi
  • Ants
  • Beetles
  • Spiders
  • Scorpions

Which ones do you recognise? Which are more unusual? Today I’d like you to choose one creature to research. You will start to create a research map on this animal. Think about how you can arrange your mindmap – will you having headings? Some suggestions might be ‘food’, ‘appearance’, ‘habitat. Find out as much as you can about your animal – I want you to be an emu expert or a scorpion specialist by the time you’ve written all your notes!


LO: Explore how people might feel called to do something.

Our theme for this half term is: What did Jesus teach and how did he live? Discuss with your adult the question, ‘what is a calling?’. What types of things might people feel called to do? Some people believe that Jesus had a calling to serve God. Watch this little video about Jesus’ baptism and then discuss the questions underneath.

Have you ever seen anyone baptised? Was the person a baby or an older person?

Were they baptised like Jesus - by being dunked under the water?

How do you think Jesus felt when he heard God speaking to him?

How do you think John felt when he was asked to baptise Jesus?

I hope you have a wonderful day! Keep sending me your photos.

Mrs B x

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Remote Learning Tuesday 2nd June 2020

admin on: Class 2

Good morning Class 2! So I’ve been in school getting the classroom ready for our first pupils to be back. I’m pleased to say that we now have a brand new ceiling and lights, which are so much nicer and will be kinder for our eyes. The classroom looks a little bit different, but still a lovely learning space and I look forward to having children back in there! I hope you found yesterday OK and enjoyed the work on Australia!

So the suggested schedule for today is as follows...

E.R.I.C. - Everybody Reading in Class for 20 mins

Active time - Joe Wicks is showing a PE lesson at 9am or Go Noodle 

Maths/Literacy - do this in batches of 20 mins each, build in breaks.




LO: Solve logic puzzles

  • 19 + ? = 30
  • 26 – 6 = 22 - ?
  • Double 7
  • 7 x 10 =
  • Write 20 in words.
  • Name the 3D shape:

Have a look at these four coins – they need to be arranged in a line according to the following rules:

  1. The first two coins have a total of 12p.
  2. The first coin is double the value of the third coin.
  3. The second and third coins have a total of 7p.
  4. The second coin is double the value of the last coin.

Can you do it? Now see if you can do these ones too:


Can you remember what an adjective is? Have a look at this website:


There is a lot of information about adjectives on here and a great game to have a go at too!

I hope you enjoyed finding out about Dreamtime yesterday. Today, we are going to look at the first story in our book. So take a look at The Rainbow Serpent and the Story of Creation together with your adult and then answer these comprehension questions. You can download a PDF of the story here or read it from the pictures below:

  1. How did the Serpent move over the flat, dry, empty land?
  2. What did the tracks that the Serpent created become?
  3. Explain how the mountains came to be.
  4. Name three creatures that she woke up first.
  5. Who did she wake up last of all?
  6. What did the Rainbow Serpent teach the humans?
  7. What warning did she give to the humans?


For music this week, and this week only, I would like you to experiment with your musical talents! Find something unusual that makes an interesting sound. Repeat this process until you have a collection of four or more items. Now is your time to get creative! Make a piece of music to inspire others to make their own unique compositions! Have fun! 


This half term in PE, on Tuesday's and Thursday's, we are going to be learning athletics. It was ment to be the Summer Olympics in Tokyo this summer, however it has been postponed. So I though why not bring the Summer Olympics to you! Each session we are going to learn a differnt sport that can be found in the Summer Olympics. If you complete every task, at the end of the half term you will recieve a gold medal for completing in your very own mini Olympics! 

The first event will be the sock-putt (shotputt). 

As most of you will not have a shotputt at home, I thought you could use a ball of socks! See how far you can throw them from standing on the spot, feet sholder-width apart. Place the ball of socks under you chin at one side, then lean back on your back leg. You are going to push your weight forward to your front leg and then push you sock-putt forward and release! How can you measure the distance that your sock-putt has travelled? Let us know how far you throw it! Here is a link to a video of the actual shotputt at the Olympic Games:

Have a lovely day, enjoy the sun and stay safe! 

Mrs B and Miss H xx

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Remote Learning Monday 1st June 2020

admin on: Class 2

Hello! Welcome to Summer Term 2! A huge thank you to Miss Hemingway for doing such a fabulous job with the Y2 blog in the last week. It was great to know that everything was in safe hands! I tried to relax, but you know I’m not that great at it! We managed to get a lovely picnic in the Dales, right next to a river and away from anyone else. The boys loved having a paddle and it was the first time they’d been in the car for 8 weeks. We also walked 10km along Black Hill, which was amazing. I've dabbled into a bit of soap making using the left over grain from the brewery and I have to say it's pretty good! I thought you might like to know how the veg patch is coming along – well everything is still alive and I’ve even eaten some of the salad leaves and radishes, which were delicious! Here are some pics...

As you know, we are opening up school this week, which means it’s all change again. About this time last year, we were making plans for me to move from Y5 to Y2 and now I find myself teaching Y1! How life changes, but we always have to look for the rainbows. I will still be doing my Y2 blogs everyday but I won’t be able to answer emails as quickly as I have been doing, so please bear with me. I’m working on a ‘cloning’ potion, but I haven’t been successful yet! So keep up all the fabulous work and keep sending in your photos.

So the suggested schedule for today is as follows...

E.R.I.C. - Everybody Reading in Class for 20 mins

Active time - Joe Wicks is showing a PE lesson at 9am or Go Noodle 

Maths/Literacy - do this in batches of 20 mins each, build in breaks.



LO: Solve logic and shape puzzles.


  • 17 + 4 = ? + 15
  • 20 – 7 =
  • Double 6
  • 5 x 10 =
  • Write 19 in words.
  • Name the 3D shape: 

Have a look at this picture:

The four bears are going to sit at this table for a birthday tea. Your task is to sit them in the correct places according to these clues…

  1. The blue bear sits opposite the green bear.
  2. The yellow bear sits on the left of the blue bear.
  3. The red bear wants lemonade to drink.

Now have a go at these puzzles too…


Here are this week’s spellings:















As usual you will find them on Spelling Shed and the transcript for Spelling Planet is here to download.

This half term’s topic in ‘A Land Down Under’. What does ‘down under’ mean?

It means Australia! Why do you think we say ‘down under’?

Can you remember the word 'indigenous'. We used the term when we looked at Christopher Columbus and his journey to America. He met the indigenous people of America – the people that were there first, originating or occurring naturally in a particular place; the native people. Do you know who the indigenous people of Australia are? Can you find out?

This is the book that we are going to read from in the first few weeks of this half term. Do you know what a billabong is, have you heard the word before? A billabong is an Australian noun that describes a stagnant pond or waterhole. The book is called Stories from the Billabong, here is the introduction, please read this with your adult:

It mentions the word ‘Dreamtime’. This is something very sacred to the indigenous people of Australia. I'd like you to find out about 'Dreamtime' today by doing a little research. You might want to have a look at this video to help you: Dreamtime video.


LO: To recognise Australia's territories and states

Do know where the country Australia is? Have a look through these slides about Australia, and discuss the questions on there. 

Can you print off this puzzle, cut it out and remake? It will help you to remember the names of the territories. Now have a go at this challenge:

I hope you enjoy your first day back. I know it's always a little bit difficult to get back into a routine, but if you can make a great start today, I'm sure the rest of the week will be a breeze. Stay safe my lovelies!

Mrs B xx



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Friday Gallery

admin on: Class 2

What the most fabulous week I have had with all of you! Thank you so much for all of your hard work, I think you need to give a big thank you to everyone at home for helping you out! It is half term next week so we will not be posting any blogs but please do keep letting us know what you are doing! 

Have a marvelous half term, a good rest but most importantly, stay safe! 

Miss H xx

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